Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

A collection of RaceMenu preset "jslot"s for use with High Poly Head and a few other, popular, character generation mods. Contains at least one preset for every vanilla race, both male and female options are available.

Permissions and credits
STUs HP Character Compendium:

Just download the Character Compendium "rar" from the files tab and install as normal using your mod manager of choice!

These are for most, but not all, of the presets. Requirements for each particular preset will be listed alongside the preset.

Hard Requirements:

Soft Requirements (Used in Screenshots):

Many Thanks To:
  • All the mod developers of the hard and soft requirements who are responsible for beautifying Skyrim SE for me!
  • The Bethesda Softworks staff for making the modding sandbox that is Skyrim SE.
  • Cacophony and the players of the Licentia [NSFW Link] Wabbajack list for being the first to use my presets in any sort of mod list.