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KS Hairdos is a hair pack that contains 983 hairstyles. 876 hairstyles are for females, 107 are for males.

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KS Hairdos is a hair pack that contains 983 hairstyles.
876 hairstyles are for females, 107 are for males.
These hairstyles have been retextured for a more clean, realistic look and have smooth bone assignments.

Elven support is included.



It is recommended to use RaceMenu.

1.91M: The textures for the "Torrent" hairstyle is now included in the male pack.


  • reshaped Blohm, Lassi, Memoria and Verve (they're better now, i promise), reweighted Galactic and gave Yume the correct alpha value
  • added 46 hairstyles for female characters 

  • added 15 hairstyles for male characters (i think i deserve a pat on the back for that, eh?)


  • all meshes now have the 131 hair slot, meaning they should work correctly with decapitations etc. 
  • did some reshaping on the longer female hairstyles to allow space for bigger boobs
  • added 38 hairstyles for female characters
  • added 1 hairstyle for male characters (we're not gonna talk about this okay?)



  • fixed a file name, now the hairline won't show up purple anymore for male hairstyles


  • removed some unnecessary tri files to save file size
  • removed female hairstyle "Fawn" and "Kim" (I hated them, sorry)
  • fixed male hairstyle "Night Springs"
  • various miscellaneous improvements
  • added 96 hairstyles for female characters


  • added 12 hairstyles for male characters



  • converted NiTriShapes to BSDynamicTriShapes so it doesn't crash RaceMenu anymore


  • added .tri files for every mesh, so now you can sculpt everything with Racemenu
  • split by male and female (this time however i kept the esp for both files the same, as requested)
  • fixed transparency issue that made the eyes invisible
  • female elves have their own respective hairline now, so if you don't use an enb, it will still show up correctly now
  • removed female hairstyle "New Vegas" by request of the author, as well as "Kim" and "Phixil"
  • added 50 hairstyles for female characters



  • added 66 hairstyles for female characters and 6 for males
  • removed dependency on XPMSE
  • shaped Anchor, Apple, Asity, Barbra, Bliss, Bfly037, 116, Cambrian, CeriseLover, Crow, Dame (+Elf), Destiny, Diva, Dragonfly, Footprint F, GoldDust, Hideout, Hungry, Jingle, Johansson, Julian, Kaori, Lafite, Lavender, NoAngel, OrangeNami, Orchard, Papaya, Paula (Elf), Peppermint, PerfectIllusion, Picnic, Poisoned, Pure and Fresh, Serenity, Sky027, Sky086, Sky155, Sky168, Sky172, Sky187, Sky216, SteamMist, TeAmo, Tiffany, Violet
  • more support for male elves has been added
  • reweighted Anto92, Aurora, Bella, Cliche, Cookie, Desperate, Eve, Hex, Hide, Honey, Serenity, She, Sky157, Sky187, Sky210, Somali, Steammist, Still Into You, Victorian
  • retextured Cambrian, Crescent, Erena, Jordan, Vertigo
  • redid Broken, Genesis, Paradox, Reprise as well as the female hairline. Thanks to HHaley for the base texture. Handpainted details by Stealthic Khaos.
  • deleted Avril, Stiletto

You are free to use this mod for any follower and npc mods. This includes using it on npcs in quest mods, city overhauls etc. 

You can reupload if you keep the mod updated, link to this page and credit us.

  • 3dsMax 2012 / 2018
  • NifSkope
  • Creation Kit
  • Gimp 2.8
  • TSR Workshop
  • Photoshop CS5
  • S4S
  • Blender
  • Bodyslide / Outfit Studio


Q: My game freezes when I want to edit my character, why does this happen?
A: Wait for a bit, the game needs a moment to process all hairstyles. Please also try SSE Engine Fixes.

Q: How do I change my character's hair?
A: Open the console and type in "showracemenu", then close the console (remember to not change your race, or else your skills and perks will be reset!).
 Alternatively, you can go to the Ragged Flagon and speak to the Face Sculptor (requires Dawnguard DLC)
Q: I found something wrong with a hairstyle. Will you fix it?
A: Post the issue in the comments and we will see what we can do. 

Q: Does this work with other hair packs?
A: Yes.

Q: Will you make this available for XBOX1 on

Q: Do the NPCs of Skyrim use the hairdos from this mod or is it player only?
A: Player only.

Please leave any other questions in the comments section if it hasn't already been
answered in the F.A.Q. or description!

Some hairstyles might clip with bodies that have bigger breasts. This is something that can't be fixed unless you do it yourself. 
The hairs can't fit perfectly to every body.
Hairs may have other problems if you have the old version of the pack. Delete the old files first.

Many thanks to:

ousnius for SSE NIF Optimizer.
AdeAlessoAntoDarkoGeishaHalJakeaKarzaleeKijikoLapizLeah LilithMomoNewSeaS-ClubSintikliaSkyStealthic, Toksik, Peggy, RaonjenaWings, XM and Zauma for the permission to release their hairstyles.
Halofarm for help with the 1.7 update, especially the male hairstyles.
Hellosanta for her textures, which have been used as a resource for these hair textures.

Female hairstyles



Male hairstyles