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Adds a character preset for CotR, of Illyana Rasputin (aka Magik), and also adds a Conjuration Spell - Soul Sword, to summon her weapon.
*By request also adds her Soul Sword as a physical weapon

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Inspired by The New Mutants movie

Adds Illyana Rasputin (aka Magik), as a Racemenu preset. The mod also adds her Soul Sword as a conjuration bound weapon spell.
You will have to use AddItemMenu
 to get the spell tome for the Soul Sword, I decided to do it this way because the sword is supposed to be a unique item that only Illyana can summon, as it is a manifestation of the purest part of her soul. The Soul Sword is 1H, but you can use CGO mod to be able to use it as a 2H sword:
Combat Gameplay Overhaul

KS Hairdos SSE
Eye Full Glow for Special Edition

To properly use this preset, in Racemenu select the BretonDZ race, then load in the Magik preset.

**[insert video later]**

Believable Weapons - by Jonas (for the bound sword FX mesh)
Believable weapons

Weapons Collection 2 - by PraedythXVI (for the Viking Style Sword asset)
Weapons Collection 2

I'm trying to work on adding her pet dragon to this mod as well, hopefully will update with that soon.
You can turn her into a follower using this mod:

Recommended Outfit Mods:
If you want the outfit in the screenshots, it is a combination of these mods:
DX Commonwealth Shorts SSE (for Net Body 1, Net Boots, Net Sash)
Ov Leather Armor SSE - CBBE BodySlide
 (for Black Leather Vest, Black Leather Gloves)
I also think this looks good for the Magik character:
Lustmord Vampire Armour - Standalone Colours - SSE CBBE BodySlide