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A few presets for those who don't have the time or energy to manually configure LstewieAL's tweaks to their liking.

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LStewieAL's tweaks is (IMHO) the best mod for Fallout: New Vegas and deserves a spot in everyone's load order. The only downside is the fact you need to go into the mods generated ini file to configure it to your liking. This may not seem like that big of a deal, but there's over 300 different options to look through, Which is intimidating for beginners. On the plus side, it just goes to show just how impressive the mod is.

Now there is a way to bypass this tedious task, and that is to download and use presets which other authors have uploaded. Such as AVeryUncreativeUsername, MisterFlames & KaptainCnucklz. But with recent Nexus changes making authors take down their files, I needed something to reference in my How to mod FNV playlist that wouldn't be taken down.

So here's my crack at it!

I've uploaded 3 different versions, only use one!

General improvements - Aims to improve the FNV experience without affecting the original games balance.
Balance out the window - Aims to elevate FNV to a more modern experience without care of the original games balance.
Hardcore/Masochistic - Aims to make the game more challenging and tedious for those who like that sort of thing.

Balance out the window Includes everything from the General Improvements file and adds additional tweaks that make the game both easier and harder.
Hardcore/Masochistic Includes everything from both General Improvements and Balance out the window and adds additional tweaks that make the game harder.

Personally i recommend the Balance out the window file.

Here's what each file does. (Each file including everything that's above it.)
1st File - General Improvements.

2nd File - Balance out the window.

3rd File - Hardcore/Masochistic

Remember you can always go into these files and disable/enable any setting to your liking.

How to install? Well first you need LStewieAl's Tweaks installed. Then...

If you install mods manually then
Replace the ini file located in "Fallout New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\nvse_stewie_tweaks.ini" with the one from the 7zip file you downloaded from here.

If you install with MO2 
Then you can install it as it's own file and load it below the main LstewieAL's Tweaks mod on the left pane.
Or you can merge it with the main mod (Which will overwrite the original ini file).

If you need a video guide check out the video below!