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All Falmer now visually equip and unequip armor when looted, adds previously unobtainable pieces of Falmer armor, crafting and some other fixes

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All Falmer now visually equip and unequip armor when looted, adds previously unobtainable pieces of Falmer armor, crafting and some other fixes

Falmer Equip Armor affects vanilla Falmer and their armor in the following ways:

Falmer NPC Overhaul
  • All Falmer now equip their armor which can be looted by the player, Mzinchaleft Depths will no longer be the only way to obtain a full set of falmer armor
  • Falmer NPCs will now visually display their equipped armor on their in game model, when armor is looted their appearance will reflect that, much like standard humanoid npcs do in vanilla such as bandits, guards, vampires etc
Falmer Armor Overhaul
  • Falmer NPC Armor distribution has been overhauled so you'll notice a progression in the frequency and quality of their armor as you level in game
  • Previously unobtainable Falmer armor pieces are now available to the player like the Falmer circlet, the shaman's armor and loincloth
  • High level Falmer bosses now have a chance to equip Shellbug helmets so it's no longer exclusively obtainable through crafting
  • Falmer Shamans have a chance to spawn with lore-friendly enchanted variants of their armor pieces
Falmer Item Crafting
  • Crafting Falmer items requires completion of the "touching the sky" Quest from the Dawnguard DLC and the Elven Smithing perk for lower tier items and the Advanced Armors perk for higher tier items,
  • Crafting requirements retroactively applied to the Shellbug helmet so it no longer appears in your crafting menu from the start of a new game

Patches are available for the following mods:

Weapons Armor Clothing & Clutter Fixes 
  • Forwards and makes related WACCF changes
  • Adds crafting to honed falmer waraxe and sword and falmer supple bow (not included in main esp due to incomplete implementation in base game)
Weapons Armor Clothing & Clutter Fixes Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered
  • Adds appropriate CCOR related changes
  • This is a combined patch and will also include the changes from the WACCF patch
Heavy Armory
  • Adds crafting recipes to Falmer weapons added by this mod
HD Falmer Armor - Weapons - Huts - Everything - Glow
  • Makes changes to nifs to patch in armor glows
Hokoron - Enemy Overhaul
  • Resolves conflicts with Falmer NPC records
The Ancient Falmer - A Snow Elf Race SE
  • Alters Falmer NPC inventory to use new weapon lists added by this mod
Falmer Overhaul - New models and textures
  • Patches in new nifs by Mandragorasprouts

Falmer Equip Armor - CBBE - 3BAv2 - BHUNPv3

  • All patches listed above are available in the FOMOD.
  • Falmer Equip Armor will likely be incompatible with other mods that edit Falmer NPCs and Falmer armor records.
  • Incompatible with Less Prude Falmer Warmonger, as this mod is based-on and expands-on it.

Since Skyrim was released I always thought it was odd I couldn't properly loot armor from the Falmer, however I believe it was always intended to be the case but was cut for time. My "evidence": The Falmer helmet was implemented this way already making it strange that the rest of the armor is bound to the model and inaccessible. In addition there's a single full set of the Falmer armor in game placed Mzinchaleft Depths for the player and it's not like the armor is anything special stat wise just sort of an easter egg, almost as if the developer wanted to show off what they'd achieved after efforts setting up the armor looting was cut. Then with the introduction of Dawnguard you got Falmer warmongers still with built on armor but yet now a step closer, the new sets are lootable with no model change, in addition the Falmer themed Shellbug helmet was only available through crafting and not even to the Falmer who presumably designed it, again I think the Falmer ran into deadline cuts. In my opinion The Betrayed got it from not only the Dwemer but the real life time crunch of game development.

I'd looked for a long time as a mod user for something to change this and not noticed anything. I'd assumed it must simply be a limitation until I found Khrada's mod doing just what I was after for the Falmer warmongers. Now that I knew it was possible I got working with help enlisted from Monops on implementing what I viewed as a cut feature from the game that hopefully feels as though it was always meant to be there.

I'm more than happy for anyone to post patches for compatibility with mods not already covered here


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