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An updated version of Quicksilver500's great Simple Hotkeyed Weapon Scrolling mod.

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An updated version of Quicksilver500's great Simple Hotkeyed Weapon Scrolling mod.
First of all, this mod was inspired by and is built upon another mod made by Quicksilver500, which is linked above. Please be sure to endorse the original if you like this mod, since it wouldn't exist otherwise.

This mod does exactly what the name would suggest. It allows you to scroll through your hotkeyed weapons via the mouse scroll wheel in sequence, either up or down, so long as you have your weapon drawn and are not aiming down your sights.

This mod differs from the original so now the weapon scrolling script is called via JIP LN event handlers, which means the script doesn't have to run constantly to check for scroll wheel movement and will respond quicker when the scroll wheel is actually used.

The mouse scroll wheel will also be disabled whenever the player has their weapon drawn to disable the POV change/camera zooming, which would interfere with the weapon scrolling. The mouse wheel will be enabled instantly in all menus, and will be re-enabled 5 seconds after your weapon is holstered. The 5 second delay is to stop the mouse wheel being re-enabled temporarily whilst scrolling through your hotkeyed weapons.

This mod is also automatically compatible with the Loot Menu feature from Just Mods Assorted, Just Loot Menu or Loot Menu for FNV and with the JIP Companions Command & Control interface.
Quicksilver500, for their original mod scripts.
None as of v2.0.
Any assets in my mods that are made by me can be considered modders resources, so long as I am credited in some way and that the assets are not being sold/used for income in any way. Any other assets will require you to check the permissions of the respective mods.