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Various Compatibility Patches for Unique Landscapes and the many mods which conflict.

Permissions and credits
On this page you can find all of my compatibility patches for Unique Landscapes, as well as some patches made by Arthmoor, Chaky, David Brasher, mhahn123, Thomas Kaira, WalkerInShadows and others. Also I provide some links to other UL patches available elsewhere.

Links to the Unique Landscapes mods themselves:
Ancient Yews | Arrius Creek | Aspen Wood | Beaches of Cyrodiil: The Lost Coast | Blackwood Forest | Bravil Barrowfields | Brena River Ravine | Cheydinhal Falls | Chorrol Hinterland | Cliffs of Anvil | Cloudtop Mountains | Colovian Highlands | Corbolo River | Entius Gorge | Fallenleaf Everglade | Imperial Isle | Jerall Glacier | Panther River | River Ethe | Rolling Hills: Roland Jenseric's Farm | Silverfish River Valley | Skingrad Outskirts | Snowdale | Stendarr Valley | The Dark Forest | The Eastern Peaks | The Great Forest: Ancient Redwoods | Lush Woodlands | The Heath

The Unique Landscapes Compilation contains all the mods in a single download, including an option to install a single merged ESP.

Note that you still need to download the original mods separately to use these patches, the links provided below will take you to the original mods. If there is no link, then I'm afraid I don't know where the mod can be downloaded from. If a link is dead, please let me know so that I can either correct it or remove it.

Patches found in the "Updates" section of the Files tab are not presently in the Wrye Bash BAIN compilation package. They will be added to the compilation at some point in the future.

A French translation of this patch compilation is available on La Confrérie des Traducteurs, maintained by A .

Patches for the following conflicts are available on this very page (in alphabetical order):

