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Adds readable books to New Vegas using lStewieAl's Book Menu Restored. Currently includes over 275 books!

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Adds readable books to New Vegas using lStewieAl’s Book Menu Restored.
I should note that this mod doesn’t add the entire book, just sections and chapters.

These books are in the public domain and were found using Project Gutenberg.

This mod comes with a FOMOD installer (made using the FOMOD Creation Tool by Wenderer).

During installation you will have two optional settings:
+Replacer Plugin:
Using both dynamic scripts and hard edits to leveled lists, vanillla “Pre-War Books” are replaced by a random readable book from New Vegas Library Project.
The Scripting used in this plugin is somewhat experimental so keep that in mind if you choose to use it.

+Wonderglue Requirement:
By default, to convert a Vanilla “PreWar Book” into one that can be read and vice versa, simple “Shift-Left Click” on it in your pipboy.

This setting adds a requirement of 1 Wonderglue to convert books back and forth.

This mod should be compatible with any other mod, and if you use the Replacer Plugin, books placed by other mods will be converted into readable books.

==Future Plans==
 I’ll probably continue to add books to this mod when I have the chance.  If there are books you'd like to recommend, please let me know.

One thing that would be neat to add would be some books written by ingame factions (i.e. a scientific journal published by the Followers of the Apocalypse, a NCR Troopers journal, poetry by the Legate Lanius etc. etc.). If this sounds like something you might be interested in, feel free to send me your writings and I’d be happy to look into includeing it the mod.

