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Rough re-texture for KS Hairdo's, KS Hairdo's SMP or KS Hairdo's Lite

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This is a rough re-texture for KS Hairdo's.
I have expanded on the original Salt and Wind, so now it covers all textures in KS Hairdo's 1.6.
The textures up to 1.4 are from the original mod, so most of the credits goes to jasperthegnome. tonichan89 also helped me with a lot of textures from 1.6.
Dread textures, like Amunet are not converted. There's also something wrong with the male mesh Maine, so the texture become crazy so it's not here either.

This mod is compatible with Oldrim, if anyone wonders :)

(OBS: Immersive KS Hairdo's is of course compatible, it's just an ESP replacer)

You can also get these textures for
Vanilla hair
Bijin Family
The Ordinary Women
Pandorable's NPCs
The Men of Winter


Each file has its own requirement, links in the download section.

Install with a Mod Manager (Recommended) or Take the texture folder and paste it in your data folder

Uninstall this mod with a mod manager to get the original textures back (Recommended)
Though you can also reinstall KS Hairdo's

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Thanks to jasperthegnome for the orignal and hair resource on Salt and Wind - Rough Hair for KS Hairdos
Thanks to tonichan89 for helping me do a lot of the 1.6 textures
Thanks to Adobe for Photoshop