The Abandoned Village of Lily - Ancient Yews with Arrius Creek and the AY/AC linking patch
Against the Zealots of The Nine - Jerall Glacier
Akaviri Stronghold - The Lost Coast
Alt Start Town Lindum - Chorrol Hinterlands and Lush Woodlands
Amen'thalas Well House - Arrius Creek
An-Arane Cey - Lost Sword of the Ayleids - Arrius Creek
The Ancient Dwemer Ruins - Jerall Glacier
Atahnoral - The Eastern Peaks
The Ancient Source - Chorrol Hinterland
Ancient Towers - The Eastern Peaks
Apachii Heroes Store - Snowdale
Arcane Rising - The Lost Coast
Arren - Entius Gorge
Ayleid Ruins Expanded - Jerall Glacier
Bandit Hideouts - Silverfish River Valley
Belda Elysium Manor - Rolling Hills
Berg Des Krieger - Cloudtop Mountains
Better Cities v6.0.0+ - Bravil Barrowfields, Cheydinhal Falls, Panther River, Skingrad Outskirts and Snowdale
Better Daedric Shrines - Ancient Yews & River Ethe
Beyond Cyrodiil: Camps - Brena River Ravine
Billsburg - Cloudtop Mountains & Colovian Highlands
The Black Cat Jewelry Store Daedric Statues - Skingrad Outskirts
BlackMarsh Hall v1.3 - River Ethe
Blackrock Mountain - Jerall Glacier
Blackscar Citadel - Aspen Wood
The Blackwood Company - The Eastern Peaks
Blood & Mud - Bravil Barrowfields (also works for Open Cities Bravil Blood & Mud), Cheydinhal Falls and Panther River
Bravil Bridge Cottage - Bravil Barrowfields
Bravil Docks - Bravil Barrowfields
Brena Valley Creek: Small LopEars Village - Brena River Ravine
Brew House v1.5 - The Lost Coast
CDM-Necromancy - Rolling Hills
Cardac - Aspen Wood
Castle Almgard v2.5 - The Lost Coast
Castle Eltz - The Eastern Peaks
Castle Seaview - The Lost Coast
Castle Seaview with The Imperial City of Sutch Reborn v8.1+ - The Lost Coast
Castle Veyond - Bravil Barrowfields
Chorrol Plateau - Chorrol Hinterland & River Ethe
Cigarettes - Rolling Hills
Colourwheel's Sexy Tavern - Imperial Isle
Country Home - Arrius Creek
County Sutch: Owl's Cove - The Lost Coast
Curse of Hircine: Resurrected - Jerall Glacier
CV - Castle Dracule - Snowdale
Cybiades - The Lost Coast
Daedric Shrine Ruins - Brena River Ravine, The Eastern Peaks
Dark Brotherhood Cemetery - Cheydinhal Falls
Dark Brotherhood Chronicles - Ancient Yews, Lush Woodlands & The Heath
Depths of the Underdark - Lush Woodlands
Dibella Temple and Willow Lake Village - Aspen Wood and Entius Gorge
Dremora Companion - Blackwood Forest
Dschinni - Arrius Creek
Duke Patrick's Combat Magic II & Duke Patrick's Incursion into Fortress Of Fear - Snowdale
Duke Patricks SCA Combat Archery - The Lost Coast
Dungeons of Ivellon - Cheydinhal Falls
Dwarves of the Mountain - Ancient Yews, Colovian Highlands and The Lost Coast
Dwemer Ruins - The Eastern Peaks
Eagle's Rest - Castle Seaview - The Lost Coast
Eastbrink Town - Silverfish River Valley
The Elder Council - Fallenleaf Everglade
Et In Arkay Ego - Aspen Wood, Bravil Barrowfields, Cheydinhal Falls, Colovian Highlands and Silverfish River Valley
Elsweyr: The Deserts of Anequina - Fallenleaf Everglade
FB Dark Crusader - Ancient Yews with Arrius Creek and the AY/AC linking patch
FF Waldnir's Woods - Ancient Redwoods
Feldscar - Snowdale
The Fight for Castle Ravenpride - Cheydinhal Falls
Fighters Guild Quests - Snowdale
Fisherman's Cottage v3 - The Lost Coast
Forgotten Tomb - The Lost Coast
Fort Ferrion - Jerall Glacier
Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items More Wilderness Life - The Heath
Frostcrag Reborn - Snowdale
Fuse's Snail Racing - Imperial Isle
Gaelendryll - Brena River Ravine
Gates to Aesgaard Episode One - Jerall Glacier
Gates to Aesgaard Episode Two - Snowdale
Gift of Kynareth - Cheydinhal Falls
Gilgaliad - Brena River Ravine (patch also available here)
Goblinwatch Keep - Cloudtop Mountains and Stendarr Valley
The Golden Arrow Archers Shop - Rolling Hills
The Golden Crest - Bravil Barrowfields, Cloudtop Mountains, Snowdale
Griffon Fortress - The Eastern Peaks
Grow Plants! - Chorrol Hinterland
Guards of Cyrodiil Redux - Silverfish River Valley
Hammerfell The Eastern Grasslands - Colovian Highlands & Lost Coast
Haunted House Quest - Ancient Yews
The Heart of the Dead - Arrius Creek
Helms Deep - Arrius Creek
Hentai Lovely House 2 - Ancient Yews
Hentai Mania 2 - Lost Coast
Hero's Retreat - Lush Woodlands
The Hesu Mod Collection - Ancient Redwoods, Arrius Creek, Blackwood Forest, Cloudtop Mountains, Jerall Glacier, Lush Woodlands, and Snowdale
Hoarfrost Castle - Lush Woodlands
House of Healing at Weye - Eastern Peaks
House on the Bluff - The Lost Coast
ImpeREAL Forts - Silverfish River Valley
The Imperial City of Sutch Reborn v8.1+ - The Lost Coast & The Heath
Imperial City Suburbs - Imperial Isle
Imperial Manor - Imperial Isle
Improved Imperial Infrastructure - Snowdale
Integration: The Stranded Light or Integration Integrated: The Stranded Light - Silverfish River Valley & The Eastern Peaks
