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A highly detailed set of male armor, that you can modify with many addons and options.
It features both Light and Heavy variants with bags, pouches, satchels, tools, potions and more.
I have reworked the original mod by Patobek, fixing various issues and adding new features, all packed in a new FOMOD installer.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
Original mod page can be found here.

This is a faithful port of the original mod by Patobek,
who gave open permissions to update and support the mod on SSE.

Some of you may be wondering why I made this port when there exists already an SSE port of the mod.
To answer that question, I have fixed various issues with it, made quality of life improvements,
added more options for the heavy armor, added certain missing keywords,
tweaked recipes and armor values to better reflect the external appearence of the armor
and finally packed all this in an all-in-one FOMOD installer to pick and choose what you want.

Many hours have gone into testing and adjusting meshes, textures and the plugin itself,
to ensure that there is no clipping, missing keywords or other inconsistencies.
For a more detailed break down of the changes, please have a look at the changelog.

This is now the official supported version of this mod on SE.
The old port is no longer supported and made obsolete by this version.

Install with the mod manager of your choice and pick and choose your preferred options in the installer.
If you were using other versions of the mod, be sure to completely uninstall them before installing this version.

This is a standalone armor so it doesn't conflict with any other mod, however,
 the various addons like bags and satchels use quite a lot of your body slots that other mods may be using too.
example of such a mod would be Bandolier - Bags and Pouches.

Some users reported an incompatibility with SOS.
If you want to use them together, don't equip the Intrigue pouches, or the armor will disappear.


Most of the armour parts can be crafted at a forge with the steel smithing perk,
while the rest (bags,pouches and satchels) can be crafted at a tanning rack with no perk requirements.

All of the addons of the armour can be used with any other armour but they will look weird,
floating or clipping, so I suggest that you stick to using them only on this set.
All of the addons are usable for both the Light and Heavy variants.
All of the addons have enchanted and unenchanted versions available for crafting.

Huge thanks to Patobek and everyone who contributed to the original mod.
Also huge thanks to NordwarUA for making the models used for the gloves and boots
of the alternate heavy set, and giving open permission to use them.
Kudos to Dimitrisgrr for the first port and for letting me rework the mod and upload it as a standalone.

Original credits bellow:

patobek General Design.
L0rd0fWar BlenderNifskope and Creation Kit work. Check his awesome work here.
Thoddy398 German translation which can be found here.
DDevil95 Italian translation which can be found here.
criswolf09 Spanish translation which can be found here.
DanielPas Polish translation which can be found here.
Berenarion For the phrase. And more of it which will be added when the quest comes out.
Natterforme Name suggestor.
solsikke737 Testing and Taking Screenshots.
VictoriaG Testing and Taking Screenshots.
greyblood Testing and Taking Screenshots.
kaldaar Testing and Taking Screenshots.
m14aria Testing and Taking Screenshots.
wonkonuba Testing and Taking Screenshots.
Modd3r Testing and Taking Screenshots.
Witcher5688 Extracting some Witcher 2 assets.
Gopher for making a video review of which I do not have words except "Awesome". Go check his YouTube channel and subscribe to him.
hodilton for making such a beautiful video review. Go check his YouTube channel and subscribe to him.
Chayification for making such a cool and detailed video review. Go check his YouTube channel and subscribe to him.
Brodual for making a very nice and detailed review which shows and explains all the things about The Armor. Go check their YouTube channel and subscribe to them.
The Dagger you see on The Armor and on the frames of the images is made by InsanitySorrow and used here with his permission. The Dagger comes from a great mod of his called Unique Uniques. Go check it out.
SalazarDrago for making the .esp for lowered Armor prices and un-enchanted Armor pieces.
Bethesda for Skyrim and it's assets.
Some of The Armor's meshes and textures are owned and copyrighted by Bluehole Studio and used here with permission.
TERA is a trademark of Bluehole Studio. All rights reserved. Bluehole Studio.
Most parts of The Armor's meshes and textures are owned and copyrighted by CD Projekt RED and used here with permission. The Witcher 2 is a trademark of CD Projekt RED. All rights reserved. CD Projekt RED.

Thanks to all the people who kept me motivated and gave me suggestions on Improving This Set.
Give kudos to all the people in the Credits, they all deserve it.
Download, Comment & Endorse if you like.