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Adds Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn as a character preset for you to play as!

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UPDATE! A high poly head version is now available under "optional files"! Enjoy!

A l o y
Here it is - the best preset I've ever made! Very proud of this one. :) And now I'm sharing it, so you too can play as Aloy in Skyrim, if you'd like!
Below are a list of the mods you'll need to make her look just like she does in my screenshots. Of course, you can use your preferred body and skin mods instead, but I can't guarantee she'll look as good.
I'd highly recommend dint999's amazing Aloy hair and outfit mod, which you can find here. (It's what inspired me to make this in the first place.) If you'd rather not download it for some reason, she still looks good without it, and uses a KS hairdo instead.
Racemenu (obviously, hard requirement)
Expressive Facegen Morphs
UNP Body
Bijin skin
Kalilies Brows
Lamenthia's marks of beauty
Eyes of beauty
Female makeup suite
Skin feature overlays (optional, for freckles on her body)
Dint999's Aloy hair and outfit (offsite link)
KS Hair (OPTIONAL! if you don't want to download dint999's hair, for some reason)

IMPORTANT NOTE: according to some comments, her skin will turn purple if you don't have skin feature overlays. if you don't want skin feature overlays, that's okay - simply disable the freckles in the "body paint" section. (I'd assume the same goes for things like Lamanthia's marks of beauty or female makeup suite, but I'm unsure.)
She should hopefully be compatible with CBBE as long as you have the other requirements.

If you'd like a tutorial on how to apply a sculpt, check my pinned comment.

Armors used in the screenshots: 
Grandmaster Ursine Armor
pirate tunic from zzjay's wardrobe
wildbeast armor from Apachii Divine Elegance
Shanoa Armor
Aetherial Crown Replacer

  • If you like this preset, I'd appreciate it if you want to endorse it, and upload images of your own if you'd like! (Please keep it SFW though!)