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Aim down sights without the camera snapping to place. Engine plugin, no esps or animation files - compatible with all animation mods.

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In vanilla the first person iron sights camera snaps into place when aiming with True Iron Sights enabled, this looks quite jarring and you lose out on the detail in the animations. This mod smoothly blends the camera position to the iron sights node instead of the snapping when aiming in/out. The effect is particularly noticeable with weapon FOV disabled. 

Engine plugin, compatible with all animation mods and does not require an esp/load order.

Before/After Demos

Use Mod Organizer 2/Nexus Mod Manager/FOMM, or manually extract the .zip file into your Fallout New Vegas 'Data' folder and install lStewieAl's Tweaks.
Enable 'bSmoothIronsightsCameraTransition' in the Pause->Settings->Tweaks menu. Won’t show in load order as there is no esp.

Disable 'bSmoothIronsightsCameraTransition' in the Pause->Settings->Tweaks menu.

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See lStewieAl's Tweaks' code.

hitman47101 for helping me understand animations, testing the mod and recording the video.
tgspy video editing.

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