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An updated version of Quicksilver500's great Simple Hotkeyed Weapon Scrolling mod.

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This mod does exactly what the name would suggest. It allows you to scroll through your hotkeyed weapons via the mouse scroll wheel in sequence, either up or down, so long as you have one of your hotkeyed weapons drawn and are not aiming down your sights.

This mod differs from the original so that now the weapon scrolling script is called via JIP LN event handlers, which means the script doesn't have to run constantly to check for scroll wheel movement and will respond quicker when the scroll wheel is actually used.

The mod has been rewritten as of version 4, as the hotkey scrolling feature in lStewieAl's tweaks doesn't function exactly as I would like it, and also to be as lightweight as possible. The hotkey scrolling in lStewieAl's tweaks still allows scrolling while aiming and holstered, and doesn't detect the JIP CCC menu.

To achieve this, the mod should be used alongside lStewieAl's tweaks with certain settings from that mod enabled to handle unwanted POV changes caused by the scroll wheel, but with the hotkey scrolling feature disabled so that it can be handled by this mod. You should enable both 'bNoScrollwheelPOVChange' and 'bOnlyChangeCameraHeightIfPOVKeyHeld', and disable 'bMousewheelScrollsWeaponHotkeys', in lStewieAl's tweaks ini file. An update file is available that will enable these settings without the need to edit your lStewieAl's tweaks ini file.

These settings are required for the mod to function as intended as scroll wheel enabling/disabling will not be added to this mod.

This mod is compatible with the Loot Menu feature from Just Mods Assorted and with the JIP Companions Command & Control interface. The restored 2 hotkey from Stewie Tweaks now works automatically. The mod now works with Stewie Tweaks' weapon requirements matter and will now skip hotkeyed weapons you do not meet the requirements for instead of stopping the loop.