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Fixes moonlight, making the moon the light caster instead of the sun.
Additionally fixes some other Sky related bugs.

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In vanilla nights, after the sunset, sun stays at the west, slowly shifting towards the east. Problem? It's constantly emitting light, making it, and shadows, appear from nowhere.

MoonlightNVSE resolves this problem!

  • Moon as the light caster both in FNV and GECK
  • Light is based on the current phase. Brightest on the full moon, pitch black on none.

  • Fixes sunlight position in GECK
  • Fixes sky in interiors marked as exteriors is not respecting the North Marker, making sun rise at south etc.

Some slider comparison shots at different hours with DN Weathers by Qolore7

Demo of moon phases affecting light strength:


Mod is compatible with any weather mods, but keep in mind that many weather mods modify night's sunlight value, which can make the change less or more visible. Mods such
as Desert Natural Weathers allow you to easily configure this value in the ini. 

To do:
- Figure out how to make an actual second light source Would require rewriting every shader, or doing lighting in post

For weather mod authors:
Light strength multipliers for moon phases:
  • Full moon - 1.0
  • Waning gibbous and Waxing gibbous - 0.9
  • Third quarter and First quarter - 0.5
  • Waning crescent and Waxing crescent - 0.3
  • New moon - 0
Multiplier is applied to the luminosity value of the sunlight color.


  • whole xNVSE server
  • lStewieAl - for decompiled source code, wouldn't be possible without him
  • yvile, c6 and Demorome - for helping me with the code
  • Qolore7 - for nice comparison images
  • nice try karut, but you are not getting credited (for real though, this mod wouldn't exist without your laziness, lol)

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