Kragenir's Death Quest - Cliffs of Anvil, Cloudtop Mountains, The Eastern Peaks, The Lost Coast, Rolling Hills
Kvatch Aftermath - Entius Gorge
Kvatch Rebuilt - Cheydinhal Falls
Legion Occupied Forts - Silverfish River Valley
Levelers Cheat - Imperial Isle
The Lost Province of Zedar - Ancient Yews
The Lost Spires - The Dark Forest, Fallenleaf Everglade & Silverfish River Valley
Mad Mage's Tower - Cloudtop Mountains
Mannimarco Resurrection - Light and Dark - Cliffs of Anvil & The Eastern Peaks
Maple Cottage - Imperial Isle
Marshal Manor - Blackwood Forest
Martigen's Monster Mod Dungeons of MMM - Cliffs of Anvil
Millstone Farm - Ancient Yews
Mimics! - Cloudtop Mountains
MTC Bravil River Shack & Village - Bravil Barrowfields
MTC Expanded Villages - Ancient Redwoods & Snowdale
MTC Thieves Grotto v4.1 - Cliffs of Anvil, Colovian Highlands, Snowdale & The Eastern Peaks
My Island Palace - Beaches of Cyrodiil Lost Coast
Myths & Legends 2 + Update - The Eastern Peaks
Naheema Player Home - Imperial Isle
The Necromancer - Entius Gorge & Jerall Glacier
New City Bravil ENG - Bravil Barrowfields
New Haven - The Heath
Nic-V's Better Beggars - Bravil Barrowfields
Oblivion Collectible Cards - Ancient Yews, Cheydinhal Falls & Snowdale
Oblivion Jobs - Arrius Creek
Oblivion Re-Loaded (formerly named Oblivion Uncut) - Ancient Yews, Chorrol Hinterland & Entius Gorge
Oblivion War Cry New Dimension - Arrius Creek & Colovian Highlands
Oaksdale - Entius Gorge
Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul - Cliffs of Anvil, Jerall Glacier & Snowdale
Open Cities Classic - Cheydinhal Falls, Chorrol Hinterland & Skingrad Outskirts
Open Cities Reborn - Cheydinhal Falls, Blackwood Forest, Chorrol Hinterland & Skingrad Outskirts
Orden des Drachen - Jerall Glacier & Snowdale
The Order of Nibenay - Chorrol Hinterland
ORE Christmas Mod - Snowdale
Pine Lodge - Ancient Redwoods
Quelldorf - Bravil Barrowfields
RealSwords Breton - Skingrad Outskirts
Real Swords: Nord - Snowdale
Reaper's The Dark Tower v9 - Bravil Barrowfields
Reaper's Necromancer's Tower - Cliffs of Anvil
Reaper's Waterfront - Imperial Isle
Reclaiming Sancre Tor - Cheydinhal Falls, Cliffs of Anvil, Cloudtop Mountains & Skingrad Outskirts
Red Headed Gang (Quest and Girl Companion) Mod v0.8 - Cheydinhal Falls
Redcourt Castle - Ancient Yews & Rolling Hills
Region Revive - Lake Rumare - Imperial Isle
Rise of a Samurai - Snowdale
Roads of Cyrodiil - Ancient Redwoods, Imperial Isle & Skingrad Outskirts
Rustle House - Lush Woodlands
Sacryn's Shivering Store - Bravil Barrowfields
Seawatch Abode - The Lost Coast
Sentient Weapon II - Ancient Yews
Settlements of Cyrodiil - Clearwater Farms - Lush Woodlands
Settlements of Cyrodiil - Legion Outposts - Blackwood Forest
Settlements of Cyrodiil - Oranstad Township - Ancient Redwoods & Skingrad Outskirts
Settlements of Cyrodiil - Silverfish Falls - Silverfish River Valley
Shezrie's Towns - Aspen Wood & Cloudtop Mountains
Shipwreck Home (optionally) with The Imperial City of Sutch Reborn - The Lost Coast
Side's Sailing Ships - Cliffs of Anvil
Side's Sailing Ships - Valenwood Improved - Cliffs of Anvil
Skingrad Market - The Lost Coast
Skyrim for Oblivion Crafting - Chorrol Hinterland & Silverfish River Valley
Snow Line Lodge - Snowdale
Snowy Road To Bruma - Snowdale & Jerall Glacier
Spirit's Edge - Entius Gorge
SpookyHouse Shadowvale Manor - Blackwood Forest
Suliin Village - Bravil Barrowfields
Sutch Village - Lost Coast
Tales from Elsweyr Anequina - Bravil Barrowfields
Talos Bridge Gatehouse - Imperial Isle
Tamriel Landscapes - TWMP Blackmarsh - The Eastern Peaks
Tamrielic Lore - Cliffs of Anvil & Jerall Glacier
Tears of the Fiend - Cheydinhal Falls
Tel Valus: A Telvanni Tower in Cyrodiil - Eastern Peaks
The Temple of Five Lanterns - Stendarr Valley
Thieves Guild HQ - Unhealthy Competition - Bravil Barrowfields
Tollingbrook Hollow Home - Silverfish River Valley
Town of Alnwick - Aspen Wood
Treasure Maps: Captus Demus - Rolling Hills
Tree Home - Chorrol Hinterland
TWMP Black Marsh - The Eastern Peaks
TWMP Skyrim Alive - Jerall Glacier & Snowdale
TWMP Skyrim Improved - Jerall Glacier
Unholy Cathedral - Blackwood Forest
Valley View Estate - River Ethe
Villages v1.1 - Cheydinhal Falls
Villages II - Panther River, Silverfish River Valley & Snowdale
Waalx Animals & Creatures - Chorrol Hinterland & The Dark Forest
Waterlily Cottage - Ancient Yews
Weinhaus Kaiserstadt - Imperial Isle
The Well of Minlorada - Colovian Highlands & Lush Woodlands
Unofficial Oblivion Patch - Corbolo River
Weynon Priory Alive - Chorrol Hinterland
Weynon Retreat - Chorrol Hinterland
White Rose Lodge - Snowdale
Windspear Tower - Stendarr Valley
Wine Overhaul - River Ethe
Z's Skeleton Horse - Ancient Yews
Zork - Ancient Yews

