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Collection of all my NVSE plugins* in one file, with an INI to configure settings.
Also includes Faster Sleep Wait and rebind 2 key.
Update includes No DLC Popup

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A collection of all my plugins in one file with INI settings to enable mods.

As of 2.1 the mod ini is separate, and the plugin will automatically fill the ini with extra values.

New in 2.1
Use WASD in Menusallows wasd for arrow keys and e and spacebar for enter in menus
No Loading DLC Popup at Start Menu - removes the "Loading extra content" popup at the start menu

New in 2.01
Godmode Needs No Ammo - allows firing with 0 ammo while in godmode (in vanilla you need at least 1 bullet)

New in 2.0
Jumping Costs AP - configurable AP cost while jumping
Combined Combat XP - delay XP popups till the end of combat
Manual Reload - stops the game automatically reloading
No Skill Tags - hide the [Speech] etc. tags
Faster Sleep Wait - delay is now configurable.

Faster Sleep Wait - decreases the delay between hours while waiting or sleeping
No PipBoy On Alt Tab - stops the PipBoy from opening when you ALT-TAB
No Unconscious Message - removes the "... is now unconscious" message when an actor is knocked out
Midair Fast Travel - allows you to fast travel while in midair (does not negate fall damage)
Rebind 2 Key - allows you to bind actions to the '2' key in the settings menu
No XP Popup - stops the XP popup and associated sound
No Screenshot Popup - disable the "Screenshot Created" message, optionally printing the message to console instead
No Karma Messages - disable the good/bad karma messages and sounds
No Cripple/Critical Messages - disable the messages when crippling or critical hitting an enemy
No Scrollwheel POV Change - stop the POV (1st/3rd person) changing when scrolling
No Alt Tab Pause - stops the game pause menu showing when the window loses focus
No Audio Distortion - remove the audio distortion when NPCs are wearing masks
No PipBoy In Combat - stops the player using the pipboy when in [DANGER]
Run While Aiming - remove the movement penalty while aiming
Jump While Aiming - remove the block on jumping while aiming
Better AutoWalk - moving left/right does not cancel autowalk (Q key), as in Skyrim
Midair Wait - wait in midair
Debug Lockpick Menu - show the debug lockpick menu on all locks (cheat)

*excluding Console Paste

Use Mod Organizer 2/Nexus Mod Manager/FOMM, or manually extract the .zip file into your Fallout New Vegas 'Data' folder.