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Figured I want to share my .ini settings for those two mods. Seperate files, so you can pick and choose.

Permissions and credits
Things I've changed:

- Requires NVTF, obviously. (Used with version 8.1, might or might not work with newer versions)
- Recommended to be used with OneTweak
- Changed:
bSpinCriticalSections=1 <- multithreading. Effect depends on your computer
bUseD3D9Ex=1 <- incompatible with ENB
bToggleTripleBuffering=1 <- Triple Buffering needs Vsync activated (ipresentinterval=1)
bUseFlipExSwapMode=1 <- Doesn't work without bUseD3D9Ex
iMaxFPSTolerance=59 (original: 118)

- Simply requires NVSE(Should work with any version)
- Added 'DefaultHeapInitialAllocMB=420', which results in better performance.

- Requires lStewieAl's Tweaks (For version 5.50. Should work with newer versions, too. But double check if Stewie has removed a setting since then.)
- Quick summary:
- List of changed .ini settings:

JSawyer Ultimate.ini:
for JSawyer Ultimate Edition (5.1.1)
- RARITY options set to 100. (I manage drop rates with 'Unfound Loot')
- bSuperStimpakNameChange=1 (Super Stimpack renamed for consistency)

Just Mods.ini:
for Just Mods Assorted (2.6d)
- Disabled WeaponHWeel, Bullet Time, Hit Marker and Hold Breath (completely a matter of taste.)
- No Crosshair when aiming with iron sight
- Visual Objectives are smaller
- Visual Objectives are hidden at a certain distance

VUI+ settings.xml:
for Vanilla UI Plus (8.34)
- VUI+noMODSlabel enabled: Removes the weapon mod prefix for better compatibility with Universal Item Sorter

Recommended Mods that fix basic stuff:
FNV Mod Limit Fix (the Mod Limit bs)
FNV 4GB Patcher (FNV not using LAA, unless you are on GOG)
NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash (the crashes)
Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - YUP (various things)
Unofficial Patch Plus (even more various things)
Better Saves (some of the savegame corruption)
FNVLODGen (the ugly LOD. xLOD is even better, but not needed really)
NAWEMO - NPCs use Ammo Variants and Weapon Mods (the NPCs only using boring weapons)
Ammo Script Fixes (ammo effects not working right)
Gauss Rifle VATS Fix - JIP (wrong VATS values with Gauss Rifle)
Melee Reach Fixed- Ultimate Edition (hilarious melee range)
Navmesh Fixes and Improvements (crash because of obsidian not knowing how to navmesh)
OneTweak for FNV ('smooth mouse'🤮 and so on)
Ogg Vorbis Libraries (sound performance issues)
FNV BSA Decompressor (.bsa files causing stutter)

fallout.ini and falloutprefs.ini tweaks you could use as well: