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This is an ongoing list of mods for the most neglected races aesthetically. You can pick and choose what you like!

Permissions and credits


There are hundreds of thousands of retextures for the man and mer races (female especially) so I thought I would give the beast races a little love!  This is a list I'm composing of several beast race aesthetic mods for those who don't know where to start.  Some are very popular and you will recognize right away. Others are hidden gems that are just waiting to be discovered.  I DO NOT recommend installing every single one of them at once! This is here simply to give you something to pick and choose from. I'm not using all the mods on this list but I put them for you. 

Before your write this off as a list for furries, I just want to let you know it is not.  This guide is for everyone.  It's main purpose is to give you options to graphically overhaul beast races so they are up to par with the THOUSANDS of mods that are already out there for human and elf races. Yes, there are some adult mods on here.  I add anything beast-related pretty much and a lot of retextures include adult content.  I have marked all mods that contain adult content for those specifically not wanting to see that.  I tried to make this as friendly as possible for everyone.  :)

Important Notes:

-This is a WIP and will be updated constantly
-You are free to recommend mods.  I will start looking at other sites for links. Adult sites will be marked.
-You will have to recommend them because I do not usually look on other websites

*I will put an * next to the mods I'm using in my current playthrough.

This guide also serves as an archive of sorts to make sure that nothing is lost.  If it was a mod I've used before, most likely I will have a backup.  Sometimes things get deleted because of a problem with Nexus or a hack, like what happened to Zalunya's Catlike Khajiit for example (Which I still have).  If I don't know a specific reason why something was deleted I will keep it as an archive until I figure out what happened. I will not link them in my guide but you may PM me for a copy for personal use. PLEASE TELL ME IF THIS IS NOT ALLOWED FOR A SPECIFIC MOD FIRST INSTEAD  OF REPORTING ME! People really appreciate this guide and I don't want it taken away from any of you! Just politely pm me and the mod will no longer be shared.

Mods I currently have archived (I might have more but may not be aware they were deleted): 

- Catlike Khajiit by Zalunya
- KS Hairdo's Khajiit Based

-Make sure to read each mod's requirements before installing!!!!
-I have not installed all of these mods so I cannot tell you which ones are buggy or do not work! Make sure to always check the comments and bug section before installing!
*Only install LE mods if you know what you are doing!  With MO2 it is really easy but for other Mod Managers you will need to download them manually then add.  If there is a bsa you will probably need to extract it!  I recommend running Cathedral assets optimizer for textures and meshes in LE mods EVERY time!

How to convert LE mods:

Here is a link on instructions on how to convert plugins with the CK:

Here is a link on how to optimize LE meshes and textures with Cathedral Assets Optimizer:


*New sections as of November
- Minor Fixes and Edits

*New mods added to these sections as of January

-Multiple Followers

-Standalone Followers
-Voices and Sounds
-Racemenu Presets
-Lore Friendly Weapons, Armour and Clothes
-Body Modifications

Mimicking My Setup:

- There is a downloadable file in the files section.  This one is a more basic watered down version with only graphics in mind.  This version is EASIER. This version is also my OLD setup.
- I have now made a google doc for my COMPLETE beast race setup that is a little more complex and includes more gameplay mods as well. This version is my Current setup.  I've removed some things to make it cleaner.  It's now up to you to check each mod's requirements before installing them.

COMPLETE GUIDE FOUND HERE (Click me) - updated 1/9/22


It took a very long and frustrating time to get Project ja-Kha'jay to work with my list but it's finally here!  My trick? Literally load it near the very end of the load order....

OPTIONAL FILE:  If mimicking my khajiit textures, I separated and uploaded the normal maps from SC - Khajiit Improvement by ShinglesCat that I am using. That way you don't have to fumble around in the files and delete textures! Don't worry, ShinglesCat stated on the mod that it's ok to use the assets :)

Before you start:

Also check out this mini-guide created by the lovely Vaharadaro. It's a tutorial on how to make your Khajiit look like a whole new furstock! I personally love it!  Vaharadaro has been making top grade content and I highly advise you check out their mods.  Also stop by their profile and give some kudos <3

Vaharadaro's guide for Cathay Khajiits

The Armor Mods in My Images:
Daring Armor of Intrigue
-Find the male version here
Rugged Rogue Outfits
Tera Armors Collection - Special Edition
- Also using these upscaled textures
Caravanseri Wardrobe (Extended) SSE - With UNP Bodyslide and Physics - UNP UNPB 7BB Seraphim Dreamgirl and More
Facial Piercings SSE
- Using the player only file
Neo Horus Outfit SSE - With UUNP Bodyslide - Physics - UNP UNPB 7BB Top Model Seraphim Dreamgirl
Monk Series 
Apachii Divine Elegance Store
Letho's Pants
R18Pn Inner Wear Clothing Set SSE - With UUNP Bodyslide - Physics - UNP UNPB 7BB Seraphim Dreamgirl

*Old setup textures for Khajiit males
Complimentary Texture Mods:
These are mods that are complimentary.  They do not necessarily have anything to do with beast races but do affect some textures of mods used in this guide.

*Beards -  2/15/21
-Affects beards of power and beastHHBB

*More Realistic Hair - 2/15/21
-LE mod but safe for SSE
-Affects vanilla khajiit hair

*Superior Lore-Friendly Hair - HD Textures - 2/15/21
-LE mod but safe for SSE
-Affects the vanilla khajiit hair
-Pick straight or rough. I personally use the rough option

Vanilla Hair - Salt and Wind -  2/15/21
-This was posted after my current playthrough so I haven't had a chance to try it.
-It might even be better than the previous two mods!

*Salt and Wind - Rough Hair for Apachii Sky Hair -  2/15/21
-This is only for people planning on using Apachii Sky Hair later in the guide

Body Modifications:


*Bestial Beast Races - 2/13/21
-For unique beastly Skeletons
-Can safely be flagged as an esl
-If using this alongside pretty khajiit, set a LOOT rule to load this after pretty khajiit or you will not see the unique skeleton!

*Better Claws and Gauntlets - 2/13/21
-Much MUCH better claw meshes
-Get the cbbe conversion here - 3/19/21
*So I found a strange issue with this mod.  At first, female beast hands will not appear the right color in first person view. I fixed this by saving and reloading that save.  The claws were the right color from then on!

