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Female character presets. Needs RaceMenu, and EFM RaceMenu plugin etc. (download links in description)! These girls are lore friendly for Skyrim, and are all created with High Poly Head and EFM SE sliders for A+ detail.

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Compatible with SE & AE


The mod is packed like this:
Skyrim Special Edition > Data > SKSE > Plugins > CharGen > Presets
But, when you install with a mod manager you don't need to think about this.

Required mods


1.Framework mods

The HPSG mod is SFW but these required mods may not be, use discretion when browsing. Open new tabs when downloading these (hold CTRL and click).

RaceMenu [SSE] uploaded by expired6978
And its requirements.

High Poly Head by KouLeifoh [EXTERNAL SITE | NSFW CAUTION]

Expressive Facegen Morphs SE | DL optional file: EFM SE - Racemenu plugin by Niroku

Leyenda Skin by HeroedeLeyenda
I recommend the "Alternative" and "Asian" face texture.

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE SFW Edition- by Ousnius 

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - XPMSSE uploaded by Groovtama 
[It adds the Body Scales category/sliders to RaceMenu. Useful for editing character height, head, arms/hands size, shoulder disposition and more.]

2.RaceMenu plugins

Click spoiler to reveal video on how to install RaceMenu Plugins
These plugins are sometimes used for the presets, so please install these too.


KS Hairdos SSE by Kalilies 

ESL High Poly Pretty Face Brows Stand Alone by Ashes2Asherz 
Hvergelmir's Brows by lthot 

Above plugins are extra important to install for HPSG presets.

The Eyes Of Beauty [SSE] by docteure 
Mikan Eyes by nerune2525 

Face paint:
Female Makeup Suite 

Body paint:
Skin Feature Overlays 
Barbarian Bodypaints 
Beauti-Full Clothing Bodypaints all by DomainWolf


Q: "When loading a preset skin turns purple"? A: go to the Body Paint or Face Paint tab in RaceMenu and remove all transparency (turn off) all the tattoos, or change to a different paint which is installed in your own mod setup. Alternative solution: Install the missing RaceMenu plugin from the required mods specified above!

Q: "Sliders are missing"?? A: Install EFM SE - Racemenu plugin

Q: I installed High Poly Head but presets are loaded with vanilla face even if i change Face Parts with slider. A: In the installation options during installation of High Poly Head, choose the "expressive" option. (found by me10)

Note: It is also possible to load any preset in a different race than what they were made with!!
~~ To do so, go to the "Head" tab, and then to "Face Part" slider and choose High Poly Head (slider value 3) after loading a preset. It just works!

... If it doesn't work to load a preset, try a new game! There could be issues with the high poly head.

Click spoiler to reveal video tips and tricks for RaceMenu character creation

All unique downloads DP for this mod go 100% to Saving Wildlife!