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A male Breton preset for Racemenu. This is a .jslot, meaning it will adjust your character creation sliders to match what I've made. If you want to look exactly like Duncan in the screenshots read below for my mod list.

Permissions and credits
Duncan has been revised and updated for High Poly Head. See here for updated preset and more character presets:
Polingc's High Poly Racemenu Presets - Volume 1


A male Breton preset for Racemenu. This is a .jslot, meaning it will adjust your character creation sliders to match what I've made. If you want to look exactly like Duncan in the screenshots read below for my mod list.

My Character Creation Mod List:
-KS Hairdos SSE
-The Eyes of Beauty
-Tempered Skins for Males

Exact head parts are listed in the racemenu screen shot. 

You will need SKSE to copy over all other mod assets.
Download SKSE here

Mods used for the screenshots (where appropriate):
-Vixxen ENB
-Look what you see

I've included photos of Duncan with no ENB, reshade, lighting or weather mods activated to show how he looks "naturally". I don't play Skyrim with ENBs turned on so this is more or less what to expect during regular game play.


Manual Installation:

Drop the .jslot file into the following directory:


Mod Manager Installation:

Click the button and let it run.

My Other Character Presets:


For those of you who care, here's Duncan's backstory that I envisioned when designing him. I recommend using Alternate Start -LAL- to get the most out your roleplaying.

Duncan De la Fonte grew tired of the endless court politics and shadow tactics in his home of Daggerfall, capital of the Imperial province of High Rock. As an agent to his patron he had executed countless missions, some of which he regretted and continued to haunt him. Duncan had already gained the scorn of rival noble lords before he defied his patron. His last mission: to implicate a Redguard page boy of conspiring with the Thalmor. The boy was the illegitimate son of a rival noble, and his imprisonment, or execution, would cause great distress to his mother and great joy to Duncan's patron. Instead, Duncan smuggled the child out of High Rock and into the care of rural family outside of Bruma. Knowing he'd be killed as soon as he set foot in Daggerfall, Duncan left everything he knew behind and went North looking for a new life far away from the backstabbing courts of High Rock.


Q. Is there an ECE versison?
A. I may, as time and energy permit, create ECE look-a-likes of my racemenu presets. If a particular preset interests you and no ECE version currently exists leave a request in the comments so I know.

Q. Why do the ECE and Racemenu presets look different?
A. The mods use different, head morphs, sliders, body parts, etc. Currently neither ECE or Racemenu support a "Face Export" feature: the ability to turn your character's head into a complete pre-packaged object that you can then stick on any other body. Because of this, I have to do my best to imitate in ECE what I created in Racemenu so it's impossible to create a true replica.

Q. Why use Racemenu over ECE?
A. Because I prefer it. In my opinion ECE "human-izes" the non-human races to the point that the non-human races loose the features that set them apart in the first place. Also, ECE screws around with race data leading to incompatibilities with numerous other mods that change or affect race abilities/stats.

Q. What happens if I don't have all your recommended mods installed?
A. Then nothing should load into those slots. Example: if you don't have KS Hairdos your character will have the same vanilla hair prior to loading the preset.

Q. The face complexion doesn't load with the preset. Why?
A. I don't know. It's a racemenu thing. The complexion isn't changed no matter what preset you load. You'll have to adjust it yourself.

Q. Your screenshots show a tattoo/body paint/body/head/hand/feet overlays but it isn't included in the preset. Why?
A. Because it's too easy for people to incorrectly install those overlays, leading to purple body parts due to missing textures. It's far easier for you (and me) to leave the overlays out of the preset altogether. If you want to use the same overlays as I, then download the relevant mods and have at it.

Q. I don't see any presets even though they are in the correct file path.
A. Try saving a preset yourself (e.g. on the preset tab press F5 and save whatever face you currently are using). This will then create the correct folder path using racemenu itself. Then try re-downloading my preset and see if it shows up.

My Other Mods:

Lots. See my account profile.


kalilies-KS Hairdos SSE
docteur87-The Eyes of Beauty
traa108-Tempered Skins for Males
vixxen1-Vixxen ENB
Tissendel-Look what you see
Bethesda Game Studios-Skyrim SE