Equipable Beast Tails - HDT SMP - 7/1/21
-Gives physics to beast tails

Tail Removal Kit - Toggle Tails On Beast Races - 10/31/21


BAT - Bigger Argonian Tails - 2/13/21
- Exactly what the name says

Argonian Weight Slider Affected Tails Port for SSE - 2/14/21
-Argonian tails are affected by the weight slider

Edhildils Argonian War Tails - 5/16/21
-Weapons for your Argonian's tail
-LE mod
Optimize with CAO

Feathery Argonian Tails - 2/13/21
-Also check out this mod to change the tail feather colors and now males can have tail feathers too! - 3/14/21

Brutish Argonian Male - 2/13/21
-Non-Nexus site!
-Requires an account
-WARNING! This website includes ADULT CONTENT!

Argonian to Anthro Dragon TF Pack 1.2 - 7/15/21
-Non-Nexus site!
-WARNING! ADULT website! (Loverslab)
-LE Mod 
-Convert in CK and probably optimized with CAO
-This is for those with POWERFULL graphics cards since the males are only 8k textures and females 4k!

Horns Are Forever(Persistent Argonian Horns) - 2/14/21
-Makes horns stick through hoods and helmets

Skyrim Breastless Argonian Females - 2/17/21
*LE mod convert in CK
-Check this out too
-Makes female argonians more reptilian, removing breasts that are strictly a mammalian trait.

Morrowind Style Argonians - 2/17/21
-Makes argonians look like the argonians in the game Morrowind


Equippable Beast Tails HDT SMP - Big and Stiff Preset for Khajiits - 7/23/2021

Pretty Khajiit - 2/13/21
-For cuter female Khajiit
-I use the non-replacer

Nicer-Looking Khajiit - 7/23/21
-LE Mod convert in CK

*Slof's Fluffy Khajiit Tails - 2/13/21
-Can safely be flagged as an esl

*Khajiit Overhaul - 4/6/21
My own port :)
-Original LE version here
-High poly heads, digitigrade feet, and plantigrade feet for khajiit!
-If you have Racemenu there is a new option called head parts that lets you switch between vanilla and High poly heads if you don't like one of the options.
-A user brought it up, what about Vector Plexus's heads?  I've never actually tried it but looking at it, Plexus's heads are closer to vanilla looking khajiit while KO is more unique in shape.  At this point it's a matter of taste!
-This is originally only for UNP but If you want to use this with CBBE there is a workaround I came up with.  The instructions are in the mod description. I prefer it over the texture patch I made.
-Also check out my male head sculpt preset here

Khajiit Aesthetics Compilation - Hair Eyes Fangs - Mod renamed 12/19/21
-Has options for hair, eyes, and fangs
-I recommend using this with 83 Willows WHITER TEETH 4all because vanilla khajiit teeth are kinda yellow and nasty looking
-If using together with Khajiit Overhaul, load Khajiit Fangs after!

*UPF Khajiit Ears Show Patcher - 2/14/21
-Requires use of zEdit scripts
-Read the installation instructions to learn how to use it!
-Makes khajiit ears stick through hoods and helmets

Khajiit Have Ears - 6/30/21
-Same as above but does not require zEdit

8 Breasts for khajiit cbbe - 3/6/21
-8 Breasts for your female khajiit
-LE mod
*Convert in CK
*Optimize in Cathedral Assets Optimizer!

*(Khajiit) Lioness Look SSE - 4/3/21
- You can find the LE mod here
- A female khajiit texture as well as a head replacer
- I am using the "Textures Only" version

Cat Khajiit Race - 3/6/21
-A reshape and retexture oh khajiit to look more like cats. Very cute!
-LE mod
*Convert in CK
*Optimize in Cathedral Assets Optimizer!

THE Mane - Lion Khajiit Replace - 3/6/21
-Changes the khajiit head to be more lion-like
-Use this or the optional face meshes from the mane mod in the hair section of this list
-LE mod
*Convert in CK
*Optimize in Cathedral Assets Optimizer!

This one feel like a Tiger-khajiit replacer SE - 1/20/22
- Makes the khajiit head look more tiger like

The Viking Cat Style khajiit - 9/30/21
-A complete khajiit replacer to make your khajiit look like the viking cat breed
-Also grab this earring fix

New Male Texture Setup with Vaharadaro's Male Lynx Head Preset

Body Textures:

These all depend on the body mods you use! Choose wisely!
Pretty much all body retextures contain adult content. Sorry for those trying to avoid lizard and cat bits!


Richy's Argonian Retexture - 2/20/21
-LE mod but safe for SSE
-ESO argonian inspired textures

Drachis Argonians Mod - 5/16/21
-LE mod
-For more draconic looking argonians

Feminine Argonian Textures - 2/13/21
-Contains two versions: Gray lizard and chameleon

Masculine Argonian Textures - 2/13/21
-Contains two versions: Gray lizard and chameleon

Masculine Argonian texture for SAM - 3/6/21
-For those using the SAM bodytype
-LE mod
*Optimize with Cathedral Assets Optimizer!

Female Dragonic Argonian Textures - 2/13/21
-For a more scaly texture

Female Dragonic Argonian Textures 4K with nipples - 3/6/21
-LE mod
*Optimize with Cathedral Assets optimizer
-Adds nipples to the above texture

Male Dragonic Argonian Textures - 2/13/21
-For a more scaley look

Feminine Chameleon Dragonic Argonian Textures - 2/14/21
-A mashup of Female dragonic and feminine argonian textures

FAR - Forgotten Argonian Roots - 2/13/21
-Fomod Version Here(Prefered) 
-These textures give female argonians snake-like textures and male argonians crocodile-like textures

Argonian Skintones - 2/14/21
-LE mod but should be safe for SSE
-More skintones for argonians

Play as a Colorful Argonian - 2/17/21
-More colorful skintones for argonians

BSL - 4K Male Argonian Retexture - 2/13/21
-4K male argonian textures

Flawn's Argonians - 2/13/21
-Smooth Argonians
-Also check out this ADULT PATCH for SOS - addon - futanari CBBE - 6/27/21

*Flawn's Vanilla Argonians Redux - 2/13/21
-Upscaled vanilla argonian textures with smoother head meshes
-Sporty normal maps for females here - 2/17/21
-Also check out this ADULT PATCH for Flawn's Redux CBBE Futa Patck 2k-4k
-Check out this foot patch as well

OR for a lighter version of Flawn's argonian retextures, install this:

