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Massive update to classic style heavy power armor mod that adds lots of new content, new features, optimizations, and native TTW support.

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Notable Updates:

2.0.40: New jumping, landing, and minigun sprinting animations
2.0.35: Movement sounds added, options can be accessed on the Customizations tab
2.0.35: Armor effects code rewritten, updating from lower versions requires unequipping power armor first
2.0.30: INI support added
2.0.30: Mesh improvements
2.0.22: Armed To The Teeth - Redux Patch
2.0.20: Pipboy Integration support for custom Pipboy menu hotkeys mapped in lStewieAl's Tweaks, requires SUP NVSE
2.0.10: Added mod option for picking minigun firing animations
2.0.10: Removed dependency on ShowOff NVSE

"You are out of uniform, soldier! Where is your power armor?"

Well, here it is.

Titans of the New West was a power armor mod that seeks to bring back the classic style of aesthetics, in an attempt to make the power armors of New Vegas heavier, bulkier, and more imposing, with proper power armor proportions. At the time I made the original mod, it was provided as it is, which left in quite many placeholder changes and to a degree proof of concepts. Intrusive but necessary methods were used to achieve some of the results envisioned, and it sadly introduced a plethora of issues, mainly general incompatibility and instability.

Fortunately, over the past 2 plus years since the initial release date of Titans 1.0, the modding development of NV has experienced almost to the point of a renaissance, evolving leaps and bounds. And with the release of latest script extenders, many features that were previously thought of as impossible, deemed too intrusive to implement, and cut content can now all be smoothly implemented in the mod. Today, I'm happy to release the massive 2.0 update to Titans of The New West, in celebration of New Vegas's 12th year anniversary.

Classic Style Power Armors: All power armors are redesigned to look closer to the towering walls of wasteland metal they were in the classic games. Previously redesigned power armors have been improved upon with better meshes, textures, rigging, and bug fixes. Helmet proportions have also been adjusted to be more aesthetic, less extreme, and to have a more consistent feel in level of detail between armor and helmet.

Titans of The Two Wastelands: Native TTW support with auto detection and activation, no extra ESP plugins nor extra step needed, just plug and play. Full coverage of all base Fallout 3 + DLC and additional TTW content, with all armors redesigned and corresponding armored gloves with color matched textures included.

Mod Friendly: Titans is 100% implemented through scripting non-destructively with zero direct changes to any existing base records. In addition, the code has been entirely rewritten from ground up with high compatibility and stability in mind, with many patches built in. The new modular script structure eliminates the need to patch for many mods, and allows for simple and easy ESPless patching for many of its features.

Procedural Skeleton: Unlike the old version of Titans that relied on a modified character skeleton file to fully function, Titans 2.0 has no such dependency. Its skeleton is now procedually generated upon game launch, allowing it to maintain full compatibility alongside ANY skeleton. Moreover, all of its nodes previously known to cause instability are obsolete and have now been removed.

Improved True Scaling: True power armor scaling scales character size when wearing power armor without head and gun being affected. The old ham-fisted method of forcing a special idle animation to play has been replaced by a new modern, optimized solution, powered by a combination of kNVSE and scripted animations.

Pip-Boy Integration: An All-In-One Pip-Boy package for Titan power armors that integrates Pip-Boy into the power armor bracer plus a power armor only Pip-Boy Glove remover, eliminating the need for any external Pip-Boy mod.

In-Game Customizations: Features that were previously hard scripted into the ESP plugin like Backpack Remover can now be toggled on and off at any time during gameplay through the new Titans tab under Mod Configuration Menu, along with a host of other additional new settings.

Power Armor Animations: A set of wide stance power armor idle and run/walk animations that is confident and heroic. It also has the power armor version of Smooth Backward Running built in.

Power Armor Sprint: A slow and heavy power armor sprint animation replacer for Just Vanilla Sprint (or Just Assorted Mods), reminiscent of the sprite animation in the classic Fallout games.

Power Armor Movement Sounds: A new set of custom power armor footsteps, jumping, and landing sound effects, with a non-hydraulic version for salvaged power armors. There are three different landing sound effects that can play depending on the height of the fall, from a satisfying, crunchy stomp on a regular jump, to an earth shattering thud when landed from great height. (New in 2.0.35)

Fitted H2H Weapons: A new H2H fitting system that fits H2H weapons to the new power armors. Fitted weapons include all mechanical fists and all variants of Deathclaw Gauntlets, Mantis Gauntlets, Yao Guai Gauntlets, and Bladed Gauntlets.

Patented Enclave Engineering: Gives all Enclave power armors a consistent, unmistakably Enclave armor design, drawing inspiration from Fallout 2.

NCR Heavy Battalion: A set of painted textures for NCR Salvaged Power Armor and Helmet with a color scheme that displays NCR allegiance unappologically and proudly distinguishes itself from the standard non-faction/Brotherhood of Steel T45d armor.

Vanilla Friendly: All of the content is calibrated for vanilla game. Meshes have a similar level of detail as the original models, and textures are of the same resolution as default textures. Quality wise, nothing will stick out like a sour thumb or cause any odd performance hit.

Extra Content: Includes an alternate minigun idle animation, matched world objects for all armors, and unique display models for the Enclave Advanced Power Armors in Remnants Bunker, and the Winterized T51b Armors in the Anchorage Outpost and US Headquarters.

Full List of Armor Changes:
  • Remnants Power Armor: Improved mesh (collar area, pauldron, and legs), improved rigging in the chest piece, improved body and helmet textures (back seam, shading of knees, cleaned up all the blood on armor and helmet), armor plates added to gloves, bug fixes (fixed the long standing bug of messed up body parts in VATS targeting)
  • Remnants Tesla/Gannon Armor: ^
  • TTW Advanced Power/Tesla Armor: ^ + new black armor textures with back seams cleaned up
  • Enclave Power Armor: Fully redesigned armor and helmet, armor rerigged, armored gloves with color matched textures added, seams on the bracers cleaned up
  • Enclave Tesla Armor: ^ + cleaned textures of the rusty red dirt
  • Enclave Hellfire Armor: Fully redesigned armor and helmet, armor rerigged
  • T-51b Power Armor: Improved mesh, improved rigging in the knees and feet, improved color matching in glove textures
  • T-51b Variants: ^ + corresponding color matched glove textures
  • T-45d Power Armor: Redesigned armor and helmet, improved color matching in glove textures
  • T-45d Variants: ^ + corresponding color matched glove textures
  • NCR Salvaged Power Armor: Redesigned armor and helmet, togglable unique NCR paint scheme textures
  • Scorched Sierra Power Armor: Redesigned armor and helmet, togglable taxidermied bear


Updating From Version 1.x: Treat 2.0 as a new mod. Don't merge 2.0 over 1.x of Titans. Uninstall any previous 1.x version and do a fresh installation of 2.0.

Updating From Version 2.x: Don't merge over previous 2.x versions, so delete previous version then install. If updating from versions below 2.0.35, make sure to unequip power armor and save first before updating or stat glitches will almost guarantee to occur.

Load Order
: As with all graphical mods, keep it very low on your mod list. Load mods that affect power armor meshes/animations before Titans to prevent meshes/animations in Titans from being overwritten (Like Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - YUP for example); Load power armor retextures after Titans to overwrite the textures.

Which ESP to Use: The mod contains 3 ESP plugins:
  • Titans of The New West.esp
  • Titans of The New West - Power Armor Sprint JAM.esp
  • Titans of The New West - Power Armor Sprint JVS.esp

Enable the main esp. Then if you have Just Vanilla Sprint installed and wish to use the the sprint animation addon, enable the Titans PAS JVS esp and disable the Titans PAS JAM esp. If Just Assorted Mods is installed, enable the Titans PAS JAM esp and disable the Titans PAS JVS esp. Disable both if you don't want to use the addon at all.

Tales of Two Wastelands: Fully Compatible
Auto detection and activation, no extra steps required.

Diagonal Movement: Fully Compatible
No patch needed.

360 Movement: Fully Compatible
Patched Titans power armor animations built in, auto activation.

Armed to the Teeth - Redux: Fully Compatible
Auto detection and activation with no extra ESP plugin. Requires ATTT Compatibility Files under Optional Files to activate and function. To use the compatibility files, make sure they are overwriting the loose files in ATTT, so install them by either merging into Titans (or ATTT but not recommended), or as a separate mod to be loaded after ATTT. It is recommended to install them as a separate mod for keeping everything clean and easy to update. The load order between ATTT and Titans does not matter. (New in 2.0.22)

Universal Pip-Boy Customization: Fully Compatible
Not required but recommended if you want to hide Pip-Boy and/or glove when not wearing power armor. See below for more details on possible issues.

No PipBoy in Power Armor: Fully Compatible
Great mod to use if you don't want to use integrated Pip-Boy. Note that Pip-Boy integration will not work at all if you have this mod activated, so choose one or the other. See below for more details on possible issues.

Note that using UPBC or NPIPA may cause some odd desync issues particularly when using a minigun type weapon, where the weapon will reequip itself and reset the ammo type every time you enter and leave the Pipboy menu. These problems have nothing to do with Titans and are just limitations of those mods (or engine itself). You can prevent minigun ammo from switching back to default by enabling the bRememberWeaponAmmos setting in lStewieAl's Tweaks, but note that the weapon will still reequip itself every time. One way to completely avoid these issues is to instead use YAPR - Yet Another Pipboy Remover, but the downside is it will hide Pipboy indiscriminately across all armors and it cannot be disabled during gameplay.