Patches for the following conflicts are available elsewhere. Links are provided:

Add Some Flavor: City Gates - UL Imperial Isle: Created by CrestFallen223, available here
AFK_Weye - Arrius Creek: Created by Arthmoor, available with the main AFK_Weye download
Adense Epic Dungeon Update, Blade of the Haunted, Better Cities: Imperial Isle - UL Imperial Isle (or possibly merged ESP only?): Created by xenogearslucas, available here
Archfiend - Unique Landscapes (merged ESP only): Created by roblesstevena, available here
Better Cities Imperial City Imperial Isle - Imperial Isle: Created by Kad_Venku, available here
Better Cities - Reclaiming Sancre Tor - Roads of Cyrodiil - Unique Landscapes: Created by Marob307, available here
Better Fort Aurus - UL Silverfish River Valley: Created by mhahn123, available here
Better Fort Blueblood - UL Blackwood Forest: Created by mhahn123, available here
Better Fort Coldcorn - UL Lush Woodlands: Created by mhahn123, available here
Better Fort Rayles - UL Cloudtop Mountains: Created by mhahn123, available here
Better Fort Redwater - UL Panther River: Created by mhahn123, available here
Daedric Shrines Prodded With A Stick - Unique Landscapes: Created by xenogearslucas, available here
Dark Brotherhood Cemetery - Cheydinhal Falls: Created by mhahn123, available here
Ducks and Swans for Cyrodiil - Unique Landscapes (merged ESP only): Created by Tamira and xenogearslucas, available here
Glenmoril Covens - UL Snowdale : Created by Vrugdush, available here
Kragenir's Death Quest - Reclaiming Sancre Tor - Cliffs of Anvil: Created by mhahn123, available here
Myths and Legends Weapons 2 - The Lost Coast: Created by caillean7, available here
Oblivion Character Overhaul v2 - Chorrol Hinterland: Created by DEEJMASTER 333 & Dispensation, available here
Oblivion Re-Loaded (formerly named Oblivion Uncut) - The Eastern Peaks: Created by mhahn123, available here
Order of the Dragon - Midas Magic - Gates to Aesgaard 1 - Frostcrag Reborn - Frostcrag Village - Fort Akatosh Redux - Jerall Glacier: Created by Slangens, available here
Order of the Dragon - The Necromancer - Jerall Glacier: Created by KadVenku, available here
Qarl's Harvest - Chorrol Hinterland & The Dark Forest: Created by tegeusCromis, available here
Thieves Guild HQ - Bravil Barrowfields: Created by Shadowfen, edited version of the original Thieves Guild HQ to be more compatible with Bravil Barrowfields, though according to the description it still leaves some land tears, available here
Trails Of Cyrodiil Complete - Ancient Redwoods, Brena River Ravine, Cloudtop Mountains, Colovian Highlands, Eastern Peaks, River Ethe: Created by mhahn123. 
Verwen Brewery Replacer ESP created by mhahn123, to be used only if also using FB Dark Crusader, Ancient Yews, Arrius Creek and the Ancient Yews/Arrius Creek linking patch. If you use all of these mods then replace the Verwen Brewery ESP with mhahn123's version from here. You won't need the UL compatibility patch for FB Dark Crusader
Waalx Animals & Creatures - The Lost Coast: Created by Derridar, available here. Do not use the other patch provided for Let the People Drink and Imperial Isle, there is no conflict between these two, no patch is needed
Windmills Project Ambience - Unique Landscapes: Created by Xamie, available here.

