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A simple .esp replacer for KS Hairdos to remove hairs that clip with breasts or otherwise feel out of place. There are still a lot of choices!

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This is a simple .esp replacer for KS Hairdos that narrows the hair selection down and focuses on options I found to be believable. I have removed hair options that clip or hover over the character's chest, and hair styles that felt too immersion-breaking for my taste (giant bows, anime-inspired styles, etc.). There are still a ton of choices - about 192 for women, and 22 for men (sorry men, there weren't many to start with and I hardly removed any). 

Female hair options have been renamed so that they are loosely sorted by length in character creation. This mod should make it much easier to sort through the hair options and find something you like without spending hours scrolling. 

Check the images section to see which hair options I have included. This has been updated for KS Hairdo's 1.5, no images of that but I included most styles.

I HIGHLY recommend using Salt and Wind retextures - they are used in my images and are perfectly compatible.

You need to download the original KS Hairdos. This is just an .esp replacer, you still need the meshes and textures from that mod. Install KS Hairdos, then Immersive KS Hairdos and overwrite.

Distinct People - Compatible! You need to download the version of Distinct People that works with this mod. It's in the main files section on that mod's page.