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Here you have Teisha Falcon a young Redguard lady, who came from Hammerfell to Skyrim a while ago. She is especially skilled with the long sword and daggers. And are a good archer too.

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She  came here with her older brother for some trading. But on the road between Solitude and Whiterun, they where attacked one eve by bandits and the brother got killed. Teisha, barely escaped with her life. She saved herself by jumping into the nearby river and let the current float her away from the danger.
Luckily, she wasn't badly wounded and managed to seek shelter in Rorikstead until she have recovered.
She was heart broken for the loss of her brother. But also a deep hate for the bandits started to grow inside her.
And she started to plan the revenge. But as the gangs of bandits often moved around a lot, she understood that the time for her revenge might take a long while before it came.

She did various jobs for a while, and had later on the luck of finding a tomb with a nice treasure inside, wich made her fairly wealthy. So she did set up a base in Whiterun by buying Breezehome. A good idea, as she then was located about in the middle of Skyrim and could start searching for the bandits guilty of her brothers death in all the points of the compass.

As for the save game itself:

I have upped her stats a little bit. Added some gold, potions, some decently powerful weapons, smithing material and an ok. armor.

You will find her outside Breezehome, wich she as said owns.

You will need the Enhanced Character Edit mod and the KS Hairdos mod.

There are no main quest going on as I run the Live another life mod. So you can let Teisha do as she please.

Happy gaming!