Flawn's Argonian Textures LITE

Natural Argonian Males - 2/17/21
-Makes male argonians unclothed

Argonian Snake Texture - 10/31/21


Feminine Khajiit Textures - 2/13/21
-Contains two versions: Gray cat and leopard

Masculine Khajiit Textures - 2/13/21
-Contains two versions: Gray cat and leopard

Muscular Khajiit Textures and Skeleton - 2/13/21
-For muscular male khajiit
-Skeleton is optional. Don't use the skeleton if you are using Bestial Skeletons
-If you want to use a different body texture but still want the muscular look, download this and delete everything except the normal maps!(msn_dds files)
-Use this with Coverkhajiits because it does not cover head textures OR use Fuzzy Felines which also only affects heads
Better Khajiit Female body Texture - 2/13/21
-A replacer for unp female khajiit textures

Better Khajiit Male Texture - 2/13/21
-A replacer for SOS male khajiit textures

Better Khajiit - Less Furry Khajiit - 2/17/21
-Makes female khajiit less furry

Khajiit Leopard Body Texture - 2/17/21
-Leopard textures for female khajiit
-Use with this head retexture
-LE mod but should be safe for SSE

Snow White Khajiit Skin - 7/23/21
-LE Mod

*SC - Khajiit Improvement - 2/13/21
-HD unique khajiit textures
-LE mod so only use the textures
-Also install this fix - 3/31/21
- I REALLY LOVE THE MALE TEXTURES!!! I am only using them. I deleted the female textures
- Also, the normal maps are great for making your khajiit look rougher and furrier. I recommend using them even with other textures.
*If mimicking my setup or you just want the normalmaps, I have now added a downloadable file with the normalmaps only as an optional file :)

 (Khajiit) Lioness Look SSE - 4/3/21
-Gives females a lioness texture
- You can find the LE mod here
- A female khajiit texture as well as a head replacer
- I am using the "Textures Only" version

Khajiit body replacer unp and unp tbbp - 5/16/21
- LE mod
Convert in CK and optimized with CAO

Khajiit body replacer for UNP and CBBE - 5/16/21
- LE mod

JazzJR CoverKhajiits Bodytexture VER1 - 11/10/21
- LE mod for male Khajiit

JazzJR CoverKhajiits Female Body Texture - 11/10/21
- LE mod for female Khajiit



*BeastHHBB - Beast Hair Horn Beard and Brow - 2/13/21
-One hair mod to rule them all!
-Also has an npc replacer that is pretty neat. I'm using it.


More Horn (Vanilla) Styles for Argonians - 4/1/21
-More vanilla-based hairstyles

Dread Tentacles - HDT Enabled Hair for Argonians - 2/13/21
-Tentacle-like hair for argonians

Hott Argonians with Argonian Feather Hair - SE Port - 6/21/21
-There is now an option to exclude npc edits for more compatability!  

Argonian Dragon Horns - 2/14/21
-Dragonhorn hairstyles

Argonian Hair Plus - 2/13/21
-A conversion of argonian hairs from an Oblivion mod

Dashing Argonian Featherstyles - 10/31/21

*Argonian Fins - 2/13/21
-Fins for argonians to give them a more amphibious look!
-Vanilla replacer version 


Khajiit Aesthetics Compilation - Hair Eyes Fangs - Mod renamed 12/19/21
-Has options for hair, eyes, and fangs
-I recommend using this with 83 Willows WHITER TEETH 4all because vanilla khajiit teeth are kinda yellow and nasty looking
-If using together with Khajiit Overhaul, load Khajiit Fangs after!

Separated Khajiit Earrings For Character Creation - 12/10/21

Khajiit Patch for KS Hairdos - HDT SMP - 1/6/21

HairPack02 HDT Skyrim LE+SE 0.09 - 11/16/21
-Includes some HDT hair for Khajiit!

More(Vanilla) Hairs for Khajiit - 4/2/21
-More vanilla-based hairs for khajiit

More Khajiit Hair Styles - 7/23/21
-LE Mod convert in CK!

*Khajiit Mane - 2/13/21
-Can safely be flagged as an esl

Khajiit Hair by Saerileth - 2/13/21
-Some lovely khajiit hairs

*Beards of Power - 2/13/21
-Some khajiit support
-Can safely be flagged as an esl as long as you don't use the npc replacer

Hirsute Beards - 4/4/21
-Some Khajiit beards using vanilla assets

*Apachii Sky Hair - 2/13/21
-Some khajiit hair

Lovely Hairstyles - 2/13/21
-Some khajiit hairsyles

*Khajiit Conversions - 5/16/21
*Convert in CK!

- To get the hair just install the KS hair conversion file
- Some of the hairs seem to be a little glitched out but some work
- IMPORTANT: Rename the esp KS Hairdo's Khajiit.esp

Aloy Outfit from Horizon Zero Dawn SSE HDT SMP - 1/4/22
- I know this is an armor mod but it comes with a hair that will look good on Khajiit!

Note: These eye textures were taken from the Serval Khajiit Mod files



H.U.E - Handmade Unique Eyes SE - 10/10/21
- A default texture replacer so you can easily just delete all other textures except the Argonian and Khajiit files

Argonian - Khajiit FabULook Eyes - 2/13/21
-Some unique looking eyes

*Improved Eyes Skyrim - 2/15/21
-Has eyes for all races but the khajiit and argonian eyes are just lovely!

*Kala's Eyes - Beast Race Edition Khajiit Argonian - 2/13/21
-Some ESO inspired eyes as well as original looks! 335 eyes in total!

LM's Eyes - AIO - Argonian - Khajiit - Elf - Orc - Human - 6/26/21
-Some pretty neat eyes for both Argonian and Khajiit. Adds eeyes to all races however.

Actual Glowing Beast Race Vampire Eyes - 10/31/21

The Eyes Of Beauty SSE - 11/16/21

-Has some gorgeous eyes for beast races!


Oblivion Argonian Eyes - 11/29/21

Argonian Heterochromia - 2/13/21
-Heterochromia for Argonians

Drachis Argonian Eyes - 2/13/21
-Dragon eyes

Argonian Snake Eyes - 5/16/21
-Gives argonians snake eyes
- LE mod

Argonian Vampire Eyes - 2/13/21
-retexture for argonian vampire eyes

*Glowing Argonian Eyes - 2/13/21
-Makes argonian eyes glow


Authentic Eyes - 2/13/21
-Those Khajiit eyes are stunning! You can use all eye textures or delete everything else except for the khajiit eyes

Khajiit Aesthetics Compilation - Hair Eyes Fangs - Mod renamed 12/19/21
-Has options for hair, eyes, and fangs
-I recommend using this with 83 Willows WHITER TEETH 4all because vanilla khajiit teeth are kinda yellow and nasty looking
-If using together with Khajiit Overhaul, load Khajiit Fangs after!

