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Have you ever been so excited while downloading a nice looking character, ended up with a wrecked face in the game, or ended up with imperfects that was never captured in the screenshots? Worry no more, this preset is one that stated all its own imperfect, MUHAHAHAHA

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There's no fancy skin, there's no fancy lighting, and there's no fancy blender. It's not perfect, but it looks good from most angle.

The character is built upon Wood Nymph race's preset#1, no other race will work(?), because the head parts are different.
(Will end up with ugly mother f*cker if you persisted with other races)

To replicate the screenshot effect, you need:
-Nymph Girls of Skyrim SE (Needed for the race)
-The Pure UNP 4k (Better skin! Yeah!)
-The UNP (idk if you need the same body to apply the same preset, can someone try with CBBE and tell me how the outcome looks)
-KS Hairdos (The base one?)
-Enhanced Lights and FX (You can try with no lighting tho)

The second(?) screenshot is my personal recommended make up for the character.
Be decisive, choose your own hairstyle and makeup, you're an adult, Harry.

This is my first upload tho.
Might make more but I want to play Sexlab.
*Pretty proud of this one tho
*Nearly uploaded to the wrong mod section
*LOL how do I change the thumbnail