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This mod is an update to the popular martial arts mod, Way of the Monk.
It adds a mcm interface and other minor enhancements and a number of issues resolved.
This is a functional, but BETA release - only download if interested in testing the current version.
Requires SKSE64 and MCM

Permissions and credits
What is this?
This mod is an update to the popular (but some what dated) martial arts mod, Way of the Monk.
It adds a mcm interface for accessing many of the features of  the Monk mod, other minor enhancements and a few small bug fixes. 
The first version of Way of the Monk extended (WomX) was a stand alone mod, and this newer version incorporates all the previous features into the core Way of the Monk esp.
From version onward these extended features have been rolled into the main Way of the Monk file.

Way of the Monk was popular Martial Arts mod released back in 2012.  While it was very feature rich (and cool!) the original author was not able to fully implement his vision, or get a change to fully polish up the mod.
By way of his blog and posts on the nexus pages, he was willing to open-source his mod to qualified authors who would carry on the work.
One of the main goals not implemented, was a MCM interface (it was new back then...) - as the message based interface included in the original mod was a bit cumbersome and hard to code (woverdude put in a LOT of work on it).
It was later ported to SE.

As a first step to enhancing and updating the original Way of the Monk mod, a separate mod containing a MCM, and a few updated features was developed.  
Once this was developed and tested, it was incorporated into the main Way of the Monk mod.  The current version includes the recent updates, and a number of minor bug fixes.

What exactly does it do?
This mod runs along with Way of the Monk, and adds several enhancements;
* Has MCM menus for purchasing perks and managing options.
* Fix some of the perk requirements that were incorrect
* Fixes for many perks which were not operating correctly
* Fixes for how advancement on the Unarmored skill could be affected by load order
* Option for WOM Perks to use standard perk points with normal skills
* Option for Unarmed Skill to level like a normal skill, and give character XP like a normal skill
* Option for Unarmored Skill to level like a normal skill, and give character XP like a normal skill 
* Have skill increases and character level increases announced with completion messages and standard game sounds 
* Option for Unarmed Damage scale with Unarmed Skill
* Option for an Armor Bonus that scales with the Unarmored Skill
* Support for Legendary Skills (Both Monk skills, and reacting to shared skill perks).

Most of the options have mouse over help (thanks to the mcm) and there is an info option on the bottom of each page.
Most of the options have mouse over help (thanks to the mcm) and there is an info option on the bottom of each page.
The change log contains the most recent update, and a document in the Article section contains a detailed overview of all changes.

What are the Requirements?
Way of the Monk (obviously)
SKSE64 (it does use a few SKSE specific functions).
SKYUI (for the MCM)

How should it be installed?
Use your favorite mod manager, or drop the contents into your skyrim directory The original WayOfTheMonk IS NOT NEEDED, as of the current version, this is an integrated replacer.  
How do I upgrade from a previous version?
For best results, uninstall the old version, save the game.  If you had the previous beta versions of the standalone MCM extension, remove that too and create a clean save.Then install the new version, and load that save.
How can it be removed?
The mod can just be removed from the game's load order.  The scripts all use RegisterforSingleUpdate, so they should clear out of saves over time once the mod is removed.  The mod is very lightweight, and has low overhead.
While there is no such thing as a safe way to un-install a mod in Skyrim - a work in progress uninstall is in place.

How do you access this mod in the game?
To start playing with Monk skills and other mechanics in game;
Do this either
 * Go to the Pillars of the Way next to the standing stones just outside Helgen (the starting area)
 * Use the Way of the Monk Startup option in the Advanced Options tab in the MCM.

Why did you create this?
Because Way of the Monk, is really cool - and woverdue was really cool to make it.
He just did not get a chance to finish everything he wanted to do, and put more polish on some of the rough edges.
This is kind of a homage to the amount of hard work he put int.

Does this include cool martial arts animations?
Sadly, no.  But it is compatible with any other animation package.
This one is really good;
Notes on how to convert it here;

Does this work in VR?
This is unknown, as no VR rig was available for testing.  If SKSE64, way of the monk and MCM work in VR, this will work in VR.
(strong guess that this is a NO).

