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This an unofficial port of Nightromodzz Khajiit overhaul with their permission.

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This is an unofficial port of Khajiit overhaul by Nightromodzz with their permission!

You can find the original mod here:

Khajiit Overhaul

What this mod does:

This mod overhauls the male and female khajiit body. It provides textures, meshes, as well as a new skeleton.
There are also digitigrade and plantigrade options!
To access the new head meshes, in the head section of racemenu look for the faceparts option and they are in there! The male has two options and the female one.

Read the original mod page for more info on what is included.
The only difference is that this one includes updated meshes for the digitigrade feet.

Sorry I am not the best at taking pictures. My screenshots DO NOT do this mod justice! I also dumbly forgot to add the normalmap fix before taking them so it will probably look even better now that I added it. Feel free to post your own screenshots!


XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended for Skyrim Special Edition - Only the digitigrade version requires this

*For females you need to use UNP or UUNP body types
- Unfortunately for those using other body types you will have to wait for a patch.  If you want to make a patch and upload it, ask Nightromodzz for permission, not me.
*For males any texture is compatible as long as it maintains the vanilla look

*Females need UNP or UUNP body types
*Males need SOS Full or Lite
*Both need XPMSSE
- SOS is recommended for the males or you will get a visible seam on the legs but is otherwise playable without it.

So I made CBBE patches but they are NOT perfect. I really tried my best but I know next to nothing about textures. Please have mercy!
I got permission to use some CBBE files from Bad Dog but they only covered the body so I had to try and get the other textures to match by brightening them. 
There will still be a slight seam with the digitigrade feet but it is not too bad.

The Regular CBBE version has borked feet but I CANNOT fix it!
As far as I know, they work with the regular CBBE body. I don't know about other versions.
The CBBE files still have the male requirements of the originals!

6/27/21 - new SEAMLESS CBBE digi feet patch thanks to Caklollol! I had to separate the plantigrade and digitigrade patch since the digi feet are now using new meshes
- Now there is a 3BA compatible skeleton for the digitigrade version also thanks to Caklollol! Give them major kudos! I have not tested it since I don't use 3BAso please let me know how it goes!
- There is apparently also a SAM patch found here: 

6/28/21 - quick update to the 3BA patch thanks again to Caklollol!

7/1/21 - Brought over my feminine gray cat and leopard head texture patches from my lioness mod port!

You have my permission to edit the CBBE files to your heart's content! The textures are a little low-res so if someone could touch them up that'd be great!
10/18/21 - I was able to convert the female grey cat patch to male but the texture is still too dark.  Unfortunately I was unable to open it with my program so I cannot edit it.  I put up the patch anyway and anyone is free to fix it and share the fixed patch and I will credit you.

12/18/23 - Fixed Better Female Khajiit texture patch to include the missing head texture, also added a patch for the black and white version.

12/10/23 - Just general cleaning and condensing files as well as adding a feminine snow leopard patch

RECOMMENDED: Another alternative to this if using CBBE is to install this mod(CBBE Version). Install the Textures Only version.  This will give you the KO head but with lioness textures.  I really like the look honestly and it looks WAY better than my CBBE texture patch for this mod tbh.  This also works for UNP if you want the textures on your UNP khajiit.

There are now ESL versions in the optional files!

I have now made patches for if you use Better Khajiit Male Textures for SOS or Better Khajiit Female Body Textures for UNP because the foot colors didn't match before.

Recommended Mods:
You can also check out my male head preset for this mod here

If you want to find all the beast related mods you can imaging look at my guide: Katie's Beast Race Aesthetics Compendium

I just wanted to add that this mod also works with other skeletons just incase you have problems with anything or don't.  I know VR sometimes has some issues.  Try what works best for you!

Possible Fix For Sinking Digitigrade Feet:
- I was taking a look at the Khajiit Paw mod and they said a possible fix for sinking feet with vanilla animations is to use RaceMenu High Heels


I am not the owner of this mod and have little to no experience making mods, just porting, kinda.
That being said, I cannot offer much support if you are having issues.

Original Author: NightroModzz

Thank you to Bad Dog for the CBBE body textures and for leopard feet textures!