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Supports a new level progression rebalanced around a max level of 25 with a 50% reduction on XP but a new perk every level.

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The Pitch

One of the improvements that I would argue Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 share, compared to New Vegas or even Fallout 1 and 2, is receiving the option to pick a new Perk every level. Perks are supposed to offer exciting ways to expand your character's options for interacting with the world and specialize their build. The levels without Perks where you just gain some HP and assign a few more skill points don’t feel nearly as interesting by comparison.

Now, obviously, the intended balance of New Vegas would be completely broken if characters were able to pick 50 Perks. That's why the game only allows a single character to choose 25. What if you could have the best of both? The solution is seductively simple--cap the player level at 25 and allow them to take a perk every level. Or, at least, I really enjoy playing this way and I want to share it with you so you can too.

Now supporting that change in the best way possible requires a few additional tweaks because, otherwise, the player would level up so quickly they would reach max level before they had tackled everything they wanted to in a single play-through, depriving them both of the intended challenge and sense of progression.


First, you will need LStewieAl's Tweaks and it's associated ini file. Open the INI and make the following tweaks:

Under [Tweaks]

iMaxCharacterLevel = 25
bReduceXP = 1
fXPMultiplier = 0.5

Find the [GameSettings]
section and add the following line underneath it:

iLevelsPerPerk = 1

What these options do is program the game to give you a new perk every level up while setting a universal reduction on earned xp by half. You will go a little longer in between levels but the sense of accomplishment and feeling of reward when you do level up should be stronger.

The Mod

So what’s the point of this mod then? It aims to do all the additional work for you so that everything supports this new leveling progression as smoothly as possible. Specifically, I’ve gone through every leveled list by hand and halved all the level values for encounter zones, messages, perks and the leveled lists for creatures, NPCs and items, both for the base game and all the DLC, rounding up where necessary, in order to support a new level progression balanced around a max player level of 25 with a 50% reduction in XP but a new Perk every level. It took a while to go through every single entry and was very tedious. You're welcome. Doing this ensures that you won’t accidentally be locked out of any content when playing using the leveling method I’m suggesting here. Additionally, any of the records I’ve edited here which have bugfixes in YUP have had those fixes forwarded to maintain consistency for your load order.

This mod requires all the New Vegas DLC (Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road, Gun Runner's Arsenal) as well as Yukichigai's Unofficial Patch.

To install to your Mod Manager, go to Files and click the Mod Manager Download button.

To install manually, put the downloaded esp file in the Data folder of your New Vegas installation folder (but I strongly recommend using a mod manager for everything but NVSE plugins).


Load this mod low enough in your load order to make sure no other plugin is overwriting it's changes. Use FNVEdit to check if there is anything overwriting its edits which you don't want for your game or to merge the changes from other mods into it or a patch while retaining the new level values.

Alternate versions of the mod are provided for PushTheWinButton’s excellent mods that I almost always use: Jsawyer Ultimate and the Mojave series: Mojave Arsenal, Mojave Wildlife and Mojave Raiders as well as Economy Overhaul. Any of the records I’ve edited here which those mods make changes to have had those edits forwarded and the level requirements halved, to spare you the chore of making a patch manually if you want to play with those mods.

DUST users really shouldn't need this mod as all of DUST's leveled lists and perk requirements are completely unleveled already.

Use only ONE main file at a time as each is a separate, independent version.


In case you were wondering, here are the things I did not change, for reasons ranging from compatibility, preference or laziness. If I receive enough comments from users making a persuasive case, I can look into updating the mod with sensible suggested changes.
  • the levels of individual NPCs
  • (very few of them are actually coded over level 25 anyway, but I know some of the Tunnelers are for example)
  • the number of skill points gained on level up
  • (25 fewer levels means at least 250 fewer skill points overall, but, in my playtesting, this just made my character build matter that much more. You can change this in LStewieAl's Tweaks also if desired)
  • the number of health points gained on level up
  • (25 fewer levels means at least 125 fewer hit points overall, but, personally, I barely notice anyways because I always play with the HealthLevelMult set to 0 for both the player and NPCs)


Logo image made here.