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Demyx from Kingdom Hearts II, now a Skyrim preset.

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I can't help it. The game came out in 2006 and I'm still simping for an early-game comic relief boss. (Actually, I simp for the whole Organization, but so far I've only made the one preset.)

Anyway, this is Demyx, our favorite waterbending doofus, or at least as close as I can get him in a game that suits itself not at all to the soft Square Enix bishie look. I'm not a hundred percent satisfied with him, but after tinkering around with hairs, skins, and body replacers, I think this is the best I'm likely to do. He might potentially work without SAM, but he won't look as pretty. Then again, as with Czoudrys, I'm uploading him less because I think anyone else cares about my presets, but because I like this preset and don't want to lose it in the process of reinstalling everything all over again while I try to figure out what in God's name is corrupting my save files.

"Boy, did they pick the wrong guy for this one..."