*Khajiit Wild Eyes - 2/13/21
-For a more big cat look
-LE mod but safe for SSE

Dreamburrow's Khajiit Eyes - 6/17/21
-Beautiful lion eyes
-Off-Nexus Site but it's SFW
-These are just texture files so you will have to rename them and replace vanilla khajiit eyes

*Dani's New Khajiit Eyes - 2/13/21
-Very detailed and gorgeous

*Khajiit Eyes Extended - Khajiit Heterochromia and More - 2/13/21
-For Khajiit heterochromia
*Convert in CK!

Human-like Khajiit Eyes - 2/13/21
-Gives khajiit human-like eyes

Khajiit Vampire Eyes - 2/13/21
-Retexture for khajiit vampire eyes

*Glowing Khajiit Eyes
 - 2/13/21
-Makes khajiit eyes glow

Miscellaneous Retextures:

HD Khajiit Mouth - 5/16/21
-Makes Khajiit mouths HD
-LE mod

Drachis Argonian Brows - 2/13/21
-This is for those who know how to make their own textures

*Argonians Enhanced - 2/13/21
-Easy to install misc files here - 4/9/21
-HIGHLY recommend you download this!
-Vanilla Argonian feathers look like cheap plastic.  This makes the feathers look gorgeous and there are plenty of other neat little addons if you want more than just the hair!

*Argonian Improvements - Horns - 2/13/21
-Lovely little horn retexture

*83Willows WHITER TEETH 4all - 2/13/21
-LE mod but safe for SSE
-This also affects Orcs and werewolves.  You can go in and delete these textures if you don't want them.
-If using the mouth retexture included in Argonians Enhanced, delete the argonian textures in this mod.

*Blue Tongued Argonians - 2/20/21
-LE mod but should be safe for SSE
-Based off Australia's blue-tongued lizard
*Also has a 2k pink tongue option as well.
*The pink argonian tongue folder is incorrectly packaged. You will need to manually download it, exctract, then in the data file create a Textures folder and drag the actors folder into it. Repackage and install as normal!

Beastly Smiles - 2/14/21
-CRAZY amount of detail for something so small!

*More accurate Khajiit chin and lips paint - 2/13/21
-A hidden gem! LE but is safe for SSE
-FINALLY! No more hideous gap between the lips and chin colors!
*Let me just say that this mod is absolutely ESSENTIAL if you plan to play as a khajiit! It's a really small mod but it fixes something that has bothered me for the longest time. Please please PLEASE download this!

Better Beast Race Scars - 2/14/21
-Makes beast race scars look better

Khajiit Paws - 2/17/21
-LE mod but should be safe for SSE

-For some reason female face overlays are off-centered when used on beast races.  To fix this, use male face overlays.  This is only a problem with gendered overlays that affect the face.

*Flawn's Argonian Overlays - 2/13/21

*Beast Race Bodypaints - 2/13/21

*Vanilla Warpaints Absolution - 2/13/21
-For the realistic furry and scaly looks of the khajiit and argonian warpaints
-Affects other races but you have an option to choose only beast races

*Vanilla Makeup HA - HD Racial Colors and Makeup For All Races and Genders - 2/14/21
-Affects other races but you have an option to choose only beast races

I recommend looking at DomainWolf's profile for the best overlays
-All of these can be flagged as esl

Racemenu Presets:


Lifts-Her-Tail - The Lusty Argonian Maid High Poly Female Racemenu Preset - 1/20/22
- Crassius would be very proud!

Custom Draconic Argonian Head (Racemenu Preset) - 10/6/21

Serpentine Argonian Racemenu Preset - 12/9/21

Orsha The Argonian - Racemenu Argonian Preset - 10/28/21
- Please check her out. She's GORGEOUS!

Sun-Xu - An Argonian Preset - 11/30/21

Grim - A Male Argonian Preset - 8/19/21
- This one is absolutely epic!

An-Yu - The Jade Argonian preset - 7/30/21
- My friend made this preset and it's awesome!

Somewhat Sleeker Argonian Heads - 5/16/21
- LE mod

Lil Miss Jay's FA-Style Argonians - 5/16/21
-LE mod

Crocodilian Argonian (Male and Female) - 5/16/21
- LE mod

Dro-Ghoda Character Preset - 2/28/21
-Male preset

Lizzy - (Argonian) (Race Meny Preset) (TBD) - 2/28/21
-Female preset
*WARNING! Adult Content!

Dragonic Argonian Race Menu Preset - 2/28/21
-Male preset

Argonian RaceMenu Preset - 2/28/21
-Male preset

Flawn's Racemenu Presets - 2/28/21
-Both gender presets

Aisha LightClaw - Argonian Preset - 2/28/21
-Female preset

Koztli-Taahei - An Argonian Preset - 2/28/21
-Male preset 

Alucard Wesker - Argonian Preset - 2/28/21
-Male preset 

Storm-Seeker - Argonian character preset - 3/10/21
-Male preset


*Katie's Khajiit Overhaul Male Head Preset - 7/16/21
-My own head preset that I made for the male khajiit head in Khajiit Overhaul

*Vaharadaro's Khajiits - KO Presets - 7/24/21
-Please check these out! I absolutely adore them! 

Sh'anta Claws - A Christmas-y Khajiit Preset - 12/23/21

Lil Miss Jay's FA-Style Khajiits - 5/16/21
- LE but should be fine for SSE

Zhani - A female khajiit preset - 4/1/21
-Female preset

Leorah - A Lioness preset - 10/29/21

Serval Khajiit Racemenu Preset - 3/30/21
- LE but works fine as is for SSE 
- This only affects females
- For those who don't want to install the new Serval race

Truly Catlike Khajiit - A Serval Khajiit Preset - 7/14/21
-LE mod but should be fine as-is
-Does not actually require the Serval Khajiit Race mod

Ma'Dresh - A RaceMenu Preset - 2/28/21
-Male preset

Rah'Vashai High Polly Head and Body Character Preset - 2/28/21
-Male preset

Razum-Dar - Racemenu Preset - 2/28/21
-Male preset

S'zhar Khajiit Preset - 2/28/21
-Male preset

Inigo the Suave - High-Poly Replacer or Racemenu Preset - 2/28/21
-Male preset

R'oque Ja Khajiit racemenu preset - 2/28/21
-Male preset

White Lion - Khajiit Presets - 2/28/21
-Both genders presets

S'hani the Grey - A Khajiit Preset - 2/28/21
-Female preset

A Male Khajiit Preset Do'Vodahmin - 2/28/21
-Male preset

Noctis Vindicta - Male Khajiit Preset - 2/28/21
-Male preset

Gida - Female Khajiit Preset - 3/14/21
-Female Preset

Qa'yla - A female khajiit preset (Normal and High Poly) - 6/23/21
-Female preset

*Old setup textures for Khajiit males

Digitigrade/Plantigrade Feet:
-I'm now using both Flawn's feet and KO's digitigrade feet


Grimoas Plantigrade Feet For Beast Races - 2/14/21
-LE mod and not sure if it's ready for SSE yet. Read the comment section
*Convert in CK!

Beast Feet Retexture - 3/10/21
-Retexture of Grimoas Plantigrade Feet to fit masculine and feminine body skin

Digitigrade Beast Skeleton For XPMSSE - 2/14/21

Digitigrade Beast Races - 2/14/21

Digitigrade Beast Races with XP32 Physics Support - 4/3/21

Beast Races Reshaped Digitigrade Version - 2/14/21

No Boots for Beasts - 2/17/21
-Beast races no longer where footwear

Barefoot Beast Project (Greaves and Legwraps for Planitgrade Feet) - 2/14/21
-Gives greaves and legwraps to plantigrade beast races

Digitigrade Boots Set - Special Edition - 9/22/21


Digitigrade Feet for Flawn's Argonians - 4/18/21
-There is also an option for this in Flawn's original argonian retexture mods

Argonian Reptilian Feet - 2/14/21
-Gives argonians more reptilians feet

Argonian Raptor Feet - 3/19/21
-Gives Argonians raptor feet
-LE mod
*Convert in CK and possibly optimize with Cathedral Assets Optimizer

Digitigrade Argonian Raptor Boots - 3/19/21
-Gives raptor boots for Argonians
- LE mod
*Convert in CK and possibly optimize with Cathedral Assets Optimizer


Khajiit Leopard Feet - 2/17/21
-LE mod that requires Grimoas mod.
-Not sure if it's ready for SSE yet
Optimize with cathedral assets optimizer

Khajiit Paw (Digitigrade looking Feet) - 2/14/21
-Gives Khajiit paws

Digitigrade Khajiit - 2/14/21
-Makes Khajiit digitigrade

NPC Replacers:

Interesting Beasts and Beards to Find Them - Beast Race Replacer for Interesting NPCs - 6/3/21
*Requires Interesting NPCs

Project ja-Kha'jay - Interesting NPCs Khajiit Addon - 12/22/21
*Requires Interesting NPCs
-Probably works with the above mod as long as you set this to load after

*BeastHHBB - Beast Hair Horn Beard and Brow - 2/13/21
-Like I said in the hair section, this has an npc replacer that I absolutely love!
*If using with Khajiit Overhaul, set LOOT rule for BeastHHBB to load after Khajiit Overhaul


Hott Argonians with Argonian Feather Hair - SE Port - 6/21/21
- Adds feather hair to the player as well as all argonian npcs!

Argonian Bachelors and Bachelorettes - 2/14/21

Not Quite Vanilla NPC Overhaul - Argonians - 2/14/21

Complete NPC Overhaul - Argonians - 10/31/21

Custom Derkeethus - 2/14/21

Custom Scouts-Many-Marshes - 2/14/21

Pink Shahvee - 2/14/21

Derkeethus Improved - The Argonian Follower - 2/14/21

Darkwater Derkeethus the Argonian - 2/14/21


Project ja-Kha'jay - Khajiit Diversity Overhaul - 10/29/21

Badass Kharjo and a Khajiit Archer Follower - 2/14/21

Kharjo Extended - 2/14/21

Complete Replacers:

Cats of Skyrim SE - 7/6/21

Lizards of Skyrim SE - 7/6/21

Minor Fixes and Edits:

Khajiit Argonian Steward Fix - 12/2/21

Argonian Head Specular Fix - 10/31/21

Argonian Vampire Female Animation Fix - 10/31/21

RaceMenu - Male Khajiit Mouth Expression Fix - 10/31/21

Khajiit Hair Fix For Ancient Nord Helmet - 10/31/21

No Color Change for Beast Race Vampires - 10/31/21

Beast Race Vampire Fang Removal - 10/31/21

There ya go! Upgrade your beast races and have fun!

I thought I'd add some gameplay mods really quick as well just for a little bit of immersion.
Also will add followers and npcs so you can see more Khajiit and Argonians in Skyrim
*Always check to see if they have patches for mods you may have!

*Old setup textures for Khajiit males


Jaugiit Race - 1/4/22
-Not exactly in the lore but if you want more of a mage Khajiit build go for it!

Kesh the Merchant - 12/12/21

Windhelm Docks Fast Travel - Argonian Assemblage - 10/31/21

AAOH - Argonian Assemblage Overhaul - 11/10/21

Argonian Quarters Windhelm - 11/29/21

Khajiit Speak - Complete Dialogue Overhaul(Special Edition) - 2/15/21
-Install this too!
-Has TONS of patches for other mods too so make sure to look!

M'aiq The Liar Anniversary Edition - 11/23/21

Immersive Khajiit Caravan Mules - 4/25/21
-Also check out this addon

Khajiit Merchants Buy Stolen Items SSE - 2/15/21

Khajiit Caravans Fence for Fellow Khajiit - 2/17/21
-Similar to the one above except that the caravans only buy stolen goods from other khajiit

Elsweyr Imports - SSE - 2/20/21

Catnip for Khajiit - 7/6/21

Khajiit Are Allowed In Cities - 9/15/21

*Old setup textures for Khajiit males
Racial Powers and Spells:

*Predator Vison - 2/15/21

Eye Can See - A Passive Night Eye Mod - 7/4/21
- Adds a passive nighteye ability to Khajiit, werewolves, and vampires

Night-Eye Toggle For Khajiit - 3/19/21

Toggleable Night Eye Vampire Werewolf and Khajiit - 8/16/21

Eye of Fear Khajiit Racial Power - 2/17/21
-Adds back a power that khajiit had in Morrowind

Realistic Khajiit Racials - 10/12/21

Argonian Upgrades - 4/13/21

Histblood - 9/21/21

Realistic Argonian Racials - 10/10/21

Khajiit Rito Kalshan SE - 2/15/21
-And this addon
-Some neat khajiit spells to add plants to the world

Khajiit Skills Improvement - 7/6/21

Khajiit Prowess - 7/6/21

*This is a demo for Sound for Khajiit. You don't have to watch the whole video. The only way to show a preview of sound mods is to upload a video right?
Sorry for poor quality

Voices and Sounds:

*Sound for Khajiit character male and female - 3/6/21
-For more beastly and dangerous sounding khajiit
-LE mod but doesn't need any converting or optimizing since there are no esps and it's only audio files!

*Better Female Khajiit Pain Sounds - 2/15/21

*Male Argonian Shouts - Revoiced - 2/15/21

Male Argonian Shout SFX - 8/21/21
- Changed route to SE version

Unarmed Claw Impact - 1/11/22

Argonian Voice Type to Orc - 10/31/21

Kodeshi Khajiit - Player Voice Pack - 2/15/21

PC Head Tracking Voice Pack - Beastfolk - 3/28/21

PC Head Tracking and Voice - The Breton and The Khajiit - 2/15/21
-Female Khajiit voice
-Also adds a breton voice. You can delete this if you only want the khajiit voice

Lusty Argonian Prince voice for PC Head Tracking BYOV - 5/13/21

Argonian Revamped - PC Head Tracking and Voice Type - 12/9/21

Children npcs/Adoptable Children:

Adoptable Argonian Hatchling - Chases-Starlight - 2/14/21
-Female adoptable child

*My Little Hatchling SSE- Ram-Ku - 2/14/21
-Male adoptable child
-Might want to install this patch too

Vimune SSE - Kitten Khajiit Companion and Adorable Daughter - 2/14/21
-Female adoptable child/follower

*My little kitty Ma-Rakha - 2/14/21
-Male adoptable child
-If using together with Khajiit Overhaul, set a LOOT rule to load this after KO!

Kahjiit Child Maisha - 2/14/21
-Female adoptable child
*be careful with this one as it has many bugs. Use at your own risk!

Candy Shops of Skyrim Add-On - A Sweet Khajiit Child - 7/6/21
-Requires Candy shops of Skyrim

RS Elven and Beast Children - 2/17/21
-Also adds elven and orc children 

The Kids Are Alright Renewal - 6/16/21
-Adds some cute beast race children

*Argonian Hatchlings - Children of Tamriel - 2/14/21
- This mod has been moved from Nexus to
- Also install this edit found on Nexus

*Khajiit Caravan Kittens - Children of Tamriel - 2/14/21
-This mod has been moved from Nexus to
- Also install this edit found on Nexus

Standalone Followers:
Give these lovely people some support!  These are only a handful because there are SO MANY it would take ages to scroll through.
I tried mainly to add ones that I thought had interesting traits or were marriable.
If you don't see someone that you would like me to add, please let me know!


-SE- Small Lizard - Please Handle with Care - 7/6/21
-A VERY tiny, lizard-sized argonian companion.

 Lord Scales Follower - 2/22/21
-This mod was literally just posted today and it looks like a lot of love went into this character.  Check it out!

Khash The Argonian (A Fully Custom Voiced Follower) - 2/22/21
-This mod has 1,200+ lines of custom dialogue!
-Has a backstory that comes out over time! All in all, very neat.

The Lisping Argonian definitive edition For SSE - 2/22/21
-Adds a very interesting argonian sorcerer to the game.
-Also adds a dungeon!

Lucifer - Argonian Custom Voiced Follower - 2/22/21
-A skilled archer with 1,000+ lines of custom dialogue!

Kills-in-Shadows Argonian Follower - 2/22/21
-This adds a argonian vampire mage! 

Silver-Throat - Argonian Follower - 2/22/21
*WARNING! For those who like their lizards THICC

Argrippinia and Argifonus the Vampire Argonian Pair Follower SE by CT Team - 2/22/21
-Both are marriable! 


Argifonus Male Argonian Vampire Follower SE by CT Team - 2/22/21
-If you want the male only.

Skylla The Argonian Warrior - Follower - 2/22/21
-Very unique and BEAUTIFUL argonian female. Please at least take a peek at this artwork!

Speaks-in-Flames Argonian Follower - 2/22/21
-A marriable male argonian pyromancer.

Dawnguard Argonian Follower Jymm-Re - 2/22/21
-Vampire hunter and marriable

Keema the young female argonian warrior - 2/22/21
-A young marriable female

Walks-In-Shadows - Argonian Pirate Captain Follower - 2/22/21
-A pint-sized pirate captain with a napoleon complex? Sign me up!


INIGO - 2/14/21
-Can't miss INIGO of course!
-Quest AND a much beloved follower

M'rissi's Tails of Troubles SE - 11/11/21
-There are TONS of patches and addons for her so make sure to look!

Kaidan - Khajiit Replacer - 12/8/21

Sita the Khajiit Ranger - 12/12/21

Leorah - The Lioness Beastmaster - 11/2/21

Aurora the Spellcaster - UNP CBBE ESP-FE - 11/24/21

Fawnfire A Fully Voiced Warrior Cat Follower - 1/7/22

A'ruthr - 8/28/21

Zhani - A Standalone Khajiit Follower - 10/21/21
- My friend also made this one :)

Qa'yla - A standalone Khajiit Follower - 9/6/21
- My friend made this one! Enjoy :)

Zinokhar the Male Khajiit Vampire Follower - 2/22/21
-Honestly never seen a vampire khajiit in any of my playthroughs so this is great!

Sabriina Saber A Khajiit Spellsword Follower - 2/22/21
*Pretty SKIMPY outfit! You've been WARNED

Ko'ahni the Headless Khajiit (Custom Voiced Follower) - 2/22/21
-This one is definitely something I've NEVER seen before!

Vampire Khajiit Follower TEEF SE - 2/22/21
-Same as above, not enough vampire khajiit AND she's marriable!

Follower Genba Khajiit for SE - 2/22/21
-The definition of baby-face :3

S'hani the Grey - A standalone Khajiit follower - 2/22/21
-Neat glowing overlays

Miri - Standalone Hybrid Khajiit Follower - 2/22/21
-Check out this CBBE UNP conversion as well
-While technically not a khajiit, you can pretent she's an Ohmes-Raht

Rubee Shan - Standalone Female Khajiit Archer - 2/22/21
*WARNING! Adult Content!
-She is also marriable!

