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替换米莉西任务流程中的一些NPC发型为KS Hairdo。
Change some NPC's hairstyle to KS Hairdo.

Permissions and credits
简介 / Description
将部分NPC的发型由原版替换为KS Hairdo提供的发型。有些NPC从不摘下头盔(指挥官),因此予以保留未改动。
Get rid of the vanilla trash and change those NPCs added by M'rissi's Tails of Troubles so now they have fresh and sexy haircut. 

安装 / Installation
需要KS Hairdo,Face Discoloration Fix及M‘rissi本体
You need to install KS Hairdo (Non-smp version) and of course M'rissi.

将Mrissi KSHair Patch (Chinese).esp 放在KS Hairdo's.esp, MrissiTailsOfTrouble.esp之下
Put my esp under anything that make changes to M‘rissi Tails of Trouble content, done.

推荐安装 / Recommandation

建议搭配M‘rissi Renewed 以替换米莉西的外观;
任务延缓:M'rissi Tails of Trouble SE - Delayed Start .

KS Hairdo:
M'rissi's Tails of Troubles:
Sovngarde Font: