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"Though she is gone to me, she remains bathed in stars, first Empress, Lady of Heaven, Queen-ut-Cyrod."—Morihaus on Alessia. I am the healer of all men and the mother of dragons, but as you have run so many times from me so shall I run until you learn my pain, which renders you and all this land dead.

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Al-Esh, Perrif, Paravania, Aleshut, El-Estia, and Aless. Alessia, also known as Queen Alessia The First Dragonborn, Saint Alessia, and the Slave Queen of Cyrodiil, led the First Era rebellion against the Ayleids, freeing the humans of Cyrodiil from slavery and founding what became the Alessian Empire. As its first Empress, she established a new religion, a fusion of the Nordic and Aldmeri pantheons known as the Eight Divines. She prayed to the Eight for liberation from the Daedra-worshipping Ayleids. Kyne sent her Morihaus The Bull of Kyne and future husband. And Shor sent Pelinal Whitestrake to aid in her rebellion against the Wild Elves of Cyrod. This is Her Racemenu preset for Imperials.