K'tarria the Bard - Female Khajiit Mage Follower - 2/22/21
-A cute little bard and she's marriable!

Napjiit the Khajiit - Custom Voiced Follower - 2/22/21
-Yay! Custom Voiced male khajiit!

JWD's Ky'ren-thia the Assassin - A Female Khajiit Follower - 2/22/21
-Why not make your kitty killing machines even MORE deadly!

M'gnuz the Khajiit Brawler - 2/22/21
-Thought this was pretty unique since in the lore, khajiit prefer to use their claws. Nice!

Jo'hur - The Special Khajiit Companion - 2/22/21
-Foul mouthed baddie

Ahzija Khajiit Follower - 2/22/21
-A marriable male khajiit!

Sarish A Male Khajiit Follower - 2/22/21
-A marriable male khajiit assassin!

Dar'rassa - Dark Brotherhood Assassin Follower - 5/16/21

Pantero - 7/22/21
-A marriable male Khajiit

Khan - 7/23/21
-A Marriable male Khajiit

Multiple Followers/npcs:


EVW SE - Female Argonian And Khajiit Beast Race Followers - 2/14/21
-WARNING! This is not for people who don't like big breasted Kitties and Lizards!

Iron-Scales (Argonian) and Cinder-Tail (Khajiit) Male Beast Followers - 2/14/21

Dx's Beast Followers - Argonian and Khajiit - 2/14/21

Beast Knights - 2/15/21
-Adds Argonian and Khajiit followers as well as Lykaios!

Busty Beast Followers - 2/17/21

MONSTERaider - Beast Followers - 2/17/21


Convenient Argonian Merchants - 4/16/21
- Very convenient merchants/followers!

*More Argonians of Skyrim - Argonian Follower Mod - 2/14/21
-Marriablewith RDO

Dominion's More Argonians - 2/14/21
-Marriable npcs and followers

Simple Argonian Followers - Males - 2/14/21


*Khajiit Will Follow - 2/14/21
-Also check out this addon!
-Well thought out back stories, quests, VOICED dialogue, marriable, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 
-If you use Legacy Of The Dragonborn also install this patch!
-Also check out this cool edit to the unique items!

*More Kats of Skyrim - Khajiit Followers Mod - 2/14/21
-Marriable with RDO

Warrior Khajiits - 1/4/22
-Khajiit Warriors based of of characters from a book series I read!

Pussycats (stand-alone Khajiit followers) SSE - 7/6/21

Royal Family Cats - 2/14/21

Khajiit Followers - 2/14/21

Simple Khajiit Followers - Female - 2/14/21

Simple Khajiit Followers - Males - 2/14/21

Dominion's More Khajiit - 2/14/21
-Marriable npcs and followers

KN Khajiit Followers - 2/14/21

Una and Jein - Unique Khajiit Followers - 3/20/21

Lore Friendly Armour, Weapons, and Clothing:

New weapons, armour, and clothing items:

Wearable Horns Addon - Beast Races - 12/3/21

Craziux Shades - 10/25/21
- Okay, not exactly lore friendly but still pretty cool
- You could pretend the Dwemer invented them

*VickusDickus' Khajiiti Apex Armory - 2/14/21
-Try out this edit! It fixes some problems and rebalances the armor. Highly Recommened!

Azura-Moonlight Blade - 12/12/21

*Saxhleel War Club (Argonian Warhammer) - 2/14/21

*Argonian Macuahuitl - 2/28/21

Argonian Flatbows - 2/20/21

The Shadow Scale Set - 2/14/21


*The Last Shadowscale - 2/28/21
-For a cowl that is compatable with beast races

Stormhold Warrior Armor - SSE Port - 8/9/2021

*Argonian Warrior Armour - 2/14/21
-This is an LE mod and will probably need to be optimized in Cathedral Assets Optimizer
-Convert in CK and optimize in cathedral assets optimizer!

AmA - Argonian Mercenary Armor - With Armored Tail - 2/20/21
-LE Mod
*Convert in CK and optimize in cathedral assets optimizer!

Marsh Armor-Custom Ebony Argonian Hevy Armor - 2/20/21
-LE Mod
*Convert in CK and optimize in cathedral assets optimizer!

Khajiit Jera Combat Robes - 3/6/21
-Male khajiit specific armor
-LE mod
*Convert in CK
*Optimize in Cathedral Assets Optimizer!

Iron Khajiit Monk - 7/20/21

Khajiit Suits for CBBE 3BA UNP BHUNP and HIMBO - 8/21/21

HistBone and Bonewood Argonian Armors - 3/6/21
-LE mod
*Convert in CK
*Optimize in Cathedral Assets Optimizer!

Vanilla variations or replacers:

Khajiit Earrings SE - 1/20/22

Tail Armors - 2/14/21
-Armor for your tail
-Try out this mod that makes them enchantable! - 7/4/21

I have a tail - Tail armors for Khajiit - 7/4/21
-Another tail armor mod specifically for Khajiit
*LE mod! Convert in CK and optimize in CAO

Greaves and Legwraps SE - 8/28/21
-Also install this patch

Fingerless Gloves SSE - 8/28/21
-To show off your claws
-I don't recommend installing this alongside Better Claws and Guantlets because they both effect gloves

Crown Helmets Redux - 2/14/21
-Adds open helmet variations of closed helmets for beast races

Masque of Clavicus Vile for Beast Races - 2/14/21
-Reshapes the masque of clavicus vile to fit beast races

Dragon Priest Masks for Beasts - 2/14/21
-Reshapes the dragon priest masks to fit beast races

Khajiit Ears - Gray Cowl - 2/17/21
-This is for "The Gray Cowl Returns" Creation Club mod

Forsworn Dreadlocks for Beast Races - 2/20/21
-Lets female argonians and khajiit wear the dreadlock forsworn helmet like the other female races

Khajiit Character Package - 5/16/21
- LE mod
Convert in CK and optimize with CAO
- has a bsa so it will need to be extracted with CAO or Mod Organizer

Amethyst Two-Stone Argonian Engagement Ring - 6/17/21
-Makes Talen-Jei's unique engagement ring craftable so your argonian character can get engaged the traditional way. How sweet. :)

Ave's Moon Amulet - 6/17/21
-A replacer for Kharjo's moon amulet

Reb's Moon Amulet Replacer - 6/17/21
-Convert in CK!
-LE mod
-Another replacer for Kharjo's moon amulet

FMAK Demonstration

*Feral - Claw Unarmed Attacks for Beast Races - Vampires - Werewolves - 2/14/21
-Adds some lore-friendly claw attack animations so you really feel like you are ripping enemies to shreds!
-Has vampire and werewolf options if you want
-Recommended to use with DAR

Beast Races Punch - 2/20/21
-This is for people who DO NOT WANT their beast races to use claw animations

*Feline Movement Animation For Khajiits Only - 2/18/21
-Makes khajiit move more like cats

*DAR Argonians run on all fours - A FMAK Patch for Argonians - 4/26/21
- Requires the above mod
- LE but works for SSE. No conversion needed!
- Ignore the FNIS requirement in the description. Only DAR is needed!