==Books Included So Far==

Beyond Good and Evil
Dracula's Guest
Bolshevism: A Curse and Danger to The Workers
Doctor And Patient
An Englishwoman in Utah
Eight Million Dollars from Mars!
Ben Blair
Cowboy Life on The Sidetrack
Crooked Trails
And All the Girls Were Nude
Atom Mystery
Atoms In Agriculture
Careers In Atomic Energy
Henry Horn's X-Ray Glasses
Fantastic Fables
Frye's Practical Candy Maker
Flowers Of the Southwest Deserts
Jemina, The Mountain Girl
Flames Of the Storm
Her Prairie Knight
Langford Of the Three Bars
Left On the Prairie
Jack The Young Cowboy
In Time of Emergency
Health Service Support in A Nuclear, Biological, And Chemical Environment
Guide To the Canyon Area
Love Among The Robots
On Everything
One of Cleopatra's Nights
My Disillusionment in Russia
Preventable Diseases
Proclamation Of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ, Of Latter-Day Saints.
Our Atomic World
Never Gut-Shoot A Wampus
Let Space Be Your Coffin
"O Russet Witch!"
Mr. Icky
Moonlights And Robots
One Mountain Lion
McBride's Dandy
Our Nuclear Future
Robots of the World! Arise!
Red Dusk and The Morrow
Sinners And Saints
Stellar Vengeance
The Book of Dragons
Ted Strong's Motor Car
The Broncho Rider Boys Along the Border
Short Creek Dave
Slim Evans and His Horse Lightning
The Border Boys with The Mexican Rangers
Seventy Years on The Frontier
The Adventures of Buffalo Bill
Revolt Of The Brains
Radioisotopes In Medicine
The Last Days of L.A.
The Homesteader
A Critical Examination of Socialism
The History of The American Expedition Fighting the Bolsheviki
"The Greatest Failure in All History"
The Giant Hands
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Camel's Back
The Diamond as Big as The Ritz
Armageddon, 1970
The Electric Man
The Life and Adventures of Nat Love
The Devil's Dooryard
The Broncho Rider Boys on The Wyoming Trail
The Flying-U's Last Stand
The Legends of King Arthur and His Knights
The Miserly Robot
The Moon and Sixpence
The Thirty-Nine Steps
The Sinister Invasion
The World of Flying Saucers
The Life of John Taylor
The Swiss Family Robinson
The Romance of The Colorado River
Adventures In the Canyons of The Colorado
The Voyage of Vanishing Men
The Western Cowboy and Arabians in The Rockies
The Texican
The Red Mustang
The Ramblin' Kid
The Mysterious Box
The Life of the Grasshopper
Thus Spake Zarathustra
Why I am Opposed to Socialism
Three Spacemen Left to Die
Alec Lloyd, Cowpuncher
Wonder Tales from Many Lands: The Baba Yaga
Wonder Tales from Many Lands: Mudjee Monedo
Wonder Tales from Many Lands: Rabbit’s Eyes
Wonder Tales from Many Lands: Long, Broad, And Sharpsight
Wonder Tales from Many Lands: The Dwarf with The Golden Beard
Wonder Tales from Many Lands: Tamlane
Wonder Tales from Many Lands: Dapplegrim
Wonder Tales from Many Lands: The Crow Peri
Wonder Tales from Many Lands: Princess Rosetta
The World Set Free
Time Enough at Last
Wonder Tales from Many Lands: The Four Wishes
Zion National Park
An Autobiography of Buffalo Bill
Wonder Tales from Many Lands: The King of The Buffaloes
Wonder Tales from Many Lands: The Farmer and The Pixy
Wonder Tales from Many Lands: The Great White Bear and The Trolls
Wonder Tales from Many Lands: The Story of The Three Billy Goat Gruffs
Wonder Tales from Many Lands: The Stones of Plouvinec
Wonder Tales from Many Lands: The Jackal and The Alligator
Wonder Tales from Many Lands: The Fish Prince
Wonder Tales from Many Lands: The Magic Rice Kettle
Wonder Tales from Many Lands: Why the Animals No Longer Fear the Sheep
Worldwide Effects of Nuclear War
Worlds Within Worlds: Volume 1
Worlds Within Worlds: Volume 2
Worlds Within Worlds: Volume 3
Things To Make
The Story of Leather
The Human Side of Animals
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
On Horsemanship
Introduction To the Compleat Angler
Gunpowder and Ammunition
Bookbinding, And the Care of Books
Black Jack
Astronomy for Amateurs
Violins And Violin Makers
The Story of Doctor Dolittle
The Red Conspiracy
The Little Red Hen
The Life of The Bee
The Jungle
Foods That Will Win the War and How to Cook Them
Don Quixote
Black Beauty
A Treatise on Hat-Making and Felting
A Dissertation Upon Roast Pig
The Mystery and Romance of Alchemy and Pharmacy
The Adventures of Prickly Porky
Manhood Perfectly Restored
Machine-Gun Tactics
Hunting Dogs
Guy Fawkes
Field Book of Western Wild Flowers
Essays In Pastoral Medicine
Curious Facts in The History of Insects
Birds And Man
The Son of The Wolf
The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
The Man in The Iron Mask
The Jungle Book
The Blue Lagoon
The Adventures of Peter Cottontail
The Adventures of Buster Bear
Tarzan Of the Apes
Slaves To the Metal Horde
Billy Whiskers Out for Fun
A Passion in The Desert
The Social Contract and Discourses
The Science of Getting Rich
The Prince
The Palmer Method of Business Writing
The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
The Incredible Aliens
The Gallic Wars
The Count of Monte Cristo
The Call of The Wild
Marty The Martian
Don't Panic!
Around The World in Eighty Days
A Princess of Mars
A Journey to The Centre of The Earth
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
The Island of Doctor Moreau
The Gilded Age
The Dunwich Horror
Species And Varieties
On War
Lincoln's First Inaugural Address
Europe Since 1918
Common Sense
What I Saw in America
The Star-Spangled Banner
The Queen of Spades
The Gambler
The Art of Money Getting
Paul Revere's Ride
One Thousand Ways to Make Money
O Captain! My Captain!
A Gamble with Life
Working With the Hands
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
The First Book of Farming
The Boy Scouts Book of Stories
Rolling Stones
Letters From an American Farmer
Domestic Animals
A Texas Cow Boy
Arizona Nights
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: A Case of Identity
A Christmas Carol
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
A Deal in Wheat and Other Short Stories of the New West
Alice in Wonderland
A Lonely Ride
A Man of No Account
A Modest Proposal
An Episode of Fiddletown
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Red-Headed League
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: A Scandal in Bohemia
A Short History of the World
Smoke Bellew
A Tale of Two Cities
A Texas Ranger
To Build a Fire
A Yellow Dog
The Bible: John
The Bible: Revelations
Farming with Dynamite
History of the Fall and Decline of the Roman Empire
Lonesome Land
My First Summer in the Sierra
Mysterious Rider
Myths and Legends of California and the Old Southwes
Old Mines of Southern California
Paradise Lost
Pride and Prejudice
Riders of the Purple Saga
The Rustlers of Pecos County
Six Years with the Texas Rangers
Studies in the Hegelian Dialectic
The ABC of Mining
The Adventures of Ulysses the Wanderer
The Call of the Canyon
The Genetic Effects of Radiation
The Great Gatsby
The Invisible Man
The Land of Little Rain
The Log of a Cowboy
The Lone Star Ranger
The Luck of Roaring Camp
The Metamorphosis
The Mountains of California
The Mysterious Affair at Styles
The Mystery of the Yellow Room
The Picture of Dorian Gray
The Right Eye of the Commander
The Sack of Monte Carlo
The Scandalized Martians
The Scarlet Letter
The Seventh Man
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
The Three Musketeers
The Time Machine
The Tragedy of Julius Caesar
The Virginian
The White Heart of Mojave
The Yellow Wallpaper
The War of the Worlds
Way of the Lawless
Lyric Sheets (books containing the lyrics of various songs)
Memoirs of a Vault Dweller (from the Fallout 2 manual)
Big Iron (side note about this book. unlike the others in this list, it was published  relatively recently. I found it while reading the Big Iron Wikipedia  page. It’s a novelization of the song by Jim Varnado and the first  chapter was available for free on the author’s website.The Book’s amazon page states its out of print and the website is currently only  accessible by the wayback machine.  I figured I just had to include the chapter so hopefully Mr. Varnado doesn’t mind.)

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