Does this work with Ordinator?
As of version Way of the Monk no longer adjusts core Skyrim perks, and should be compatible with all other perk mods.If any other issues come up, see the section on reporting issues on how to best proceed. Side Suggestion;  if this is used with Ordinator, do not use the Unarmed Damage scaling of this mod, as the two will become quite powerful.

What does BETA Mean?
This mod is still in testing - it could (and will) have changes.
Don't use it in a character and play 90% of the game, then get upset if something changes.
Also, there will be the occasional debug message on the screen, and a couple of active magic effects that won't be in the final version.

So we are your testers?  What is up with that?
Um...yes?  That is why it is called beta.  

So, if I find something broken?
Check the first sticky post in the comments. In the article section, there is a bit more about the beta, and a template you can use to submit info about things that may not seem as if they are working.Most importantly see if you can duplicate the circumstance, and write EXACTLY what did not work.However, if you come across something in the Known issues list - there is no need to report it - as it is...well....already known.
What kind of things should I test?
Buying perks, leveling the skills, getting pillar abilities, etc.  Play with it.  Check out all the Pillars and the Pillar Quest.Finally, if possible, see if power attacks with the Unarmed weapons do additional damage (core wom issue).
What if I don't want to Test your broken mod?
Thats cool, just wait for the next version.
(it is pretty stable - but the MCM was incredibly complicated, and there could be an issue).

Why should we trust you to write something that is not junk?
That is a fair question.  While this is my first published (and my largest) mod for Skyrim, I am an experienced developer, and this was designed using many best practices and every attempt was written to make it as efficient and lightweight as possible.  
In making it, I used methods similar to traditional software development (requirements, specs, a design, use cases, unit testing, etc.  this for example is open UAT).
Hopefully this results in a good product.  However, no code or developer is perfect, and I am VERY OPEN to constructive suggestions and feedback from other mod authors who review this mod.  An article and comment section for this will be created shortly after release.

Any known issues to not freak out about?
See the Known issues section below. 

Anything Weird to look out for?
Exceptionally long combats may take a while for XP advances to catch up - this was done to limit mod scripting impact.
However, even with the delay, no experience will be lost - during combat it is queued up, and processed once out of combat (again, for performance).

Did you want reports on things that work?
Sure, testing reports are very useful - put them under the article section.
You rock for that.

Hey, my brawls keep turning into fights? Your mod is broken!
Well, this is common issue - I suggest using Modern Brawl Bug Fix

Your Artwork Is Terrible 
Yeah, it was a public domain image I found combined with an official skyrim image.
I am not an artist.  If someone has something better, that I can use royalty free in this and future versions, send me a message.

Is there an Oldrim version? Why isn't there an Oldrim version?  Are you an SE elitist or something?
I no longer have a working version of oldrim for development - and also do not have time to maintain multiple versions.
However, if anyone wants to back port this to old rim, PLEASE feel free - just give me some credit.

What about level caps?  Is this compatible with uncappers and skill mods?
Right now level caps changes are not supported - legendary support does however.
(note; the basic wom skills do not contribute to character XP, so there would be little value in legendary skills).
However, any mods that affect the skyrim leveling variables WILL work with the advanced skill options in this mod.
(see the Article page for more details on what internal skyrim leveling variables WomX uses).

The Perk point numbers on the first page do not always add up?
This is a known...feature.  Their application in the various native WOM scripts is not ....consistent.  
This will be addressed in a future 'polish' version of the core WOM mod.

So how should I play with this?
At its core, it is really just an MCM interface for picking perks.   That alone is incredibly valuable.  Use it, have fun, enjoy, eat ice cream, be good to people.
There are also many fixes, stability and performance enhancements.
The advanced features, I suggest using them all;
* Advanced Leveling for Unarmed and Unarmed, Monk perks use Skyrim Perk points, and Damage and Armor Scaling.
This really integrates Way of the Monk into the Skyrim Experience.

