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This is my attempt to make Clint Eastwood. Or The man with no name if you prefer to call him that? Unfortunatly. I can't add some good wrinkles as no such mod exist.
And the avaliable Races wrinkles are too much. So you will have to settle for a younger version. I have tried to make him 1.93 m tall as Mr. Eastwood are in reality.

Permissions and credits
He own Breezehome and have 5000 gold added to his purse. "For a fistful of Septims" yeah :- D

You will need as usual with my save games, the Enhanced Character Edit mod ( ECE ) and the KS Hairdo mod.

I run the Live another life mod. So no main quest are active. You will have to make his own agenda. A tip: Bounty hunter. ;- )

Because of the limitations of the eye mods avaliable and me not yet learned how to work with the at the vertex edit in ECE, you will have to live with that Skyrim Mr. Eastwoods eyes are'nt spot on.

Hope that you still will like him?