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KS Hairdo's 1.7 with Salt & Wind textures completely redone, plus an optional .esp replacer to reduce female hairstyles - retexture has no .esps and should work with LE as well.

Optional patches for HDT-SMP and various NPC mods!

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UPDATE for KS Hairs 1.9 HERE by the lovely dovaya! <3

This started as an update to Rough hair for KS Hairdos SE by Shiva182, a retexture using these textures by jasperthegnome for KS Hairdos by Kalilies. But, it kind of bloated out of control and I ended up remaking every single texture. Kalilies has made a LOT of updates to the hairs from KS Hairdos 1.6 (version the original retexture uses) to 1.7, like improving the alpha/transparency layers for all hairs - comparison in pictures, the difference is huge! That also made some textures from 1.6 to have some bugs when used with 1.7 meshes, so those are now fixed too.

I also disliked how "shaggy" some hairstyles looked, so my edited textures are a bit smoother than the original Salt & Wind ones.

I also wanted to make a 1.7 compatible .esp replacer like this one by Sokkvabekk to reduce the female hairstyles down. The hairs are not deleted, only removed from player character, so it should work with mods that depend on KS hairs. Male hairs are not touched, as they have so little to begin with! What styles stayed and did not are purely based on my Immaculate(tm) tastes, and there are some longer styles not included in Sokkvahbekk's original vision. There's nothing wrong with the hairs I deleted, but I just wanted to narrow the selection by removing styles very similar to one another. Complete list with pictures in images.

There is also an optional blank hairline texture I made for myself to make the hairs look good on my Ethereal Elven Overhaul Altmer character, as the hairline was poking through the hair because the EEO head is shaped differently. Not recommended unless you have the same problem yourself, as some hairs will have slight floating effects without the hairline (but nothing too major).

  • Salt & Wind textures for KS Hairdos SE v.1.7
  • slightly smoother texture than original Salt & Wind
  • optional .esp replacer - female hairs reduced from 792 to 333
  • optional blank hairline texture to fix problems with different shaped heads - only use if you have the issue pictured in images

  • remove old KS hairs, retextures and .esp replacers if you have them
  • download and install KS Hairdos SE 1.7 
  • download my retextures and overwrite KS Hairdos
  • if you want, download optional files and overwrite when prompted

available add-on patches in miscellaneous files
Patches do not require my other files, only their respective mods! Listed by date patched, listed alphabetically in misc. files

+ Pandorable's Males Salt & Wind by me
+ Kalilies NPCs Salt & Wind by me
+ Botox for Skyrim Salt & Wind by me
+ Vanilla hair Salt & Wind by me

ps. I am using Realistic Haircolors in my pics, I warmly recommend that or Mild Haircolors :)