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Adds WACCF keywords to all the Armor & Weapons (there are many) in Guards Armor Replacer, rebalances stats a bit towards WACCF while respected GAR's buffing. CCOR patch incrementally adds breakdown recipes to nearly all included weapons & armor, as well as appropriately conditioned crafting recipes, and adjusts tempering for consistency.

Permissions and credits
These patches have been integrated into the official Krytopry (WACCF CCOR Etc.) patch hub - get this from there. This page is just documentation of what the changes are and why at this point. thanks all.

First thanks:

  • NordWarUA for creating the wonderful Guards Armor Replacer assets
  • DanielUA for his work posting and for permission to upload these patches, as well as all the great modders who contributed assets to GAR
  • Kyrptopyr, Teabag, DrMonops & co for the great WACCF and CCOR
  • The very patient & generous regulars at the X-Edit Discord - Elminster, Arthmoor, yggdrasil86, ra2phoenix, SirJesto, Infernio, and many many others
  • Double thanks to Elminster & the development team for the staggeringly great tool X-Edit - please support them if you can

These are my unofficial WIP (complete but there may be one or two crafting conditions off) patches to extend WACCF keywords & balanced stats/materials to all the weapons & armor in Guards Armor Replacer. The CCOR patch then adds crafting & breakdown recipes to nearly every item I found appropriate - the approach discussed below. 

Both plugins are ESL flagged ESPs - they won't count towards the 255 plugin limit. The WACCF patch can entirely replace the one which ships with Guards Armor Replacer SSE.

These patches solve my OCD around 3 small issues (if these don't bother you then no need to weigh your game down with more plugins, honestly):

  • The native GAR version of the WACCF patch only solves for records which directly conflict between the two mods, to make sure the content makes it into your game. GAR is mostly new stuff that the patch doesn't touch so there is a bit of inconsistency in the things the keywords affect.
  • GAR has its own balance in terms of damage/armor, particularly noticeable in the very early game where Rebel Armor & Northerner Swords are a decent bit better than Imperial counterparts - I aimed to bring them as in line as possible while respecting GAR being a bit of a buff to both Guards & Stormcloaks
  • GAR ships with just tempering recipes, which is very reasonable, but the game & CCOR have some crafting recipes relevant to the GAR gear with a vanilla counterpart which are inconsistent (they're based on low level vanilla light armor) and non-existent for the many pieces of gear which GAR outright adds to the game rather than over-writing.

GAR does quite a few nice things beyond what is clear at first brush:

  • Replaces the light armors in Vanilla with Heavy Equivalents (typically quite a bit stronger) - most hold's guards have a unique Helmet, Cuirass, Gauntlets and Boots with just a few sharing gloves/boots here and there 
  • Then adds full Light sets as counterparts (Helmets and Cuirass, in particular, are a good deal stronger than the vanilla light guard armor) - only exception is shields - there is one type per hold and they can be Light or Heavy
  • Add some functionality to leveled lists to allow for something around a 60% chance of a Guard spawning with a light set vs. the Heavy one
  • Creates many variants of region specific Stormcloak gear and potential combinations of gear for Rebels, including mix and match with Windhelm armor pieces - it is a very extensive and complete Stormcloak armor overhaul as well
  • Adds thematic Iron and Steel weapons to the Stormcloaks

I built this patch by synthesizing the following information (had to make some subjective judgments):

  • The pictures of the armor themselves - in particular, the light variants seem quite a bit "Medium" to me
  • The descriptions NordwarUA provided of each hold's approach to armor on the mod page
  • The Temper materials & stats GAR assigns
  • The WACCF stat table, in particular the values for Imperial, Stormcloak, Leather, Steel Armor which are the closest balance & material match to GAR. It is here for anyone to view:

All of the data I captured, what I did with it, and quick scribbles of my thought process, are here for anyone who wants to use this as a base to make their own version (please feel free to make a better version and share as you see fit - I don't need credit):

