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An espless collection of small game tweaks with an INI to configure settings.
Includes Faster Sleep Wait, Essential Companions toggle and more.

Permissions and credits
A collection of various Quality-of-Life improvements in one file with INI settings to enable tweaks.

All tweaks are disabled by default and must be enabled in [Tweaks] section in the provided ini.

As of 2.1 the mod ini is separate and the plugin will automatically fill the ini with extra values, run the game at least once with the new plugin to fill it out.

New in 2.45
Hide Unmarked Compass Locations - show unvisited locations on the compass only if they are marked on the map
No Main Menu Downloads Button - removes the downloads button from the main menu
Distance Based Compass Alpha - scale the alpha of compass locations and NPCs based on distance from the player
No VATS Target Invisible - disable targeting of cloaked enemies in VATS
Rapid Reload Fix - fixes an engine bug where reload and holster speed are incorrect after loading a save
Compass Height Indicator - show whether an NPC is above or below the player on the compass as in Fallout 4 (requires textures from mod page)
Also adds hotkeys 1-8 back to the settings menu.

New in 2.40
Marker Added Popup Name - include the cell name in the "Map marker added." popup
Toggle Collision Key - add a key that disables collision while held
Unvisited Cell Indicator - show a * in the door activation prompt for unvisited interior cells
Skip Deathcam Hotkey - add hotkey 'left-alt' to instantly end the player deathcam

New in 2.35
Custom Crafted Item Health Percentage - allows changing of crafted item health percentage (default is 80%)
Allow Activate While Animation Plays - allows activation while firing, reloading, jumping, landing etc.
Keep Roulette Bet Amount - don't reset the bet amount to 1 after playing roulette
Console Numpad Support - allow use of numpad in console

New in 2.30
Faster Terminal Hacking Transition - decreases the delay after successfully hacking from 3 seconds to 0.5 seconds
No Quest Failed Popup - stop the quest failed text (optionally only if the quest was started)
No Location Popup - stops the Location Discovered text
No Ammo Casings - stops casings being earned when firing

New in 2.23b
No Max Casino Bet - removes betting limit for slots, roulette and blackjack
Faster Save Menu Close - removes a hard-coded 3 second delay when saving with the save menu
Fast Travel Ovencumberedremoves the need for "Long Haul" to fast travel while overencumbered
Fixed WASD in menus to not conflict with default keybindings (default keys take priority)
76 Encumbrance - added weight-based AP drain scale option

New in 2.22
Fallout 76 Encumbrance - allow running and jumping while over-encumbered using action points (no controller support)
Removed an extra space after skill tags in dialogue.

New in 2.21
Lockpick Click To Rotate - allows the use of left click to rotate during lockpick

New in 2.20
Pipboy Light Stays On After Cell Change - stops the pipboy light being toggled off for exterior cell changes
Hide Enemy Markers - removes enemy markers from the compass
Equip Broken Items - allows broken items to be equipped
Hardcore Tweaks - enables toggling of Ammo Weight, Sleep Healing and hired Companions being Essential
Custom Hotkeys - reassign screenshot and pipboy menu keys
Slower Backpedaling - decreases movement speed while walking backwards
VATS Ignores Teammates - stops VATS targeting companions
No Lockpick Activate - stops the container menu showing after lockpick/key

New in 2.1
Use WASD in Menusallows wasd for arrow keys and e and spacebar for enter in menus
No Loading DLC Popup at Start Menu - removes the "Loading extra content" popup at the start menu

New in 2.01
Godmode Needs No Ammo - allows firing with 0 ammo while in godmode (in vanilla you need at least 1 bullet)

New in 2.0
Jumping Costs AP - configurable AP cost while jumping
Combined Combat XP - delay XP popups till the end of combat
Manual Reload - stops the game automatically reloading
No Skill Tags - hide the [Speech] etc. tags
Faster Sleep Wait - delay is now configurable.

Faster Sleep Wait - decreases the delay between hours while waiting or sleeping
No PipBoy On Alt Tab - stops the PipBoy from opening when you ALT-TAB
No Unconscious Message - removes the "... is now unconscious" message when an actor is knocked out
Midair Fast Travel - allows you to fast travel while in midair (does not negate fall damage)
Rebind 2 Key - allows you to bind actions to the '2' key in the settings menu
No XP Popup - stops the XP popup and associated sound
No Screenshot Popup - disable the "Screenshot Created" message, optionally printing the message to console instead
No Karma Messages - disable the good/bad karma messages and sounds
No Cripple/Critical Messages - disable the messages when crippling or critical hitting an enemy
No Scrollwheel POV Change - stop the POV (1st/3rd person) changing when scrolling
No Alt Tab Pause - stops the game pause menu showing when the window loses focus
No Audio Distortion - remove the audio distortion when NPCs are wearing masks
No PipBoy In Combat - stops the player using the pipboy when in [DANGER]
Run While Aiming - remove the movement penalty while aiming
Jump While Aiming - remove the block on jumping while aiming
Better AutoWalk - moving left/right does not cancel autowalk (Q key), as in Skyrim
Midair Wait - wait in midair
Debug Lockpick Menu - show the debug lockpick menu on all locks (cheat)

Use Mod Organizer 2/Nexus Mod Manager/FOMM, or manually extract the .zip file into your Fallout New Vegas 'Data' folder.

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Massive thank you to jazzisparis and LuthienAnarion, whose decodings prove essential for these tweaks. Thanks RoyBatty for continued support with TTW. Finally thanks carxt, tgspy, C16, voidwalkerxilandro, and Qolore7 for the suggestions and support.