What is the difference between the Inactive, Basic, and Advanced skill options?

  • Inactive - turns off the skill (the same as the core WOM).  This also prevents the use of the Damage or Armor scaling.
  • Basic - the Unarmed or Unarmored skill use the standard WOM leveling, and do NOT contribute to Character XP.   Basic mode IS compatible with the Unarmed Damage Scaling and the Unarmored Armor Scaling.
  • Advanced - The skill levels much closer to how a core skyrim skill works, including using rested bonuses, lovers pillar, and internal leveling variables (in case you use other mods to adjust them).

How do the Advanced Skills level?
The Unarmed Skill uses the leveling variables associated with the 1-Handed Skill (skill use multiplier, etc. for the curious).
The Unarmored Skill uses the leveling variables associated with the Light Armor Skill (use multipliers, leveling factors, etc.).
Note: neither is perfect - as mods don't have access to the internal engines of how much damage a player takes, or gives with 100% accuracy, this is not perfect. I had to choose performance vs. more complex code and there could be a slight variance in skill gain compared to the native skyrim skills.
See the article in the articles section of the mod.

Hey, the Unarmored Armor bonus does not work!  your mod is broken!
Were you wearing armor at the time?  Being the 'Unarmored' bonus, you have to
(no pieces of armor with the armor light, or armor heavy keyword.  Shields are fine.....this is consistent with the rest of the way of the monk features).

Hey, the Unarmed Damage bonus does not work, it took away my normal +4 bonus.  Your mod is broken!
This is working as designed - to remove clutter in the active effect page, and for balance reasons.  The value at Unarmed rank 10, is 5 points of damage, so you actually gained a point.  

What does the "Skyrim" Perk Point thing do?
This basically integrates the perks with all the other skyrim perks - choice wise (no, no graphically....).
Or in plain words - monk perks cost 'real' Skyim perk points - the ones gained from going up character levels.
This is why this option should be combined with the Advanced Skill leveling - as you the monk skills now contribute to character levels (and thus perks). 

Woah, the Unarmored Armor Bonus is pretty powerful?
That is why there are three power level options.  The numbers are based on analysis of what the core armor skills can give you (maxed out, about 162 armor points).  More information on the math used in the various options in the mod will be posted in the short future.

This is a beta, what is coming next?
The latest version includes the merging of the extension into the core WayOfTheMonk mod.  See the changelog for more details.For a list of upcoming changes, see below...
Upcoming Changes;
  • Fix of some  typos in some of the descriptions - the values are good, but some errors in the descriptions
  • Reworking of the native unarmed not always leveling the unarmed skill - going to do this as cleanly as possible.
  • Updated of the Uninstall feature, to include core Way of the Monk spells, perks and effects.
  • Disabling of features that were causing errors in the syrim scripting engine 
  • Fix for issues regarding the WOM perk point math - Earned, Available and Spent.
  • Minor pillar issues 
  • Update and fixes for custom Monk follower
  • Changes to how loot lists and vendor lists are managed - right now incompatible with many other mods

Longer Term Possible Features;
Updates of how monk items are added to treasure and vendors for greater mod compatibility.
Updates to monk follower to address minor issues.
Option for Unarmed Blocking 
Investigation into if Unarmored can be used in "mixed" armor settings.
Possibly a balance feature (the robes of the way are incredibly powerful - especially if you are using unarmed and unarmored scaling).

Any bug reports regarding the core Way of the Monk are incredibly valuable, to help in this regard.

I release this Asking for Attribution for Non-commercial use.
(As long as you are not making a buck off it, just give me some credit).
If you can learn something from my source code - that is awesome, glad to help.

I want to thank Beth for making skyrim (it rocks).
Wover for Way of the Monk - it rocks
SirTurdel for porting it - you rock 
The creators of SKSE - they rock
Nexus for hosting it - they rock too!
Anyone who answers questions on any mod forums - you really rock!
Oh....and BIG thanks to anyone who helps test this mod in beta!
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.