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This is John Stronghand, He's not a Redguard. But born i Cyrodiil and at the age of 18 he joined the Blades, the former Emperors bodyguard and also fought several battles during the Oblivion crisis. He served in the Blades for almost ten years and moved up thru the ranks and became a leiutenant just before the Oblivion crises. More below.

Permissions and credits
....After that the crisis had ended the Blades where disbanded. And John Stronghand found himself out of work. He couldn't consider joining the regular army as a private.

So as his parents was dead and he didn't feel he had any future in Cyrodiil, he moved to Skyrim, where he thought that his skills in weaponry likely would be more wanted.

But at arrival, he couldn't decide on wich fraction he should join?
He still held a bitterness towards the Imperials for what they did to the Blades. And the Norths, he considered as more or less Barbarians. though he didn't held anything against them.

So instead of taking any side, he became a mercenary, bountyhunter  and now and then raided a ruin or a tomb.

He gathered enough money to be able to buy Breezehome. But he soon found out that he could'nt just settle down and live a quiet life without adventures. So he now and then are out on the roads or in the wilderness seeking just that.

I have given him some decent weapons and armor for you to start with. He have some smithing materials and some money.
I have also added some potions and food.
His can carry a lot!

And as said, he owns Breezehome.

As for my save game, you will need the Enhanced Character Edit ( ECE ) and the KS Hairdos mod.

There are no main quest going on as I run the Live another life mod. So you can let John adventure on as he please. :- )

Happy gaming!