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Female archer follower with custom combat behavior and combat class. She wears a set of enhanced Stalhrim armor and uses a fast shooting stalhrim bow. She can be found at the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun and does not require any quest or condition to be availabe as follower. NOT A STANDALONE FOLLOWER

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Female Nord Follower with custom combat behavior and combat class focused on stealth, stamina and archery utilizing a set of enhanced stalhrim armor and a fast shooting bow. NOT A STANDALONE FOLLOWER. Please look to the list of requirements.

[Follower Details]

Name: Kynara

Race: Nord

Level: 10 - 80

Voice: FemaleNord

Location: Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun


KS Hairdos SSE

The Eyes Of Beauty SSE

SG Female Eyebrows


This is not a standalone follower because I am new to creating mods. I might make a standalone version... someday... eventually... maybe..., but i wouldn't wait for it if I were you because I am lazy af. She should use whatever body or skin you have installed. The silver lining: there shouldn't be any conflicts with most other mods. If you want her to look as close as possible to the screenshots you should use the UNP body, UNP body fit armor, "the Pure" skin mod and Salt and Wind retexture for KS Hairdos.

Mod in Detail and possible compatibility issues

Kynara uses the default Nord Race, so any mods that change vanilla races or Nords in particularl will also effect her. To achive the ashen blonde hair color I added it as custom hair color to the vanilla hair color list for Nords. Therefore it will be available in you character creation menu for Nords. However if any of your mods changes this list it might cause a conflict. I suggest to override the files from my mod, which will probably just result in a different hair color for Kynara. 

Her combat behavior and combat class is also custom made. She will spam arrows like a maniac and keep her distance if in any way possible. She will doge about 50% of projectiles. She will prioretize staggered enemies and enemies who are about to use power attacks. Any mod that changes combat behavior by tweaking sefault combat classes and styles will not effect Kynara. Mods that change the combat AI in general - the way the AI acts upon these values - will however change the way she fights.

Her equipment is an improved version of the vanilla assets. To compansate the lack of a helmet I raised the armor values of her stalhrim armor set. Her dagger and bow do just slightly more damage but have improved weapon speed values. Kynara's Bow shoots just a little slower then the vanilla hunting bow. Every piece of her gear (except for her dagger) has powerful enchantments to compansate for the rather "stupid" AI behavior in skyrim and make Kynara feel a little more equal to the power of the player.

I would consider her weapons and armor game-breaking if used by the player. If you would like to try them out you can get them via console commands. Every piece of her gear is named "Kynara's [...]". Just type:  help "kynara's "  in the console. this will show you all her items and their formID. you can add them to your inventory by tiping  player.additem [formID of the item you want] 

Credit where Credit is due

You can guess from the requirements that, to create this mod, I used some mods from this wonderfull site. So please check out these authors other mods and profiles: Kalilies, Stealthic, hellosanta, Senturos, docteure, LogRaam.