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Darius the Hand of Noxus. A standalone custom follower NPC from the universe of League of Legends for Skyrim. Featuring a custom made battleaxe with custom outfit.

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Hi everyone!

I am an old Elderscrolls series player. Have been playing since Morrowind. Being an archer in the real life, I always built my characters around ranged combat and stealth since Morrowind. But I decided to create something new after finishing Skyrim main questline second time. Originally, it started like being just a simple standalone weapon mod for my two-handed combat based dovahkin. Then the things happened.. I hereby present to you my mod :


The story : 


 - Darius follower NPC STANDALONE ( including his custom battleaxe and outfit )
  • Vanilla low poly head due to some issues with shaved beard on high poly head
  • No custom voice acted. Classical voice and dialogue assets from Bethesda
  • No mini-quest for making him your follower
  • You will find him in WINTERHOLD Inn. (Probably there is a connection between his arrival and the great collapse)

- Craftable outfit and battleaxe ( No Follower Option )
  • Armor set is craftable on smithing forges (needs steel smithing perk)
  • Battle axe is craftable on smithing forges (needs steel smithing perk)
  • Cloak is craftable on tanning racks 

- Character Racemenu Preset ( Play as Darius ) !!! IMPORTANT !!! >> See Requirements

  • Preset file if you want to play as Darius 
  • DO NOT FORGET TO SWITCH TO VANILLA "humanbeard01shaved" while in racemenu 

* You do not need anything else than main file if you are going to choose Standalone Follower NPC 

* You do not need anything else than craftable outfit option if you just want to be able to craft the outfit

* Requirements for racemenu character preset : 

High Poly Head 1.4 ( even if the mod uses low poly head, it uses scars from this mod)
KS Hairdos SSE 
The Eyes Of Beauty SSE 
Tempered Skins for Males - Vanilla 
Male Hands 

*** I am not sure about the results if you do not install the required mods

- - - - - SPECIAL THANKS - - - - -

Nicoroshi for making me feel his support all the time
El Sopa for his help efforts on my work with the weapons mesh and texturing
Kalilies for the great tutorial on making a custom NPC follower without Nifmerge

As you all know this mod could be count as WIP. The reason for that : There is no unique voice acting, no in game mini quest requirement, no interactions with custom follower mods like Inigo, Lucien etc..

I would be pleased to see if people wants to add stuff and expand this mod. I am totally open for cooperation. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any kind of ideas like these. Primarily I am ready to work together with modders for : 

- Voice acting
- Mini quest dependance
- Story writer ( In fact I wrote a story behind this to connect the lines between the universes. And I tried to stay loyal to the lore. But I am not a proffesional)