Unrelated to Unique Landscapes, here you can find a few other compatibility patches I have created in the past.

Recent Updates/Additions
Periodically this list will be culled to keep it from getting too big. Click on the "LOGS" tab at the top of this page to view the full changelog.
28/12/2023 Version 1.0 of the patch for New City Bravil ENG and Bravil Barrowfields uploaded
04/11/2023 Version 1.0 of the patches for Skyrim for Oblivion Crafting and Chorrol Hinterland & Silverfish River Valley uploaded
24/06/2023 Version 1.0 of the patch for Ancient Dwemer Ruins, TWMP Skyrim Alive and Jerall Glacier uploaded, provided by Lena Wolf
17/06/2023 Version 1.2 of the patch for TWMP Skyrim Alive and Jerall Glacier uploaded, provided by Lena Wolf. Combined into a single archive with the v1.2 update of the Snowdale patch
14/01/2023 Version 1.0 of the patches for RealSwords Breton and Skingrad Outskirts uploaded
09/09/2022 Version 1.2 of the patch for TWMP Skyrim Alive and Snowdale uploaded, provided by Lena Wolf for her v2 release of TWMP Skyrim Alive
31/07/2022 Version 14 of the BAIN-ready Patch Compilation uploaded, adding all patches which have been uploaded here since v13 was released. Fixed some errors in the BAIN install script

Reported incompatibilities not yet looked into
Chapels of Cyrodiil - Snowdale
Frostcrag Reborn v4.0a+- Snowdale
Frostcrag Reborn v4.0a+ - Frostcrag Village - Snowdale
Landmarks of Cyrodiil - ???
Little Shops - Jerall Glacier
Road Shrines - ???
Servant of the Dawn - Arrius Creek
Settlements of Cyrodiil - Three Villages - Silverfish River Valley
Sewers for Every City - Chorrol Hinterland, Bravil Barrowfields, Cheydinhal Falls and possibly Skingrad Outskirts
Shroud Over Stalrous Manor - Snowdale
Side's Sailing Ships - TWMP Valenwood Improved - Cliffs of Anvil
Tantrivaylia - The Eastern Peaks
TWMP Hammerfell - Sutch Village - The Lost Coast
TWMP Valenwood Improved - River Ethe (conflicting mod seems to already provide a patch)
Valenwood Islands - Cliffs of Anvil (conflicting mod seems to already provide a patch)
Villages v1.1 - Corbolo River

Incompatibilities I have chosen NOT to patch
Following are any conflicting mods I have been asked to make compatible with Unique Landscapes, which I have chosen not to patch. You may have to choose one over the other.

