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This mod adds the follower Lord Scales to your game. He is my personal character that I play in Skyrim SE and I thought others may like to play an adventure along side him.

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Lord Scales is a 2 handed argonian follower that uses a stahlrim greatsword as his weapon. He is dragonborn as well and uses shouts. He is found in the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun sitting in a chair waiting for an adventurer to pique his interest. His story is that he is an argonian bounty hunter that was adopted in a family in Cyrodiil and has run to Skyrim. He has a few good talents up his sleeve, like tracking and survival. He is very good at drinking bottles of mead, as well as making sure his friends are safe.

Now on to the recommended mods to go with this:
I recommend you use amazing follower tweaks, simple as that. I request that people give me feedback on the mod and let me know how Scales fights and how I should tweak him if problems arise. This is my first mod so I will need a lot of helpful feedback. If you have any questions about my mod and any suggestions on how I can edit this let me know I will try to post this on all platforms.