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Mod aimed to make the beast races look less like the normal humanoid characters in game.
Includes dedicated body morphs that are compatible with all armor and body mods and increased scaling.
Comes with three options:
Subtle - Races are more agile and longer of limb
Standard - More Beastlike
Extreme - Bulkier and powerfu

Permissions and credits
I made this mod as a response to many, maaany requests to do a beast specific mod in the same vein of:
Racial Body Morphs        -    Oldrim Version
Orc Overhaul    -    Oldrim Version

Although Racial Body Morphs does have it's own set of unique body morphs for beast races, people still wanted a standalone version, at the same time I regularly get asked for more muscular versions of my beast race morphs.    
For that reason I decided to make Bestial Beast races have unique morphs distinct from Racial Body Morphs.   
Racial Body Morphs is mainly lore based, making the beast races sleek and lean to go along with the fact that they are both stealth races with typically low Strength stats in previous games.   
By comparison, Bestial Beast races adds some(Possibly much needed depending on who you ask) mass to the current morphs, while retaining their elongated limbs and athletic body types.    
There are three main versions of the mod.(And a bonus fourth that I'm uploading as a skeleton replacer only to be dropped on top of one of the main files) 
Subtle: Khajiits and argonians are slightly taller than before (1.00 to 1.015 for Khajiit and 1.01 to 1.03 for Argonian) and have unique body morphs with a slim but athletic build, long limbs, longer claws, and a more V shaped figure.   

Standard: Khajiits and Argonians are taller still(1.00 to 1.03 for Khajiit and 1.01 to 1.075 for Argonian) and have body morphs with more mass whilst retaining their agile features. They are about equal in mass to the male Redguards in my Racial Body Morphs mod.  

Extreme: Khajiits and Argonians are reasonably tall(1.045 for Khajiit and 1.09 for Argonian) and have a lot more muscle mass, at their max weight they can look quite hulking. Despite this they don't have dumpy-humanoid features. Retaining their long claws and agile features.
(Contrary to the screenshots, the extreme version doesn't remove your shirt, I'm just taking advantage of Muscular Khajiit Textures and Male Argonian Textures to show maximum gains. Probably just.. a liitle bit disingenuous )

Highly recommend you use this retex for Khajiit, it's the best one by far if you want stronger looking khajiit characters without being -too- human looking, and what I used in all of the screencaps.:
Muscular Khajiit Textures     -     Oldrim Version
Don't use the skeleton mod though, those morphs were great when they came out, I remember using vector's bodybuilder skeleton in Brutish Argonian Male, that said, I tested these out recently, and they are not up to the standard of racial body morphs. Super top heavy and very uneven edits.