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ItsMeJesusHChrist also known as LOC or The Icon Guy

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Cleans up HUD textures (such as the compass ticks or other arrows) that have went unnoticed. The cleaning consists of removing the old noise, and sometimes i replace the old noise with a new one.

Permissions and credits
Clean Vanilla Hud
A total Interface Overhaul.

A total interface overhaul that tries to stay as true as possible to the original design. The goal of this mod is making Vanilla Hud textures more pleasant to the eyes. This will be achieved by either modifying the textures, or re-drawing the assets from the bottom up. Some of the HUD Elements in this mod is twice the resolution, while others are the same as vanilla.

So far, this mod covers:
  • All of the Compass Tick Icons and Land Mark Icons... + even some new custom ones intended for the height indicator in lStewieAl's Tweaks
  • Air Meter
  • All of the hot-key icons
  • Type Icons (Icons that represent skills)
  • Random arrows, adjust arrows, repair triangles. 
  • Background seen in most menus
  • the wait menu 
And probably some other miscellaneous textures you don't think about.
Requires VUI+
Darn is partly supported. 

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PATCH TO MAKE Clean Vanilla HUD have Fallout 3 HUD found here

Special Thanks

Xilandro for co-creating with me the VATS Patch. :)