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This is Yojimbo a wandering Ronin, who hire his sword and skills to those who are willing to pay what he wants for his service?
Now, my version have nothing to do with the actor Toshiro Mifune who acted Yojimbo in the Akira Kurosawa movie. He would be all too hard to create with the mods at hand.

Permissions and credits
As usual with my save games here at Nexus SSE he owns Breezhome. And there are no main quest going on, as I run the Live another life mod.

I have uped his level just little bit. So I could make his weapons a bit stronger. But no overkill though. But if you feel that they are too strong for your taste? Install the Lazy Tools mod and edit them.

He got quite much of smithing material, a good amount of money some potions and food.

You will need this preset: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/16761?tab=files
Just put it in: My Documents - My games - Skyrim Special Edition - the CME_Save folder.
The latter is the preset folder for the Enhanced Character Edit mod....Wich you also will need.
And the Blades Samurai armors and kimonos mod. I have saved you the trouble to visit the Skyhaven Temple to get the  kimono, tabi, a straw hat and the weapons. Though there are some armor to get there still if you want them?
The last nesissary mod are the KS Hairdos SE mod.

if you look at the requrement tab here you can go directly to the mods sites.

Have fun!