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skse64 plugin to fix various issues with the Skyrim Special Edition engine.

Permissions and credits
SSE Engine Fixes

A WIP skse64 plugin for Skyrim Special Edition to fix issues with the game engine. Includes ports of meh321's bug fixes LE.

NOTE: This plugin includes a comparable fix to the one included in SSE Fixes as well as the Double Perk Apply Fix. You can use it instead of them.


  • Install the Part 1 zip as you would any SKSE plugin, be that through your mod manager or directly to your data folder.
The "_preload.txt" file is required to be in the directory if you want to use the memory manager patch, so if your Mod Manager warns you about it, make sure it gets added.
  • Install the Part 2 zip by extracting it to your Skyrim SE folder (the two dlls should be alongside SkyrimSE.exe, etc)

You can turn individual fixes on/off in the ini file in the plugin directory.

If you are having performance issues, infinite loading screens, or freezes with the form cache fix, try enabling MemoryManager. This is the equivalent of "UseOSAllocators" and may help. You can also try BSReadWriteLock. It may be worth trying both of these regardless to see if they have any effect on your performance.

If you have worse performance than SSE Fixes using this mod, you can install SSE Fixes alongside it and it will take priority automatically. :)


  1. Tree LOD Alpha Update Caching/Global Form Lookup Caching -  this fixes a major performance bottleneck and should increase your framerate to varying degrees in different areas. it is equivalent to the fix that was in SSE fixes.
  2. Double Perk Apply - fixes perk effects applying twice to NPCs in your cell on load
  3. Slow Time Camera Movement - Fixes slow camera movement when stationary during slow time effects
  4. Stationary Vertical Look Sensitivity - Fixes vertical camera movement sensitivity being tied to your FPS while stationary
  5. Waterflow Timer - water flow speed is tied to the game's timescale; fix decouples it and allows you to customize your water flow speed
  6. Tree Reflections - Tree LOD reflections in water are broken; this fix is also included in ENB but I've included it here for people who don't use ENB
  7. Snow Sparkle - The snow sparkle effect is improperly processed on meshes that don't have proper snow sparkle settings, leading to undefined behavior (vanilla SSE) and CTDs (with memory patch)
  8. Mod-added Sound Category Volume Saving - In the base game if you add a sound category to the in-game volume settings menu, changes to the volume won't get saved; this patch adds a new ini that will track these volume changes and load them on game start. For audio overhaul mods that add sound categories.
  9. Max Stdio - sets max open files to 2048 instead of the default 512; this should fix the false save corruption bug in 99.9% of cases
  10. Precache Killer - same as https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/33526/. disabled by default since most people shouldn't need it
  11. Saves - fixes bugs with quicksaving + save screenshots being blank when ingame TAA/DOF are disabled. automatically disables itself when TAA/DOF are enabled. Thx to Nukem for researching the renderer side of this bug. Also includes an equivalent patch to the disable quick saves LE plugin, which is disabled by default.
  12. SKSE64 orphaned cosave cleaner - will delete orphaned cosaves (cosaves that still exist even though their base saves dont) on launch. will help with SkyUI bug that causes some glitches on save/load menu screen based on number of files in your save directory

For more details on the bugs you can see the README on Github.


This stuff will be removed when the issues are fixed in skse/skee (probably at next release of those).

  1. skse64 custom menu mouse pointer - fixes mouse pointer not showing up in skse custom menus; see AddItemMenuSE/UIExtensions for an example
  2. skse64 extra enchantment vtbl - fixes adding enchantment extra data; see Loot&Degradation or XtendedLoot which should now properly add enchantments with this fix
  3. skee(RaceMenu/NiO)/xpmsse 4.3+ crash on save load - fixed


  1. Memory Manager - equivalent of "Use OS Allocators" on LE Skyrim/SSE Fixes. REQUIRES SNOW SPARKLE PATCH TO BE ACTIVE. 
  2. BSReadWriteLock - replaces default Skyrim mutex; similar to mutex option on SSE Fixes

These are optional for a reason. You can try them if you are having weird loading screen/performance issues, but there's no reason to enable them unless this is the case.

Fixes can be enabled/disabled in the .ini. The tree reflection fix is disabled by default, so you will want to enable it if you don't use ENB. 


meh321 - research into tree LOD function (SSE fixes), bugfixes LE & port permissions
sheson - skse plugin preloader for LE alongside meh
Nukem -  form cache code, additional research for the tree LOD alpha stuff, pointing me at the waterflow timer, tree reflection fix, mutex stuff, jemalloc memory manager, actually just about everything, moral support :^)
himika - scatter table implementation from libskyrim (LE), plus tons of research function/variable names
kassent - useful information from the source code of various skse plugins 
Kole6738 - cosave cleaner idea+code

Source & Contributing

Source is available on Github. While I intend to look into some other known bugs, no promises. If you feel like tracking down a bug and theorizing a fix or even implementing one yourself, feel free to contribute; I'm willing to maintain it for future game updates.

Preloader can be found here but shouldn't need updating. tbb.dll is Intel's Threaded Building Blocks library.