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This is a male CoR character preset for Racemenu.
Race: Imperial
I decided to upload this because of a request.
Have fun :)

Permissions and credits
You will need Charmers Of The ReachRacemenu and KS Hairdos for him to work properly.

Important: You have to select his race in Racemenu when you are ingame. It is Imperial DZ from the Charmers of the Reach mod. Don't use the vanilla race.

Just drop the "Azael CoR Preset.jslot" file into "Data/SKSE/Plugins/CharGen/Presets".
It should work with any Mod Manager too but not sure.

Feel free to share screenshots if you want


When I tried the preset on a new char the hair didn't load in. Just switch to another race and back to Imerial DZ, load the preset again and it should work if you even have this problem.

Side note:

I have no experience for uploading files at all, so bare with me if it doesn't work as intended or if I missed something essential in the description. Tell me and I will do my best.
But it can't hurt your game in any way since it is just a preset. In the worst case he looks wrong.

Thanks to the people who made this creation possible:

-Trixter&m4mk203 and his team for      Charmers of the Reach
- expired6978 for                                       Racemenu
- Kalilies&Stealthic for                              KS Hairdos