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lStewieAl - Weijiesen aka Wanamingo - Xilandro

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Engine modification restoring and enhancing the Book Menu functionality left over from Oblivion.
Create books, notes, scrolls, posters, ...

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Book Menu Restored

The game has books, this mod restores the ability to read them! Activating a book with skill 'None' now opens the book menu. Holding shift skips the menu while looting.

This mod enables developers to create 'books' with custom styles for each type of book. With custom XML support you can create not only books, but maps, notes, blueprints, posters, or whatever you can come up with.




Use Mod Organizer 2/Nexus Mod Manager/FOMM, or manually extract the .zip file into your Fallout New Vegas 'Data' folder.

Creating Your Own Book - Simple
Add text to the 'description' field in the GECK, set skill to NONE and select the checkbox for "scroll" if desired. It is possible to add basic text formatting and embed images; an example of formatting is provided in the optional downloads. "scroll" type is best suited for posters, maps, blueprints, or other single sheet/paper designs.
Four example XML files are provided. To use them prepend [Path=BookBackground1.xml] or [Path=BookBackground2.xml] to the book's description.

Creating Your Own Book - Advanced
You can have custom XML for each type of 'book' your mod adds. When specifying your own XML, you can give your menu any structure.

The hardcoded IDs are: 
31: Exit button - closes the menu
32: Take button - closes the menu, adding the book to the player's inventory. Only shows if the book has the canBeTaken flag and was not activated from the inventory. 

The book menu has ID 1026 and as such will run in MenuMode 1026. Scripted commands such as ClickMenuTile act as expected and UDFs can be registered to run in the menu using commands such as
SetOnMenuOpenEventHandler and SetOnMenuCloseEventHandler.

A command ShowBookMenu is added by this plugin, allowing books to be activated without player interaction.

It can be called as:
(bookRef).ShowBookMenu (showTakeButton: 0/1) (bookForm: form)

Weijiesen - Textures and graphics used in game and on the mod page
Xilandro - XML wizardry
The Frontier Team - Example poster

Disclaimer - No textures, menus or code have been taken from Oblivion.