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Yet another Serana replacer.
Fomod with different options for hair, brows, eyes and tintmask.

Permissions and credits

In the fomod you can choose out of 3 hairs,
2 brows, 2 eyecolours and multiple tintmasks. 
If Serana is cured then her eyecolour changes to the
blue/green eyecolour.

This mod sets Serana's weight to 100.
When installing on an existing save you'll need to do the following:
Open console. Click on Serana, type setnpcweight 100 and press enter. 
Type disable, press enter. Type enable, press enter. Close console.

Hard requirements are:
High Poly HeadKS Hairdos SSE, and USSEP.

Serana will use the body/face meshes and
textures that you have installed.
If you want her to look like mine you'll just need to
install Bijin Skin and SC - KS Hairdos Retextured.

Do let me know if you experience any troubles
that could be due to my mod. 
I would also love to hear what you think of her in the comments.
Don't forget to endorse the mod if you like it. :-)

Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam 
Eyes of Beauty SSE  by docteure
Silver Vampire Eyes by cuyima
Eye Normal Map Fix SSE by Mr. Dave
Female Makeup Suite by DomainWolf
Brows by Hvergelmer
Kalilies Brows by Kalilies
More High Poly Head Eyebrow Patch Hub by Nekomata17
Expressive Facegen Morph SE by Niroku

Also thanks to Kalilies for her excellent tutorial 
on creating an npc-replacer and to SeratheMage for her
explanation on changing Serana's cured eyes.