There are tons of items, with full detail in the link above, so as a broad overview:

WACCF patch - keywords (reference: & game balance:

  • Based on the high value GAR assigns to most heavy armor, I normalized stats to Steel or Steel with Pauldrons, with a bit of differentiation to allow for the differences in the plugin (e.g. Solitude is quite expensive)
  • [POTENTIALLY CONTROVERSIAL APPROACH] The light armor values are almost as high as those of the heavy - some are like 85% down the entire Light Armor progression. To prevent enormous spikes in value/weight, I took the baseline approach of averaging all stats of one of the Steel armors with Leather (including weight) so that relatively high armor values are somewhat offset by higher weights than is typical for Light Armor for most items. I think the end result is reasonable and consistent with the visual appearance of the light variants. 
  • Markarth Gear is a special case where values are an average of *Dwarven* with Steel (for heavy) or leather (for light)
  • I made the base light Rebel pauldron comparable to a normal Imperial one, but allowed for the variants to be buffed to the level of the guards - based on a quick look at the leveled lists, I think the results for battles, etc. will be reasonable and balanced.
  • If GAR assigned a low-ish gold value/low level materials to an item (some boots, gauntlets like this) I simply equalized the stats to Imperial, Leather, Iron, etc.
  • WAF_FirstPerks (allows Fists of Steel to apply to light gauntlets) applied where appropriate
  • SurvivialArmorWarm was applied to all armors originating from the particularly cold regions (Windhlem/Eastmarch, Dawnstar/Pale, Winterhold) as well as any Steel or Iron heavy armor (per WACCF)
  • Added WAF_MaterialFaction, removed the base material keywords, in line with WACCF edits to vanilla
  • Left the chase items (e.g. Ulfric's armor) and the Shield of Solitude (most will have another mod touching this) as is; they were balanced fine in my view.
  • I balanced all the weapons to their closest fit in the normal Iron/Steel Axe & Sword progression, while making Guard & Stromcloak Swords equivalent to Imperial for balance
  • I did my best in all cases to allow for some differentiation based on GAR's values while having the items "make sense" in a load order anchored around WACCF stat balance

CCOR patch - everything crafting

  • Adjusted tempering materials to be consistent with above
  • Added breakdown recipes to everything you'd plausibly break down (my apologies if you want to kill Ulfric and turn his armor into ebony ingots) with yields consistent with the CCOR recipes of the vanilla items I balanced the stats against
  • Added crafting recipes, with CCOR consistent material requirements & conditions (e.g. Thanedom and location conditions for crafting guard armor, joining the stormcloaks for their armor, Ability to Declutter crafting menu, Simple recipes and Fur/Fur Plate versions for most of the heavy armors) to all the non-unique/quest driven armors and weapons. I omitted a few very low value recipes for items which are shared between different guard outfits (e.g. 5 holds share a set of Hide Boots for their light armor variant)
  • Added CCOR armored circlets for all the actual Guard's helmets (there are a ton of non-officer Stormcloak variants I skipped since no one will every use the circlet recipe - left a heavy and light, in addition to officer, version if you really need Stormcloak circlets)
  • There are a *ton* of recipes & conditions for each one; I doubtless missed one or two but do not expect very many noticeable in game effects; if not the case I will fix.

Hope a couple dozen of you enjoy and are saved quite a bit of manual work. Would be happy to hand this over to the CCOR team as a base for an official patch if it can be brought up to their standards.Tools Used:

  • CCOR compatibility & breakdown scripts from official page (recently updated)
  • This X-Edit script can quickly generate basic recipes you can fix:

Not used for this (had to be heavily manual due to all the special conditions for Guards Armor crafting) but shoutout to ALLA, a great tool which can help mod authors or those looking to expand the functionality of their favorite armor & weapon mods add recipes, breakdowns, leveled list distribution, and even create enchanted items (best done overnight but results great & outstanding support provided on dedicated Discord):