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The Alfiq are the jolliest of Khajiit, having the size of a housecat but the heart of a lion--or a peacock! Extremely well-versed in magical arts, you may already have met one but just did not know it, thinking it one of your mewling kitty-cats that you feed milk and fish.

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Mihail Mods Development Report:
final tests on Alfiq Spellcasters

Alfiq are the smaller form of Khajiit that can be found in Elsweyr. The Alfiqs are born when the moon Secunda is full and Masser is waning. A bigger variant known as Alfiq-raht is born when Masser is waning and Secunda is waxing.
These diminutive form of magically gifted Khajiit resemble typical housecats. Their resemblance to common housecats has led many outlanders to treat them as such, whether by downplaying their intelligence, cooing at them or attempting to cuddle them. While it is rumored among outsiders that Alfiq are mute, they are in fact capable of speech. The misconception that Alfiq are incapable of speech may derive from the scholarly reduction of Alfiq to the status of housecats, or from a disinclination of Alfiq to talk in the presence of outsiders. Due to the disrespect that Alfiq get as a result of their form, they rarely travel outside Elsweyr. All these factors resulted in Alfiq resenting being labeled as housecats, which they consider patronizing and irritating.

The grave lack of knowledge outsiders have of them does allow Alfiq to pose as housecats in order to serve as information gatherers. Alfiq wear cultural clothing and rich jewerly, but as they are unable to naturally put it on themselves, they either have others do it for them, or they use magic to clothe themselves. As mentioned before, they are extremely magically gifted, and can engage in potent spellcasting. They are also extremely good illusionists. Actually, in combat an alfiq will create lots of illusions to confuse his foe. They can create a "game of mirrors" by simulating magical portals around their opponents, and creating illusions simulating explosions, chasing floating orbs, and completely harmless magic attacks, while paving the way for a direct and destructive real magical attack made directly.

Alfiqs and Alfiq-rahts started to appear across Tamriel in bigger numbers in the end of the third era, and with this mod you will find some hostile ones alongside mages and the Thalmor. In future mods Alfiqs will appear as merchants, followers and passive npcs. Commonly Alfiqs use shock or fire magic, and they carry a crystal/soul gem allways with them, called focus, that helps them to control and direct their magical power, due to their diminute bodies and extremely high potential.

Although little understood by foreign scholars, there are not really several races of Khajiit, but the same race in different variants. Each Khajiit is born with particular characteristics according to the phases of the moons at the time of his birth. Although they are all born very similar and smaller than the children of men and elves, they grow faster, and some time
after their birth they begin to demonstrate the specific characteristics of their variant, which can make them from a small alfiq the size of a domestic cat to a gigantic tiger-like pahmar-raht. The phases of the moons at their births directly affect how Khajiits will be physically, psychologically and spiritually, and they attribute this to Azura's wisdom in creating khajiits who fit for each of the necessary functions in the community. And, unlike the Argonians who also are all of the
same race, but divided by tribes, which give birth to individuals always of the same variant, by the influence of the Hists, and are often at war between them, in the case of the Khajiits this does not happen, with all variants belonging to the same community, and with each member performing the functions that best adapt to their psychological and physical profile.

Any variant of Khajiit can give birth to a completely different variant, depending only on the day of birth of the young. Regardless of appearance, all Khajiit variants are fully integrated into Elsweyr society, having all the same rights and duties, and being treated with the same respect by all the members of the Khajiit society.

More info bellow, from the text The Many Phases of Khajiit: the Alfiq by Buoyant Armiger:

"The Alfiq and Alfiq-raht are the jolliest of Khajiit, having the size of a housecat but the heart of a lion--or a peacock!
You may already have met one but just did not know it, thinking it one of your mewling kitty-cats that you feed
milk and fish. Not that an Alfiq would take offense at such offerings, but then you may never be able to get rid
of it! This is one reason why many Alfiq dye their fur or wear hats and vests, so that outlanders are not
exposed to such dangers of servitude through misidentification.

Alfiq have a large reputation, you see, larger than their size, and to a point, most comical! They will carry themselves with extreme gravity, until this one distracts them with a string or a rustling leaf, which they simply can’t resist to catch. And catch they will, for Alfiq are very good at magic, at disappearing and reappearing where they should not be, to stick claws or tooth-fasted rapiers into their prey. The prey only hopes Khajiit has not put the poison on their weapons, or have no stickable gaps in their armor for Khajiit to exploit so. That this "prey" sometimes turns out only to be a feather would make all the outlanders laugh, but this would never dampen the Alfiq’s spirit--much to outlanders' chagrin, this one thinks.

Always telling stories of their own antics, those Khajiit. This one even hears one Alfiq tale of bedding a Senche-Raht, told with much fluffed fur and upright tail, ignoring all the catcalls when asked how he did not die under the Senche-Raht’s claws. This one thinks this Khajiit was exaggerating, but one never knows with an Alfiq. Perhaps somewhere, there is a Senche-Raht expecting a family of many little Alfiqs and Senche-Rahts, and we would never know it, yes? Khajiit have many such tales about Alfiq tricksters and heroics, and not all told by Alfiq themselves. This one recognizes the same stories in your language, though of course you outlanders make the Alfiq into humans or house cats wearing boots instead--how ridiculous is that? For all the stories of adventure and bravery, the truth is that many Alfiq are employed in watching grain for insects or moon sugar from dishonorable thieves. Their high, clear voices, so beautiful when singing wordless ballads in Ta’Agra, also have the distinction of being impossible to ignore when they give the alarm.

And they give that alarm often and loudly, so much this one thinks Alfiq just like to hear themselves talk when
nothing more interesting is going on! Alfiq would be very good spy for their small size this one thinks, if not for
unfortunate flaw like this. Alfiq told this one story of outlander making this mistake, bringing Alfiq into home
as pet kitty-cat. Then Khajiit get to tell many tales about outlander’s own exploits in bedroom, yowling same
remarks about Lady Senche-Raht in lusty Ta'Agra until outlander can find no more comfort in bed.
What do you think of that? Very much like the Alfiq, to pay back catcalls by becoming a calling cat."

- 1 new creaturel (ALFIQ)- in 4 variants
with new sounds, voice lines, spells, effects and behaviour


Mihail- Alfiq models and textures, animations, part of the clothing models 
and textures, re-texture and re-modeling of the other part of the clothing,
sounds, writing of the voice lines, spells, effects and game implementation

Voice acting:

Stargatedalek- Alfiq female voice lines
DiegoLPVA- Alfiq male voice lines

(This mod was made with the support of The Skyrim Voice Alliance. If you are 
interested in helping out with the development of this project or elder scrolls 
content in general, please join The Skyrim Voice Alliance server)

Some assets used on this mod belong too:

CD Projekt Red- for parts of the outfits and jewerly they use
Powerofthree- i used and adapted his strange runes models, textures and animations in
order to make the floating runed portals the alfiq create in combat