Brewhouses of Cyrodiil - Snowdale... The conflict is so minor it isn't worth patching. One large rock within each of the two building meshes slightly sticks out through the buildings. Use the console to disable them.
Castle Arpenia - The Lost Coast... The conflict is so minor it isn't worth patching. There are a few trees which grow through the approach to the bridge crossing to the Castle. Disable them with the in-game console to resolve.
Dragonfire Trade and Transport - Snowdale... The conflict is so minor it isn't worth patching. Just a few pathgrid nodes pass under the building.
Hashshashin Armor - Cheydinhal Falls... The conflict is so minor it isn't worth patching. There is a single tree slightly overlapping with a single burnt tree from the armour mod. Disable one of them with the in-game console to resolve.
Hillsborough Estate (by Nachor and others) - The Lost Coast, The Heath, River Ethe, Ancient Redwoods, Chorrol Hinterland, probably others... Have you SEEN this mod in-game?! It's MASSIVE! I'm not even going to try to patch this, my sanity would crack. I see this mod as a complete overhaul of the west half of Cyrodiil; it redesigns Anvil, rebuilds Kvatch, adds a new city, adds some large walled-in areas, new villages, new forts, new houses in the wilderness... It actually appears to have UL River Ethe and possibly part of Chorrol Hinterland merged in. If you want to use Hillsborough Estate, you can't use any UL it overlaps with.
The Mysteries of the Dulan Cult - Cliffs of Anvil... The Dulan Cult mod is a little messy and includes some broken scripts, making it slightly risky to use in-game, thus I will not create a patch for it. However, Better Cities includes an altered copy of the Dulan Cult ESP to make it compatible with Better Cities. The BC replacer ESP for Dulan Cult is cleaned and should have all scripts fixed. Dialogue has also been spell-checked, and edits have been made to make it fully compatible with Cliffs of Anvil. So users of Better Cities can use Mysteries of the Dulan Cult with Cliffs of Anvil without suffering any conflicts.
Order of Nibenay - Snowdale... The conflict is so minor it isn't worth patching. Just a few pathgrid nodes pass under the building.
Order of the Dragon - Panther River... The conflict is so minor it isn't worth patching. One rock and one tree from Panther River overlap with a rowboat and the side of a ruined tower. Use the console to disable them.
RealSwords Breton - Skingrad Outskirts... The conflict is so minor it isn't worth patching. Two horses don't stay within the small fenced area as the pathgrids are overwritten.
Sage's Skyrim Armory - Snowdale... The conflict is so minor it isn't worth patching. One large rock within the building mesh slightly sticks out through the building. Use the console to disable it.
Trails of Cyrodiil - various... mhahn created around 30 compatibility patches for Trails of Cyrodiil and Unique Landscapes, which are still available for pre-v2 ULs however mhahn advised me not to update his patches for v2+ of Unique Landscapes as he is working on a revamp of Trails of Cyrodiil. Patching will wait until the revamp has been released.
TWMP Skyrim Improved - Snowdale... The conflict is so minor it isn't worth patching. Some steps are slightly covered by snowy ground.
Wicker Man - The Lost Coast... The conflict is so minor it isn't worth patching. There are two trees which grow close to the wicker man. Disable them with the in-game console to resolve.
Wonderful Lake - Aspen Wood... The two mods are almost the same size, and both are landscape overhaul mods. It would be pointless to try to combine the two as each is entirely different in aim. Pick one or the other.