Beast Themed Quests/Houses/Settlements:

*Moonpath to Elsweyr SSE - 2/14/21
-Check for patches and fixes by clicking on the requirements tab and looking at the mods that require it
-Also check out this npc replacer

Underhanded Slavery - House Dres Operations PT.1(Mihail SSE Port) - 2/15/21

Ersatz Hist Sap - A Short Quest - 9/21/21

Khajiit's Family House SE - 2/14/21

Roots of the Sleeping Tree - Argonian and Hist-themed Player Home - 1/23/22
- Be aware this mod requires AE version

Wreck of the Crown Petone - Northern Argonian Settlement  - 2/14/21

Xalfek - An Argonian Home - 9/14/21

Argonian Hearthfires - 2/15/21

Argonian Hut - 12/4/21

Upper Cat Quarters - 12/7/21

Khajiit Hearthfires - 2/15/21

Khajiit Campsite - 2/15/21

Rawlith - A Khajiit Home - 8/15/21

Dark Moon of Elsweyr - 7/12/21

The Elsweyr Trader (QND) - 9/2/21
OMG OMG OMG! Finally one of my favorite Khajiit mods from LE ported to SE! All thanks to the lovely FelesNoctis!!!

Sweet Roll Hut SE - 9/15/21

Ratway Skooma Den - 9/21/21 

Cyrodilic Collections - 8/24/21
- Optionally, if you have The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal mod, you can get this version

Lore-Friendly Beast Race Creatures:
Mihail's mods are already in esl format but you can still safely merge them together with zMerge using the clobber method.  Only Mihail's CREATURE mods though as far as I know.  I have about 8 of them all merged in a patch. 

Beast Skeletons - 2/15/21

*Naga Bandits - Outlanders (Mihail SSE Port) - 2/15/21
-One of the different clans of Argonians

Ohmes Criminals - Outlanders (Mihail SSE Port) - 2/15/21
-One of the many khajiit furstock

*Alfiq Spellcasters - Outlanders (Mihail SSE Port) - 2/15/21
-One of the many khajiit furstock


Creatures of Nirn - Khajiit Alfiq (SSE Port) - 2/15/21
-If using together with HDT, use this patch

*Pahmar Mercenaries - Outlanders (Mihail SSE Port) - 2/15/21
-One of the many khajiit furstocks

Senche Khajiit Lich Companion Jo'Vassa - 7/6/21
-An undead Senche companion

Khajiit's Pets SE - 10/31/21

Lore-Friendly Playable Beast Races:

Dagi-Raht Race - 2/17/21
-Also check out this ADULT retexture
-One of the many khajiit furstocks

Cathay-Raht Race - 11/24/21
-One of the many khajiit furstocks

Half-Khajiit-Race (Ohmes-Raht) - 2/17/21
-Also check out this patch
-One of the many Khajiit furstocks


Ohmes-Raht Race - A Khajiit Breed - 2/17/21

Races of Nirn - Kapo'tun SE - 2/17/21
-A race of cat-people from Akivir similar to the Khajiit

Tang-Mo Race - 2/17/21
-A race of monkey-people from Akavir

The Lilmothiit - 2/17/21
-An extinct fox race originating from Black Marsh


Fennec Fox Race SSE - 2/17/21

Serval Khajiit Race SSE - 2/17/21
-Affected by any khajiit texture mods you use

Races of Nirn - Argonian Crocodiles - 11/12/21
-Not sure this is actually in the lore but I'm adding it anyways!

Recommended Non-beast related mods:
-These are just mods that I found fit well with beast races and are pretty lore friendly or I think you will like!


Way of The Monk - Unarmed Combat - Extended
- Make good use of those claws! Perfect for those wanting to play as a Khajiit adept.
- Contains skills for unarmed AND unarmored


Custom Skills - Hand To Hand(Pugilist)
- For a more lightweight unarmed only playthrough

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - Update and MCM 
- So you can actually MARRY other beast races! Even ones added by mods!
- This version fixes the issues of the original SE version which didn't include the option to marry beast races.  You still need the original SE version however.

DAR - Dynamic Swimming
-Makes Argonians actual powerful swimmers


Stronger Swimming Animation
-If you don't want DAR

Animated Wings Ultimate 
-To give your Argonian badass dragon wings!


Community Overlays 1

Community Overlays 2

Community Overlays 3

Ziovdendian Bodypaint
- Has some overlays with pawprints for your khajiit character

Wolfpaint - Face - Facepaint
- Don't forget that female face overlays are off-centered on beast races regardless of gender.  Use the male face overlays! They are exactly the same.

Skin Feature Overlays
- For more scar options

R.A.S.S. Rain Ash And Snow Shaders
- This is very very minor but I like it.
- Like a very lightweight version of Wet and Cold
- Adds bubbles when you swim underwater! Now your underwater Argonian makes sense!
- I only keep the cold and bubbles options on and turn literally everything else off,


JaySuS Swords SE
- Khajiit and Argonian weapons

Monk Series
- For monk clothes if you want to play as a Khajiit adept
- Good for using with the unarmored skill in Way of The Monk

Invisible Armor For Pants
- Some armors like loincloths have clipping problems with the Bestial Beast Race skeleton so this fixes it.


The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal SE
- Not exactly Khajiit related but the desert scenery makes for some excellent photoshoots for your Khajiit!
- Don't forget to grab the HD Texture Pack and Flora Pack
-This mod also has a lot of patches for other mods so make sure to look!

Alternate Start - Live Another Life
- Has some of lore friendly starting options for beast races