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A massive collection of facepaints made by yours truly, DomainWolf! 200+ facepaints made for female and male characters, split into 12 different sets! Each set has a unique theme and style, and plenty of options to mix and match to help your character become truly unique!

Permissions and credits
---If you like the mod and think it deserves it, feel free to leave an endorsement as it helps me to know what people want to see more of, and I also really appreciate it! Also, if you have any pictures you'd like to share using the mod, feel free to post them in the images section! Also, please check out the fine folks who helped take shots for this mod---

This mod is essentially a collection of facepaints that I have made, and plan to make. It includes quite a lot of options to help make your character that much more unique! Sets can be mixed and matched to create many different unique face paints for your characters. The mod currently contains an already huge amount of paints to choose from and customize your character with! I hope this mod has something for everyone, but I will continue updating it with new ideas as time goes on.

Whats included?
Currently the mod contains 200+ new Facial overlays made for female and male humanoids. Paints are spread across a variety of sets, each having a theme and connection to each other. You can use the tintmask (Makeup) or face overlay (Face Paint) versions of the paints as well in your game, with the Face Paint versions requiring some tweaking to an SKSE config to allow for them, details on that further down!

Whats planned for the future?
I plan on creating more sets for this mod over time as I make more facepaints, any that aren't made for another mod will probably end up here, and maybe some that were made for mods outside my own. Wolfpaint -Face- is planned to be just for the more spontaneous sets of facepaint, at some future point I will likely create a Wolfpaint -Body- mod to go alongside this. I also plan on converting the facepaints to the male face sometime soon, just takes a while.

- Important Links -

-Legendary Edition-

SKSE - You need this to allow RaceMenu to work, as well as use higher definition tintmasks if you are so inclined (details on how to set that up further down)
RaceMenu - You will need this to be able to use the Mod at all.

-Mod Usage-
  • In order to use mod, you will need RaceMenu installed, which allows you much more options for character customization. Inside of RaceMenu, shortly after the normal character customization options, you will find the Makeup section, with a list of textures inside. To select a texture to add to your character, press "T" over one of the values that show up, which will bring up a large list of all the warpaints you have available to you.
 At the bottom there should be a search bar, which you can type into to specify what you are looking for. To help the user to find the warpaints that will best fit the character they are using, all warpaints added by the mod come with the prefix Wolfpaint, and followed by the set of paint you are looking for! (For example, Baysis, Fel, Eysi, etc.)
Thus, typing into the search bar in the texture lists "Wolfpaint Baysis", will pull up all the Baysis paints!

-Set Descriptions and Previews-

AAU - Autonomous Anima Unit
Created from the magical energies present in an ancient cavern, the AAU's marking are unique and circuit like, with some more obvious giveaways to the true nature of the patterns origins in long lost technologies... or perhaps the technologies do not yet exist.

Aegir - Lost Followers of the Sky Gods
The Aegir have long abandoned the skies they called home in order to pursue life upon solid ground. Without their God's to guide them, they forge a new path upon the ground, remembering some of their deceased deities through their face paints.

Baysis - Of Earth and Water
The followers of the Baysis way of life have taken upon themselves a lifestyle focused around simple means. The Baysis seek to be at one with the elements of Earth and Water, the bringers of natures most beautiful sights. Their patterning is very dispersed to symbolize their connection, as if splashes of water upon their skin.

Extra - The Individuals
Paints with no real connection to other designs, these paints are unique from all others in some way or another, whether seen or unseen. The markings vary based upon the intent of their original creation.

Eysi - Keepers of the Green Grove
The Eysi spend long hours tending to the groves of the trees and flowers that they call their home. Peaceful and helpful to those whom would not defile their sacred grove, the Eysi mark themselves with symbols resembling aspects of their tree and plant friends, especially on their forehead and lips.

Fel - Residents of the Crimson Rift
The Fel are a relative to the Eysi, raised in a sunken and dark land, starved of the lights of blue and green, the Fel know red over all other colors. Their markings are similar to those of the Eysi, though they cover their cheeks more, and with rougher application.

Furae - Forsaken Wights
The Furae are Wights of a long forgotten master, raised from death to serve a power that no longer commands them. The Furae wear upon their face markings primarily focused around the eyes, often blackened and jagged, like the pain of forever walking the world without one's soul.

Kelkreth - Warriors from the Frozen Lands
Longtime travelers, the Kelkreth roam the wilds and cities dispersing what they deem as justice. The Kelkreth are rather mistrusting of outsiders, but those with strong wills and spirits will be able to find a home among them easily. Their markings are simple, effective, and intimidating should they so choose.

Krelles - Knights of the Forgotten
The Krelles are oftentimes seen as a confusing society, travelling the lands gathering tales of adventurers and nations. Many see them as bards more than warriors, but they will defend the tales and legends they carry with their lives and blades. Their facial markings are rather unique, like solid stone chiseled to the desired shape.

Loov - Facial Hearts
Loov do hearts. Yes, on their face.

Nelfy - Night Elfish
The designs of the Nelfy closely resemble those of a certain elven race that once lived in a massive tree's base. The Nelfy markings are focused around the eyes, to symbolize their connection to their deity, which gives them sight through what may be otherwise blind eyes.

Tribalis - Scattered Tribes
The wearers of Tribalis designs would often debate the original origin of each of their facial coverings, they are found amongst many tribes and clan's and serve a multitude of purposes. Most of their designs are simplistic, but they have a few more ornate ones saved for the greatest among them.

Installation is simple, simple extract the files and move the data folder inside to your Skyrim directory. Otherwise, you may use Vortex or NMM to install by choosing download with Vortex/NMM in the files section.
If you installed using Vortex NMM, or any other mod organizer, you will likely be able to uninstall using it.
To uninstall the mod, you may disable/delete the mods ESP and its BSA.

- Be sure to check out all these people whom helped me with the screenshots, and a massive thanks to them for helping me with some of the shots of the mod!-
 - AndreeaFlt - CrimsonSkyrim - Rexus -

-Setting up SKSE for HD Tintmasks-
Navigate to your SKSE directory in data, and create/open the SKSE.ini file (you can save as "All file types" and add the .ini after).

Inside, you should add/find [Display]
underneath this, you should add
iTintTextureResolution=2048 (or whatever size textures you are looking to use.)

Here is an example of the contents of SKSE.ini file with the texture resolution set to 2048x2048


Otherwise, if you wish to, you can use a premade config from the miscellaneous files of this mod.

-Using "Face Paints"-
In order to have the same thickness and glow that some of the paints show in the images, as they are disabled by default due to a game crash, you will need to change the NiOverride Config in your SKSE folder, and set the bEnableFaceOverlays = 1, and have iNumOverlays = 1 or more.
Here is an example of the Overlays/Face section in the config with it enabled.
--- In Skyrim/Data/SKSE/Plugins/nioverride.ini
bEnableFaceOverlays = 1 ;Default[0]
[Overlays/Face] ; "Face [Ovl#]" and "Face [SOvl#]"
; Determines how many face overlays there should be
iNumOverlays=3 ; Default[3]
iSpellOverlays=1 ; Default[0]
***NOTE - This will cause loading a cell with a decapitated body to crash the game, so if you want to use the face paints, be sure to have some way to prevent decapitations, such as VioLens***

-Thanks for taking a look at the mod, and hope you enjoy my work-

-My Other Mods- -LINK-
Here are links to some of my other mods I have made, many of which are focused on character customization, hopefully some of them come in handy.