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There is only one female Hireling in Skyrim. This makes *all* of them female (Belrand and Marcurio so far). Fully voiced with natural looking faces.

Permissions and credits
Currently consists of
- Belrand and 44 additional lines of dialogue.
- Marcurio and 67 additional lines of dialogue.

The screenshots were taken with just Fair Skin Complexion and this mod.
The goal was to create a NPC that looks similar to the male NPC without making them hideous or too different from vanilla.  Not too different from vanilla so they don't stand out if you don't have a ton of visual overhauls but attractive enough to blend in if you do.  Their voices are vanilla but with synthetic audio for lines spoken by only the specific Hireling.  Generic dialogue that already had lines for the relevant voice type was not altered.

As much as could be left the same was left the same to avoid common bugs such as neck seams and gaps when changing certain aspects of NPC appearance.  And try to keep the followers still feeling like they are only female versions of their normal male selves.

If a Hireling has neckseams - you'll need to open the plugin in the Creation Kit and create a new FaceTint with your skin textures.
If a Hireling has a black face - there is a mod conflict but it's easy to fix!  Find the mod that's conflicting and copy over the Gender, Voice Type, and Head Parts to match this mod!  (Will require this mod to be set as a parent master due to the custom hair form)  If they have a neckseam after doing this either generate a new FaceTint with the conflicting plugin and your skin textures or copy over the Skin Tone data from this mod.
If all of this is too technical make a post with the conflicting mod and/or what skin texture you are using and I'll upload a patch!

Please comment or make a bug report if you find anything odd such as unvoiced lines or referring to themselves as male in the subtitles.  If a voice line just sounds weird is also a valid complaint that can be addressed!  Just tell me what they're saying that sounds funny and I'll try to make it more natural!

Belrand's changes - 
Voice Type - FemaleNord
Hair - Celine
Gender - Female
FaceTint - removed the 5 o'clock shadow
FaceGen - face is wider and less pointy, might change depending on public opinion

Marcurio's changes - 
Voice Type - FemaleEvenToned
Hair - Chloe2
Gender - Female
FaceTint - removed the 5 o'clock shadow
FaceGen - less pointy if you can believe it.