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Adds a functional reputation system to Fallout 3 alike New Vegas.

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TTW Reputations

This mod does what it says on the tin, it adds the reputation system from Fallout New Vegas into Fallout 3 via TTW. This has been integrated as well as it can be done, with actions that you take within a faction improving/worsening your reputation with them, NPC's will react to this through dialogue, barter/repair prices and the rewards that they give you.

The following factions use reputation:

Big Town
Canterbury Commons
Little Lamplight
Paradise Falls
Rivet City
Tenpenny Tower


To install this mod, you can either install it using a mod manager of your choice, or you can manually install it yourself by placing the ESM in your New Vegas data directory. To remove it, just remove it using the aforementioned methods.

Compatibility/Load order

This mod should be compatible with most other mods, however, mods that edit dialogue may overwrite this mods changes, therefore, it is good practice to check FNVEdit to resolve these.

Disclaimers and other general notes

- This mod should only be installed on a new game or one that has not done many faction quests, as it does not work retroactively and won't take your actions into account before installing it.

- The reputation icons are not my creation, they are already present within TTW and can be freely used for this purpose.

- This mod contains no UDR's or ITM's, making it safe to use.

- The mod has been built off of TTW 3.2.2, making it fine to use with the latest TTW versions.