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Changes every bandit in the game by type, category, and whatever. There are so many duplicates that you fight like the same 30 NPCs over and over. So i changed every single type. More below.

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I will not say that you will not see the same bandit in the same place. Just depends on what spawns. If bandit 3 male 2H Highway man spawns twice in the same location then there will be a duplicate. There are purple Orcs and green Dark Elves and so on. You will see them right off at Bleak Fall. I believe 2 of the guys are purple-man Orcs maybe 2H weapon. Nothing can be done about duplicate spawns like that. You will need all the hair mods as there were so many different bandits that it took 2 like 15-hour days to complete. It was worth it to me. Obviously, i cannot that pictures of all these bandits so the pictures you see are just random so i can upload the mod. Apachii Sky Hair, Apachii Hair for Males, Apachii Hair for Females, KS Hairdos, and Argonian Hair Plus. Mods that change Bandit types may change your bandits, but i took some pics at Bleak Falls. There is a few duplicate purple Orcs but they have different armor.