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Replaces vanilla text barter and container categories with icons.

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Currently, this is a work in progress (WIP), so be aware of potential bugs. However, it is safe to install or uninstall mid-game. It's just an xNVSE script and touches a small part of the UI layout. I have some ideas and plans for this in the future.

Install with any mod manager. It works only with required lStewieAI tweaks above or you'll face bugs.

I'm targeting maximum compatibility. This mod doesn't replace whole menus; instead, it replaces only the categories block of the barter/container menu. Therefore, it should be compatible with anything that doesn't change this section of the barter/container menu. I would appreciate any feedback.

Tested with:
  • Vanilla UI Plus
  • Vanilla UI Extension (not as good as vanilla because lines are too straight and it looks little out of place (see image), but it works)
  • M.U.X. Series - Interface Overhaul (shouldn't be any issues at all, because M.U.X. doesn't change barter/container menus)
  • Main And Pause Menus Overhaul (same as above).
  • Colorful Inventory Ycons
  • WASD Menu Controls
Maybe I'll manage to do:
  • Asynchronous category switching.
  • Custom icons support.
  • Mouse wheel support.
  • Config for customization.