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New version, ECE Slots 4, 7, and 9.

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New Slot 4 Preset, now looks even more like the original! Slots 7 and 9 have both been adjusted in height, complexion (so you don't end up with one of the old complexions) and makeup.

Installation Instructions:

1. Install SKSE64, it's the second link - Current SE build 2.0.10 (runtime 1.5.53)
2. Install
Enhanced Character Edit SE, and verify it's working with all sliders (you may need to make a new character to have all the files in place.)
3. Download my slot files manually to your computer.
4. Open \Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\CME_save (by default this is on your C: drive)
5. Make sure you do not have a file named _4_commonTriRaces.slot, _7_commonTriRaces.slot, or _9_commonTriRaces.slot. If you do:

  • Start Skyrim Special Edition
  • Create a new game
  • In character creator, under Body>Slot Loader, load slot 4, 7, or 9
  • If it's something you want to keep, save it to a different slot by pressing R and choosing a different slot for it.
  • Close Skyrim

6. Either drop the CME_save folder into \Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition (if you don't already have a CME_save folder), or copy the slot file(s) of your choice (or all of them) from my file into the CME_save folder you opened.
7. In game, open character menu, choose Female, Bosmer (wood elf), and scroll to the the Slot Load slider under the Body heading. Choose slot 4,  7, or 9.

I've included optional texture files. One has the eyes, lip tint masks, and warpaint you see in the screenshots. The other includes all these and the muscle map I modified for Dream Girl. 

In order for your character to look exactly like mine, you'll need a few other mods, as well.

Body mod of choice -- I use Dream Girl Complete SE (you can use UNP or CBBE instead, if you'd like) -- plus either UNP Female Textures Renewal or SG Female Textures Renewal - CBBE by hellosanta, ported by reiz0 and Shiva182, there are versions for CBBE, Sevenbase, UNP, and UNPB. I installed all the makeup, as well. If you'd like the abs/muscles, install that in the options for UNP Female Textures Renewal or SG Female Textures Renewal - CBBE. 
KS Hairdos SSE (Moonrise)
SG Eyebrows Only from the optional files of UNP Female Body Renewal
Dream Girl Mini Spice Collection
ELDG for Dream Girl SE


The SKSE team for SKSE64
tktk1, for Enhanced Character Edit
hellosanta, for UNP/SG Female Textures Renewal
HoneyVanity, for Barbarian/Milkdrinker Skin's muscle map (modified by me for Dream Girl), uploaded with permission
Seren4xx, for The Ningheim Race (eyes) uploaded with permission
HN66, for HN66's Long Eye Lashes (added to the Ningheim eyes) uploaded with permission

For the Save game version using Ethereal Elven Overhaul ONLY, drag and drop into your Save Game folder, located at C:\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\Saves. Load the game, and if you want to make any changes, immediately go into the console by hitting the ` key, and typing showracemenu. Wait for a bit for all the hairs to load, then customize/rename her.

From jaimefeery: For those of you having problems with freezing when Hadvar asks you to go to the chopping block, you need to disable Alternative Start and reload the save, after the intro, just re-enable, simple. The mod author has added a version where you can skip this and I would highly recommend everyone just downloads that save since most people use Alt Start .

Required mods for Save Game using EEO only:
Ethereal Elven Overhaul
KS Hairdos SE
Pale Elves
SG Textures Renewal from the optional files of UNP Female Body Renewal
True Brows SE
XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended