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Makes the Minigun fun to use.

Permissions and credits

  • Covers all animations related to the Minigun.
  • Supports TTW.
  • Includes downloadable .blend files so you can edit the animations yourself, if you have the know-how.
  • Gameplay friendly (mostly--see below).
  • Super lazy jam animation that covers your entire screen.
    • I may redo this at some point--it's not very good.
  • Includes full locomotion set, based off of Hit - Locomotion.
    • All credit for the locomotion obviously goes to hitman47101.
  • Includes optional file without locomotion.
    • Please note that I had to rename certain jump files and sneak files in order to get a full locomotion set; the locomotion set you choose to use may also need its files renamed accordingly. However, other locomotion sets should largely work.



  • Out-of-the-box compatibility with any mod that does not specifically use kNVSE to edit the Minigun.
  • Does not overwrite vanilla animations, allowing you to safely switch back.
  • No plugin. Safe to install/uninstall mid-game.

  • If you enjoy this mod in any capacity, please do consider endorsing it.

  • If you wish to support me and my animating habits further, donations or Patreon support are very helpful. My job is contract-based, and I will be absent work in the summer; any additional income not only helps me get by, but allows me to justify  more time animating. Small, one-time donations are especially helpful.

I always hated the vanilla Minigun animations, way back from when I first played Fallout 3 in 2008. This big, heavy piece of machinery that looks like it should help you grind enemies to a pulp had some of the weakest, most weightless animations in the entire game, complete with you hoisted the gun up on your shoulder, and a weirdly erect idle.

That's all gone now. The idle is replaced with one that helps you appreciate the bulk of the gun more and, with the help of hitman's locomotion animations, the gun should feel properly weighty. I mad an effort to thread the needle with the reload, and create the illusion that you're looking down at the gun when reloading (you are, but not very far, so that way you can still see what's happening in front of you). The attack animation has also been replaced with something considerably more aggressive.

As for timings: the reload and jam are longer than vanilla. I forgot how much longer, but the gun has something like 300 rounds anyways, so you really shouldn't be reloading until your enemies are dead, anyways.