Modded Pip-Boys: Fully Compatible
Built in support for wrist-bound 2500 and 2000 MKVI models.

Just Vanilla Sprint / Just Assorted Mods: Fully Compatible
Jump animation patched.

Texture Mods: Fully Compatible / Compatible
Any texture mod that only replaces texture files are fully compatible; Any texture mod that replaces the models and/or changes the default file paths of power armors will need a patch.

Modded Power Armors: Compatible
Patch is needed for full functionality, also some form of a Pip-Boy remover is required since at this point, none of them support Pip-Boy Integration, and they probably won't look right with Pip-Boy equipped. (See Webb's Titans of The New West Patch Emporium for patching specific armors and just mods in general. We are working together so patches are not only available right now on day one, but also ESPless)

Character Scaling Affecting Damage: Character scale affects damage multiplicatively, which means one can deal up to a whooping 14% more damage when wearing a Remnants Power Armor. So while not a hard requirement, it is highly recommended to use lStewieAl's Tweaks alongside Titans (Even if you don't use it at all, lStewieAl's Tweaks is excellent engine addon and is helpful to just about anyone) and turn on the following two settings to remove the unintended damage boost:
  • bCharacterMeleeDamageIgnoresScale
  • bCharacterNonMeleeDamageIgnoresScale

Speed Penalty Effect On Armors
: Increasing character size also increases movement speed. The speed penalty displayed on armor effects in the inventory the effects tab under character stats is merely there to offset the extra movement speed gained from increased size, and is not a real penalty.

Save Baked Variables: Two things come to mind..
  1. Character/object scaling is save baked. In addition to characters, entering Remnants Bunker will also trigger an event to scale up the display power armors and stasis pods, in order to make things look correct. Reason for not baking the increased scale (as opposed to the Anchorage models) into the meshes themselves is because the stasis pods are reused throughout the game, so changing the models of the pods will definitely cause unintended visual problems. Should you uninstall the mod, you'll have to manually reset the scale of your character and/or NPCs that wear power armor (or by unequipping armors before uninstallation) and possibly the scaled objects in the bunker with console commands.
  2. Pip-Boy Glove remover is save baked. Titans will only unequip the glove if the mod option is enabled. Unequipping the power armor will reequip the glove. On a side note, if you are using Universal Pip-Boy Customization, you can let that mod handle hiding the glove. Bear in mind that then it would be hidden across all armors, whereas the module in Titans only affects power armors.

New Vegas or TTW?: Current version of Titans will process ALL armors in the base game, including unused/cut armors left in the New Vegas code, so armors such as Enclave Power Armor, Tesla Armor, Robo-Thor, Prototype Medic Power Armor, etc, will all be implemented in the mod without the TTW module. Thus if you are running New Vegas specific mods that use/integrate these leftover armors, just loading Titans without any patch will be fine. Although, if that particular mod contains new power armors as well, you will still need a patch to add them into Titans.

Compatibility Skeleton: To put it simply, it doesn't matter what skeleton you use with Titans 2.0, be it Vanilla, B42, old Titans, Ragdolls, Compatibility, or something you've just made yourself, it'll work regardless.

Compatibility Files: Reason for not including the files in the Titans mod itself is because they follow a different set of permission rules. I've said before that everything I upload is 100% open and everybody is more than welcomed to do anything they want, but that doesn't apply to compatibility files, nor can I grant permission by proxy. If you wish to do anything to the ATTT Compatibility Files in particular, you should first look into the permission rules written by Quicksilver500 and/or contact the person to get what the parameters are. The files in ATTT Compatibility Files are modified animations of ones in ATTT, which are in turn modified animations of the original game.

Patches: See Webb's Titans of The New West Patch Emporium for patching specific armors and just mods in general. It has also come to my attention NeonNito has some up to date patches as well.

Modding: For anything related to modding and patching, see articles for details.

  • Pip-Boy Integration only works on player. There is no plan to extend this feature to NPCs.
  • While fitted, some of the mechanical H2H weapons will still experience some amount of clipping on certain armors, but this is as far as I can take it without replacing the weapon models themselves.
  • Some H2H weapons are not fitted, mainly the lower tier weapons like brass knuckles and whatnot. The priority to make these weapons fit is very low, because I'm sure just about everybody, myself included, would rather have me spend the time on fixing actual bugs or working on new animations, models, and new features.
  • Character scaling does not account for non-standard values, with the exception of Arcade Gannon.
  • Jump height offsetting goes by the default value of 64.

  • Arkaan and Smiling Killer for the original model and texture of T51b Power Armor gloves.
  • Special shoutout and thank you to WebbProductions2020 for helping me out with TTW, playtesting the mod, and countless of other things.

Donations here are more than appreciated.